Photo of Judith Doyle
Photo of Judith Doyle
Judith Doyle
Associate Professor
Faculty of Art, Graduate Studies
416-977-6000, Ext. 207

Area(s) of Expertise

Film and Installation, Collaboration and Networks, Gesture and Motion Capture


I am interested in networked life and gesture. My background is in filmmaking, as well as writing and publication. I have worked in artists' teleculture from its earliest pre-Internet forms to the contemporary situation, where offline and online identities blur and merge. In my art practice, I make moving images and installations, often with collaborators. The context includes theory, experimentation and critique. This is also my approach as an educator. In recent years I have shifted the focus of my research-creation to include both art and scientific communities. I coordinate the emerging Art and Health Research Group at OCAD U, and am Principal Investigator of the Social Media and Collaboration Lab (SMAClab), with Research Assistants including three OCADU graduates, an undergrad, and an intern visiting from Brazil. The expertise of the team includes art fabrication, contemporary art theory and writing, programming, sound and video production. We produce art and art creation tools (software modifications, computer files, mechanics/physical systems) using a range of media, including 3D depth cameras (Xbox Kinect) adapted for full-body motion capture. My interest in gesture and motion capture originated with GestureCloud - a collaborative team I founded in 2009 with Beijing-based artist Fei Jun. GestureCloud considers how factory labour and gesture move between China and North America. We investigate the political and economic dimensions of the surplus value of labour in the form of gesture that emerges in contemporary networked life. In 2012, I received the OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity. I've taught in the Integrated Media program, in the Digital Futures program and in Graduate Studies (IAMD, DF) where I've supervised several Masters Thesis graduates.


MA, Interdisciplinary Studies, York University

Professional Experience

I was the Chair of the Integrated Media program in the Faculty of Art from 2007 - 2010 and for the 2012 - 2013 academic year. My film and video and film work, both in fiction and documentary genres, has screened at TIFF and internationally. I have extensive experience in writing and on the editorial boards of artist-run publications. My longstanding GestureCloud collaboration with Beijing-based artist Fei Jun has included three artist residencies and multiple exhibitions and lectures in China.

Selected Exhibitions

"Nuit Blanche, "Walking Tour" curator Earl Miller, 2013. "Art Beijing International Art Fair, Beijing, 2013. "AV@TAR 2 exhibition, China Museum of Digital Art (C-MODA), Beijing. Curator Yang Lei, 2013. "Pathfinding (collaboration with Robin Len, Kang-Il Kim and Emad Dabiri) Baycrest, Toronto, 2013 (also at the Inclusive Design Institute, Toronto, and Hamilton Audio Visual Node / HAVN, 2013) –RMB City Intervention, (GestureCloud collaboration with Fei Jun) curated by Yan Wu w/ Andrian Blackwell and Yam Lau, Gendai Gallery, Toronto, 2010-2011. "Visiting Research Residency (in collaboration with Professor Fei Jun and Ken Leung), gesture research including development of portable motion capture system, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, July 2011. "gesture research prototype, CAFA Media Lab, Beijing, 2010. "an ancient history of the future*, OCAD Graduate Gallery (in conjunction with the International Experimental Media Congress), April 2010. "The Box (a CD Rom of Artists"Interactive Projects) Curators : Sharon Switzer and Sue Lloyd, Launch V Tape, Toronto, 2007. "36 Long : House Transformer (site specific installation for a computer lab & Second Life), Commissioned for Nuit Blanche, Testbed (curator: David McIntosh) @ OCAD. 2007. "CanWest Global Fellowship Award 2005, Banff New Media Institute, The Banff Centre, 2005. "TV Ontario, OAC on TVO pilot, broadcast in 2002 & 2003 (the last split second). "Hot Docs Documentary Festival, Toronto 2001 (animal movies) "Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, Toronto, 2001. "National Gallery of Art, Washington DC (animal movies), 2001. "The Academic Look International Film Festival, Lisbon Portugal (the last split second) 2001. "foxscape and fox : future (BOX interactive version) , –animal neighbours"screening series, –Eco Arts and Media Festival, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, 2003. "Brooklyn Film Festival, NYC, (the last split second, 1999; (animal movies) 2001. ""Digitized Bodies - Virtual Spectacles", Toronto (Goethe Institut), curator Nina Czegledy. (touring, Canada, Eastern Europe), 2000. "Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, (the last split second), 1999. "Brooklyn Museum, NYC (the last split second) 1999. "Anthology Film Archives, Millennium Theatre, Pratt Institute (the last split second) 1999.

