OCAD University
Jackie Young
Faculty of Design

Area(s) of Expertise

Publication Design, Typographic Design, Design for computer reading and comprehension


Jackie Young founded the design company Ink in 1979. The company has redesigned some of Canada's leading newspapers and magazines. In the design process Ink has brought to the industry technological innovation both in electronic design and the reproduction of colour in print. ColorExpert, the science of colour in print and Random Eye Technologies, productivity tools for retrieving images from the world's leading image libraries.


City and Guilds of London, Certificate in Graphic Design,

Certificate in Typographic Design.

Glasgow College of Printing, Young Master Printer's Diploma in Print Administration, Distinctive Achievement Medal.

2013, MA Communication and Culture


Professional Experience


1970-1971 Typographer, NV Drukerrij Trio, The Hague, Holland.

1973-75 Assistant art director, Macleans Magazine, Toronto

1976-77 Art Director, Weekend Magazine, Montreal

I founded the graphic design company, Ink in 1979. We have redesigned and repositioned some of Canada's leading newspapers and magazines. In the design process, we brought to the industry technological innovation in both the electronic design and presentation of content and its reproduction. From this experience I have initiated the development of software for the publishing industry.

Software development; In 1997 I co-founded Random Eye Technologies, a software company that has developed sophisticated productivity tools for searching for and retrieving photography and illustration from the world's leading image libraries. Through this work at Random Eye we were awarded a US patent for the process of the creation of photomontage images through the application of design rules.

Current projects; I completed the redesign of The Literary Review of Canada, the country's leading journal of

non-fiction book and poetry criticism in 2010-11. I also direct advertising campaigns for LRC.

Newspaper design highlights; A list of major redesigns in Canada and the United States are:

The Financial Post weekly broadsheet

The Financial Post Daily tabloid

The Los Angeles Herald Examiner

The Kingston Whig-Standard

The St. John's Telegram

The Windsor Star

The Hamilton Spectator

The Record (Kitchener)

The Standard Freeholder (Cornwall)

Le Journal De Montreal

Le Droit (Ottawa)

The Halifax Daily News

The Sherbrooke Record

Magazine redesigns;

Financial Post Magazine

Canadian Banker

Canadian Treasurer

Profit Magazine

Business Sense

Interest Magazine (Royal Bank)

I have also created special sections for Time Magazine and designed and produced special newsstand editions for Maclean's: Diana, Princess of Wales and Trudeau, on the life of the late Canadian

Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I also design corporate materials for major Canadian corporations and books for major publishing houses.


I co-published with technical author David Weatherston, four interactive digital books on the science of color and its application in design and print. ColorExpert was distributed in the US and Canada by Thompson Learning and Addison Wesley, 1994-2000.

Publication design and management; Working with the writer and photographer Christopher Ondaatje I managed the design, production, printing and distribution of two volumes. Sindh Revisited, a journey in the footsteps of Sir Richard Francis Burton and Journey to the source of the Nile, 1996-2000. Published by HarperCollins in Canada, the US and UK.

Other book projects; Jack Bush, McClelland and Stewart, Ted Harrison, The Last Horizon, Merritt Editions,

Maclean's, Canada's Century, Key Porter Books, Art and Tradition, Beth Tzedec Museum, Toronto.

Selected Exhibitions

Society of News Design; Best newspaper design worldwide, The Financial Post, 1980 and 1983. The Kingston Whig-Standard, 1998.

Awards \ Grants

Random Eye Technologies, successfully patented the process of creating design layouts by applying design rules.

Selected Publications

ColorExpert, the science of colour and its application in print. A series of interactive books on colour education, co-published with technical writer, David Weatherston.

Current research

My Ryerson readership research study group viewed the Web as not an environment where information can be trusted. The content is fluid. When a message is fluid, it is unstable and remains so. In this constant shifting state, information can be altered, deleted, parsed, or through the actions of a search engine or database, substituted.

Websites as Cultural Expressions; A multimodal study of how digital texts participate in the reading process. Website analysis, the examination of the look and feel to determine the publication's voice, its agenda, and its content, it's visual and written signifiers. Reading in the post-print born digital condition.