michael trommer
michael trommer
Michael Trommer
Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Design

Area(s) of Expertise

Sound, Digital Audio and Video, Film & Video, Media/Film/Video Art & Theory, Installation, urban political ecology


Michael Trommer is a Toronto-based producer and sound artist; his experimental work has been focused primarily on psychogeographical and acoustemological explorations via the use of field recordings, infra- and ultrasound, as well as multi-channel installation and expanded video techniques.

He has released material on an unusually diverse roster of labels, both under his own name as well as 'sans soleil'. These include Transmat, Wave, Ultra-red, and/OAR, Audiobulb, Audio Gourmet, Gruenrekorder, Impulsive Habitat, Stasisfield, Serein, Flaming Pines, 3leaves, Unfathomless and con-v.

Michael also creates gallery-based audio installation work; He has exhibited work at Australia’s ‘Liquid Architecture’ festival, Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt, Cordoba’s art:tech and Köln’s soundLAB, among others.

He has performed extensively in North America, Europe and Asia, including events with members of Berlin's raster-noton collective, as well as the 2008 and 2013 editions of Mutek's acclaimed a/visions series. In addition to teaching sound design and Think Tank at OCAD University, he also regularly improvises with Toronto-based AI collective 'i/o media'.


BFA (Hons), York University (Visual Arts)

MFA, OCAD University, Interdisciplinary Media, Art and Design

PhD Candidate, York University, Cinema and Media Arts

Selected Exhibitions

September 2016:  Night Swimmer, Ontario Place, Site-specific outdoor multi-channel sound
         installation, In/Future Exhibition, Ontario Place, Toronto,

May 2016: Spectral Sound System +15, Site-specific multi-channel Audio Installation, Arts Commons +15
         Pedestrian Network, Calgary, Alberta.

November 2015: Five Days in the Western Channel, Audio-visual installation, Centro Atlántico de
           Árte Moderno, Gran Canaria, Spain.

March-April 2016: Night Paddler, Multi-channel sound installation. Kontort Project Space,
           Katzman Contemporary, Toronto.

February 2016 : Spectral Sound System – White, Networked Improvisation, Audioblast Festival
         #4, Nantes, France.

November 2015: Five Days in the Western Channel, audio-visual installation, IVAM museum of
          Contemporary Art, Valencia, Spain.

October 2015: Long Beaches Binaural, Canadian Association for Acoustic Ecology ‘Audio
            Postcards’ project.

May 2015: greyfields:wavefields v.3, audio-visual performance; Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome.

April 2015: The Hours of Sleep, audio-visual installation; ZK/U Centre for Art and Urbanistics,
             Berlin, Germany.

March 2015: Transmissions from the Technological Sublime, audio-visual installation;
             OCAD University Black Box Gallery, Toronto.

January 2015: Come Up to My Room: Proximity, multi-media installation (with Corinne
                  Thiessen), Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.

May 2014: Radiant Banff, audio-visual installation, Philosopher’s Knoll, Banff Centre for the Arts,
             Banff, Alberta.

April 2014: The Show, audio-visual installation, Brockton gallery, Toronto.

November 2013: HTO, interactive audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion); Music Gallery,

November 2013: greyfield:wavefields v.2, interactive audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion);
                  MUTEK_img festival, Centre Phi, Montréal.

August 2013: ghostwood v.3, Phonophani Festival, Frankfurt, Germany.

July 2013: ghostwood v.3, Sound//Space - V22 Summer Club, London, England.

May 2013, greyfields:wavefields, audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion), MUTEK a/visions 3, 

October 2012: Photon’s Dance, site-specific audio-visual installation and projection (with Teresa
                  Mar), Woontoren de Admirant, Emmasingel. Eindhoven Glow festival, Eindhoven, NL.

September 2012: The Ghosts of Bay & Front, tactile sound installation; RBC Plaza South Lobby,

August-September 2012: Ghostwood a/v, video + tactile sound installation; NAISA (New
                  Adventures In Sound Art) Space, Wychwood Barns, Toronto.
July 2012: Ghostwood a/v v.2, audio-visual installation; Soundfjord gallery, London, U.K.

November 2011: Streams of Consciousness, Sound Installation, Salina Art Centre, Salina,

September 2011: Slice (with Eric Filion); Visual Voice Gallery, Montréal.

May 2011: Hlysnan, audio-visual installation; SoundFjord gallery, London, UK.

October 2010: Equilibrium, audio-visual installation and projection (with Theresa Mar); Eindhoven
                  St.-Catharina Cathedral, Eindhoven Glow festival, Eindhoven, NL.

September/October 2010: Greyfields, audio-visual performances; SPARK Festival, University of
                  Minnesota, Minneapolis; pixillerations 2.0, Brown University, Providence RI.

October 2010: The Humming of Summer Sidewalks; infrasonic audio installation for Bank of
                  Nova Scotia’s ‘Nuit Blanche’; Gallery 1313, Toronto.

September 2010: August Drift: Listen to the Weather, ‘Ear to the Earth’ festival, New York.

May 2010: Wake Turbulence, audio-visual performance; Son et Vue 2, Eastern Bloc, Montréal.

August 2009: live sleep 2; Framework Radio commission for broadcast in London, Devon and

August 2009: greyfield 3, audio installation; FILE - Electronic Language Festival, Sao Paulo,

May 2009: Yuki-onna, interactive audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion), Son et Vue,
            Eastern Bloc, Montréal.

April 2009: What is the Sound of the War against the Poor ?, commissioned for New York-based
                  sound artists Ultra-Red's 'Public Records' label.

February 2009: Soundreach, networked performance performance with sound artist Zen Lu, 
                  Shenzhen, China. University of Toronto Art Gallery.

January 2009: Greyfield 2, audio installation; SoundLAB VI, Köln.

December 2008: Greyfield 2, art tech media festival, Cordoba, Spain.

October 2008: SOUNDplay 08, audio-visual performance, The Theatre Centre, Toronto.

September 2008: Soundtravels, improvised audio-visual performance, Dundas Square, Toronto.

May 2008: Semiosis 3, audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion); Mutek 08: a/visions2,
            Théatre du Nouveau Monde, Montréal.

April 2008: Semiosis 2, audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion); Contact 08, Le Labo, Toronto.

January 2008: Semiosis, audio-visual performance (with Eric Filion); Plaza+ Festival of audio-
                  visual art, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven, Netherlands.             

December 2007-February 2008: Listening Shell installation (with Dody Nash); Victoria and Albert
                  Museum, London.

October 2007: live sleep, Radio piece commission for Resonance FM, London.

September 2007: Uptight all Night, audio-visual performance; Le Labo, Toronto.

July 2007: i/o Media, audio-visual performance; Electric Eclectics Festival of Experimental
                  Music, Midland Ontario.

June 2007: r.p.m., audio-visual performance with Carsten Nikolai/Olaf Bender of raster-noton,
                  Berlin. Drake Hotel, Toronto.

Autumn 2006: Greyfield 1, audio installation; Liquid Architecture Festival, Brisbane, Australia.

Summer 2006: Wilderness Network, outdoor sound installation, Hartwick College, New York.