Awards \ Grants

" OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity, 2012. "Ontario Arts Council : Artists in the Workplace and Community, February 2012. For a media installation based on collaborative compositing projects with artists with Acquired Brain Injury in conjunction with my Artist Residency at Memory Link, Baycrest. "Canada Council for the Arts : Grants to New Media and Audio Artists "Research Grants / July 2009. To research gesture and interfaces for hybrid installations engaging virtual networks and physical sites. To be conducted in Toronto and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, with Professors Jim Ruxton (Toronto) and Fei Jun (Beijing). "Ontario Arts Council : Grants to Media Artists: Mid-Established / August 2005. Using photography, 3-D modeling, compositing and sound, this grant was awarded to research and build a screened installation embodying a memory architecture of my family home and its human and animal geography. The project culminates five years of research, photography, animation and digital design. See : "CanWest Global Fellowship Award 2005, Banff New Media Institute. To develop a cinematic look in navigable 3D architecture, incorporating photography, archival material and video in unusual ways, with Banff Center animator Trent Noble on Maya, lead programmer Dave Kretz on the Unreal game engine, Mike Pelletier from the Creative Electronic Environment and others. My cartographic project models a house and grounds, with urban foxes. Foxscape addresses themes of animal representation, urban wildlife, anthropomorphism and embodiment in digital conditions. Academic research for the project is conducted in the context of an Interdisciplinary Masters thesis, York University, Toronto (defended / completed January 2007). "Best Documentary Award (the Chameleon), Brooklyn Film Festival, NYC, 1999 for : the last split second, 1998. Distributors : CFMDC, Toronto, V Tape Toronto. (writer, director, voice-over, animation. With Editor Greg Woodbury and Sound by Kevin Dowler)


"ARTIST RESEARCH RESIDENCIES (in collaboration with Professors Fei Jun and artist/programmer Ken Leung), gesture research for installation and development of a portable motion capture camera/projector, at the Digital Media Lab, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, July 2011, 2012. "ARTIST RESIDENCY (2010 "2012), Memory Link, Baycrest Toronto. Working with neuropsychologists Dr. Brian Richards and Dr. Eva Svaboda, developing strategies for leveraging preserved memory and creative practice as memory supports for clients with Acquired Brian Injury and Anterograde Amnesia. I was the Director of the Memory Link Media Studio at Baycrest, generously funded by an anonymous donor. "ARTIST RESEARCH RESIDENCY: GestureCloud : gesture and interfaces for hybrid installations engaging virtual networks andphysical sites in Toronto and Beijing, with Professors Jim Ruxton (Toronto) and Fei Jun (Beijing). A residency at CAFA, Beijing, July 2010. "VISITING ARTIST, Architecture Faculty, Tongji University, Shanghai. January 2008. "COMMISSION : Museo de Arte Latinamericano de Beunos Aires 2003 for foxscape: en el pais de los zorros. "JURIED COMMISION : 'A Blueprint for Moving Images in the 21st Century', Pleasure Dome, Toronto, 2001 for fox : future (10 minute mix). "JURIED COMMISSION : Charles St. Video's 'Plunder' residency, 2000 for animal movies. "COMMISSION with collaborator David McIntosh, Virtual Self-Portraits, Landscapes and Architectures in Second Life : Memory and Forgetting in Digital Conditions, Amauta Project, CENTRO BARTOLOM"DE LAS CASAS, Cusco, Peru, Dec. 2008.

Selected Publications

"GestureCloud: Motion Capture for Gesture Collection, Annotation and Collaboration, co-authored with Professor Fei Jun, ISEA2013 Conference Proceedings (peer review in progress). "In an Extreme Present: amnesia, neuroplasticity and video-compositing, Worldviews Conference, TIFF Bell Lightbox Toronto, June 2011. "–Warmware: Mnemonic Art and Design Research"(essay), Mobile Nation: Creating Methodologies for Mobile Platforms, Edited by Martha Ladly and Philip Beesley, Riverside Architectural Press w/ Canadian Design Research Network, Toronto Ontario, 2008 ISBN 978-0-9780978-4-4 "–front of camera: nonfictions and fictions of Nelofer Pazira–, POV magazine, (cover story), Spring 2006. "–My Old Impulses–, Impulse Archeology, ed. Eldon Garnet, University of Toronto Press, 2005. "foxscape, online interactive masters thesis, 2005. "spectral bodies: animal practice stories and the reconfiguration of race online (presented at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, –Realizing Nature in a Digital Environment"CNN Center, Atlanta Georgia, 2004) "–Hybrid Media at OCAD"for –Emerging Partnerships in Education and the Digital Industry"panel at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, with speakers from the SMARTlab in London, Parsons, MIT and Simon Fraser, March 2004. "keyboards and controllers: (c)literacy in the fingermoves of digitalia (presented at the Canadian Communication Association / Congress of the Learneds, –Typing the Postmodern"panel, Dalhousie University, Halifax NS, 2003). ""fox : future", (motion studies & text), PUBLIC 25, –experimentalism"issue, 2002/2003.

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

"Consortium Member, CCSIP Collaborative Event: Developing Next-Generation of Virtual Reality Technology with Potential Application in Canadian and Californian MarketsCanada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership; UC San Diego, March 2010; McGill Montreal 2009. Five UC campuses and seven Canadian universities, plus industry and innovation agencies, leverage expertise and resources in California and Canada to develop next-generation virtual reality hardware and software. "Art Metropole, Board Member, 2008- 2009. "FUSE Magazine Editorial Board, 1996- 2000. "Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Committee Member, 1990-1992 "Ontario Arts Council Policy Advisory Committee (Film, Photography & Video, 1989-1991. "Impulse Magazine Editorial Board, 1979-90 "YYZ Gallery, Board Member, 1985-1987 "Funnel Experimental Film Centre, Member, office coordinator, 1981-1983. "A Space, Board Member, 1980-1981 "Rumour Publications Co-founder 1978-81 "Worldpool (Artists Using Telecommunications Group), Co-founder, 1978-80.