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Media & Materials, painting, Encaustic


Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1953, she holds the BA from the University of Toronto graduating summa cum laude as Faculty Scholar and Trinity College Award winner. She received the AOCA, Graduate Teaching Assistantship and Forsyth Scholarship upon graduation from the Ontario College of Art. A Professor of Drawing & Painting in the Faculty of Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design, 2006 marked her 25th year of teaching. In 2005 Professor White received the Price Award for Excellence in Teaching. She has administrated at the program, faculty and senior management levels and led the Florence Off-Campus Program. Mich–le has participated in solo, group and collective exhibitions since 1975 in public and private galleries throughout the province. She has received Toronto, Ontario and Canada Council Grants; Materials Assistance, Explorations, Artists and the Workplace, Travel and Professional Development Grants; the RBC Painting Prize and two Elizabeth T. Greenshields Scholarships to study in Europe. While based in Toronto with two children, Michèle's studio and teaching practices include periods in Italy, England and Ireland. She has served on the board of artists service organizations, written for arts publication and curated exhibitions.


1981: BA (summa cum laude), Trinity College, University of Toronto 1979: Advanced Visual Certificate, Ontario College of Art 1978: AOCA (Honours), Ontario College of Art

Selected Exhibitions

2008 Planet: Recent Painting, David Kaye Gallery, Toronto 2008 When Lightning Strikes Twice, XPACE Gallery, Toronto 2007: Yellow Wallpaper: Recent Painting, David Kaye Gallery, Toronto 2006: Collins, Waldburger, White: Wax, Elora Centre for the Arts 2006: In the Garden: Clementina Martinello & Mich–le White, Expresso Ltd, Toronto curated by Kelsie Parsons 1998: Identified Falling Objects, John White & Mich–le White, Angell Gallery; Cities; Capezio, Toronto 1997: Ascent: New Encaustics Angell Gallery, Toronto 1996: Excerpts from Making the Great Refusal, Visual Arts Ontario, Toronto 1995: The Invisible Landscape: Blake Fitzpatrick & Mich–le White, Art Gallery of Northumberland, Cobourg 1995: Nuclear Garden, Art Gallery of Mississauga curated by Stuart Reid 1995: Nuclear Garden, Port Hope Public Library 1994: Intrusions in the View: Petra Halkes & Mich–le White, SAW Gallery, Ottawa curated by Caroline Langill 1994: Nuclear Garden, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas 1993: Nuclear Garden, Port Hope 1980: Recent Landscape, Ontario Heritage Foundation, Port Hope 1979: Young Talent in Canada: David Moss & Mich–le White, Prince Arthur Galleries, Toronto 1979: Marie Charbonneau & Mich–le White, Gallery 76, Toronto

Awards \ Grants

2005: Price Award for Excellence in Teaching 1997: Toronto Arts Council Grant 1994: Ontario Arts Council Grant 1993: Ontario Arts Council Materials Assistance Grant 1993: Ontario Arts Council Explorations Programme Grant 1993: Ontario Arts Council Artists and the Workplace Grant 1993: Ontario Arts Council Grant 1990: Canada Council Travel Grant 1990: Professional Development Grant, OCA 1981: Faculty Scholar, University of Toronto 1980: Trinity College Award, University of Toronto


The Graphic Communications International Union, Local 500M, Ontario KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Toronto

