photograph of Michael Page
Michael Page
Director, PHASE Lab, Principal Investigator, Associate Professor
Faculty of Art
416-977-6000, Ext. 1718

Area(s) of Expertise

3D Visualization, Holography, 3D animation, VR, AR & MR, Compositing & Digital Animation, Installation Art, electronics, Robotics


Michael Page has been involved in research in the field of holography and 3D visualization for 30 years.

He teaches advanced 3D techniques including XR at OCAD U. He also team-teaches a course in 3D visualization and Holography at the University of Toronto, Victoria College.

He has exhibited his artworks, and presented invited papers at numerous conferences on art and technology, around the world.

Michael has received grants for his work and research from the Canada Council, FedDev , The National Research Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Ontario Centres for Excellence. He is currently part of a team of faculty, professionals & graduates from OCADU and the U of T researching in the field holographic replication. Other pending research includes the application to AI and ML to VR.


1970-74  Graduate, Media Studies, Seneca College, Toronto 
1975 – present, numerous professional development courses in meida, animation and holography. 

Professional Experience

Michael is the lead investigator of the PHASE Lab, part of OCAD's DMRII (Digital Media Research & Innovation Institute).

Current Research Project:
Principle Investigator /” Holograms of your Mind” 
A project focused on the processing of scientific 3D visualizations of the human brain into camera-ready artwork for digital holographic printing. NSERC funded 

Proposed Research Project:
“Visualization of Complex Medical Data using Next-Generation Holographic Techniques”. 
Funding pending 

Selected Exhibitions

2013 “First Impressions”, OCAD, Toronto
2012 The Office of the President, OCAD, Toronto
2011 Retro Ripples, The Photon Leaugue, Toronto
2011 “The Exhibition” ISDH, Shenzhen, China 
2010, 2009, 2005-2007 Rogue Wave, Toronto Island
2008 Projections, Mac Gallery , Toronto
2005 Art of Physics, Ontario Science Centre
2004 The Holography Exhibit SPIE, San Jose
2003 Site Specific Installation, Ripple Tank
2001, 1999, 1997, 1993, 1992, 1986 Island Artists, AIA Toronto
2000 International Symposium Holography, Vienna
1999 Island Artists AIA, Toronto
1996 5’6” GALLERY 401, Toronto1996 
1995 MULTI-MEDIA ‘95, Toronto
1993 HOLOGRAPHY Ontario Science Centre
1990 AST Los Angeles, California
1988 FAUST Tolouse, France 
1988 IMAGES du FUTUR Montreal
1987 IMAGES IN TIME & SPACE Museum of Science & Technology, Ottawa
1987 HOLOGRAPHY the Ontario Science Center, Toronto
1987 EPOTEC the Old Port, Montreal
1985 PROFILES /solo/Interference Hologram Gallery, Toronto
1984 LICHT BLICKE Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt
1984 HOLOGRAPHY National Arts Centre
1984 CANADIAN HOLOGRAPHY NOW Canada House, England
1984 THE INAUGURAL EXHIBITION Interference Hologram Gallery 
1983 3D, AN EXHIBITION The Boston of Science
1976 THE FIRST DECADE Museum of Holography NY, NY
1974 VIRTUAL IMAGES Gallery 76, Toronto 


Awards \ Grants

  • Canada Council production grant 1985 
  • Ontario Arts Council production grant 1986 
  • NRC project grants 2001-2002 
  • Photonics Research Ontario ICP grant 2002-2003 
  • Shearwater Foundation travel grant to present paper at SPIE conference on digital holography. 2006 
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence Research Grant Digital Holography 2007-2008, “The Application of the Light Valve Printer to Digital Holography”  
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence Research Grant Digital Holography 2009-2010. The Development of the RAIL Device, A Holographic Scanner” 
  • CIPI 10 Research grant in digital holography. The RAIL Project 2010-2011 
  • International Holography Fund grant for the production of  The Holographic Book Project 2010
  • Federal Development Grant, “The Haptic Holography Project” 2010-2012 
  • Federal Development Grant “Auto-stereoscopic Displays and Mobile Devices” 2011-2012 
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence Technical Problem Solving Grant, "HoloFact Scanner" 2013
  • STAR Award/Outgoing Excellence Category 2015


The Stanley Cup Hologram 1978 
30" X 40" hologram of the Stanley Cup Trophy 

"The Queen's Park Hologram” 1984 
18" integral hologram from 35mm motion picture film taken from of the legislative buildings in Toronto Province of Ontario, Canada 

“Hypercube’ 1986 
18" computer generated integral hologram from 16mm motion picture film. 
Varity Corporation 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Polar Bear hologram 1989 
Government of the Northwest Territories 
Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories 

Holographic Installation 1993 
Norcross Corporation 
Louisville, Kentucky 

Bank of Montreal 1993Toronto 

Holographic Portrait for Prof. RJ Dwayne Miller, 2010,  Toronto 

Designed and constructed a laser viewing system for Michael Snow, 2012, NYC 

Designed and constructed a laser viewing system for Bruce Nauman, 2012, NYC 

Hologram for the Ontario Science Centre “Atomic Force Microscope 2013, Toronto 

Selected Publications

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

SPIE The Optical Society of America