Selected Publications

2003: Interview with Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star, ?No mystique in portraits? artistic effects: Technique, talent, materials interact?, Saturday, March 8, 2003 1999: ?Hot and bothered: technique?, Deirdre Kelly, The Globe and Mail, May 15, 1999 1998: ?Gallery Going: GLO at Archive Inc?, Gillian MacKay, The Globe and Mail, December 5, 1998 1998: University Profile: Ontario College of Art & Design?, Maclean?s 1998: ?Gallery Going: John White and Michele White at Angell Gallery?, Gillian MacKay, The Globe and Mail, September 19, 1998 1998: ?Identified Falling Objects at Angell Gallery?, John Northcote, CBC News, September 18, 1998 1998: ?Mich?le White interview: Identified Falling Objects?, Johanna Householder, CKLN Arts on Air, September 17, 1998 1998: ?Mich?le White interview: Identified Falling Objects?, Kate George, CJRT Gallery, September 10, 1998 1998: ?Letter from Toronto?, Lisa Gabrielle Mark, C Magazine, February-April 1998 1998: ?Gallery Going: Museologic at the Art Gallery of Mississauga?, Gillian MacKay, The Globe and Mail, January 31, 1998 1998: ?Mich?le White interview: Excerpts from Paradiso?, John Northcote, CBC News, January 8, 1998 1998: ?yellowhat?s Paradiso?, CBC Arts Report, December 5, 1997 1998: ?Gallery Going: Paradiso at Kensington Lofts?, Gillian MacKay, The Globe and Mail, November 22, 1998 1997: ?People in Profile?, Phil S. Anderson, Artery, Summer 1997 1997: ?Gallery Going: Purgatory at we?ave?, Gillian MacKay, The Globe & Mail, May 5, 1997 1997: ?Living Room Art: Banking on esthetic instinct?, Kelvin Browne, The Globe and Mail, January 4, 1997 1997: ?Gallery Going: GLO at Archive Inc?, Betty Ann Jordan, The Globe and Mail, January 4, 1997 1996: ?Gallery Going: Deck the hall with affordable art?, Betty Ann Jordan, and Gillian MacKay, The Globe and Mail, December 14, 1996 1996: ?Gallery Going: yellowhat collective at Bar Inferno?, Betty Ann Jordan, The Globe and Mail, November 16, 1996 1996: ?art, when where: Inferno: yellowhat collective?, Nathalie-Roze Fischer, NOW, November 14-20, 1996 1996: Front cover image, Martiart, Volume 6, Number 1, 1996 1995: ?Art Tour?, Allan and Holly Briesmaster, ARTWORD, Number 23, Winter 1995/96 1995: ?Art Gallery exhibit gives personal voice to effects of radioactive waste on area?, Peggy Foster, The Port Hope Evening Guide, December 7, 1995 1995: ?Mich?le White: Nuclear Garden?, Terrence Heath, David Macfarlane, Stuart Reid, Exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery of Mississauga, October 1995 1995: ?View?, Canadian Architect, September 1995, Volume 40, Number 9 1994: ?The International Urban Elite and the Culture of Instant Transmission?, Alex Ferentzy, Borderlines, Number 34/35, December 1994 1994: ?Mich?le White and Petra Halkes?, Parallelogramme, Volume 20, Number 1, 1994 1994: ?Intrusions in the View?, Caroline Langill, Exhibition catalogue, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, June 1994 1993: ?ART / Nuclear Garden by Mich?le White?, Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail, August 6, 1993 1993: ?A closer look at ourselves: thought-provoking Nuclear Garden is exactly what art should be?, Katherine Sedgewick, The Port Hope Evening Guide, July 28, 1993 1993: ?Exhibit offers a walk through Nuclear Garden?, The Port Hope Evening Guide, July 22, 1993 1993: ?Nuclear Garden?, CHEX TV News Magazine, July 1993 1992: ?Toxic Substances in the Arts?, Vision TVArts Express, multiple broadcasts 1992 1990: ?Forum on Women?, CBC Newsworld, multiple broadcasts 1980: ?Portrait painting back in fashion with current wave of Canadian artists?, Lisa Balfour Bowen, The Toronto Star, September 20, 1980 1980: ?Eight artistic women?, Barney McKinley, The Sunday Sun, September 14, 1980 1979: ?Gallery reviews?, James Purdy, The Globe and Mail, July 21, 1979 1979: Artventure Award Winners Catalogue, The Royal Bank of Canada, 1979 1979: ?Enjoying art in the open?, Barney McKinley, The Sunday Sun, July 29, 1979 AUTHORED 2006: ?Introduction?, Those Who Go, Those Who Stay on-line catalogue, exhibition, and slideshows,

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

Toronto Arts Council 1997-2000: Board member, Visual Arts Ontario Archive Inc American College and University Programs in Italy Art Gallery of Ontario The Power Plant Women Artists Resource Centre