Photo of Pam Patterson
Photo of Pam Patterson
Pam Patterson
Faculty of Art

Area(s) of Expertise

Art(s) Education, Critical, Cultural and Curatorial Studies, Performance art, contemporary visual culture, visual arts


My practice is performative and engages with/in diverse locations of/in culture. It is a practice that honours the self, the other(s) and the knowledge that is co-created. It is a practice that engages the self as a whole, a conversation among multiples -- diverse perspectives, experiences, modes of thinking and expressing. My study is in flux, in motion, as a place of multiple, interdisciplinary arts practices. I work from the specific, the personal, the local to explore structures, concepts, divergences and connections.Teaching & Research: feminist studies, culture, disability & health, gender, community praxis, performance and performativity, research methodologies–&–art(s) education.– –


BA (theatre and fine arts) MED (arts education) PhD (arts curriculum, feminist cultural theory) Certification in Community-based Research, Wellesly Institute

Professional Experience

Professional: 2005-2018: CWSE, OISE/UT, Associate Scholar & Director, WIAprojects, an inter-arts feminist research, exhibition, program providing exhibitions, programming, publications, education and support for women's and trans' communities. Curate 3 exhibitions yearly. 1983-present: Co-artistic/administrative director for ARTIFACTS: a performance art company. Develop, produce, write and perform performance/installation work with Leena Raudvee for artist-run centres and public galleries. Also grant applications and tour co-ordination. Teaching: 2014-2015 - present: TIS Faculty (Art) & Curriculum Leader Art & Design Education OCADU. Courses: Art & Design Education Lab (AGO), Art & Design Education Lab: Community Leadership, LIFE Studies Studio, Contemporary Issues CRCP. 2014: Assistant Professor (.50 "limited duties) GRADEDUC 7911 Teaching Art to Diverse Populations, Masters in Art Education Program (online), University of Western Ontario. 2010-2014 (spring): Sessional Instructor, Art & Design Education Lab, and Art & Design Education Lab Advanced, LIFE Studies Studio OCADU. 2010-2012: Sessional Instructor, University of Toronto- Scarborough, Intermediate Seminar in Visual and Performing Arts & Introduction to Performance 2009: Course Director, Feminist Cultural Theory, FACS/ Fine Arts, York University. Course Director, Introduction to Women's Studies, On-line Learning & Women's Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University. 2008: Course Director, Contemporary Art, York University, Fine Arts Visual Arts. Course Director, Drawing, Loyalist College. Course Director,Contemporary Art, Art and Design Foundations, Centennial College. 2007: Course Director, Thinking Through Gender: Feminist Perspectives, Women's Studies, University of Waterloo. Course Director,Visual Culture and Gender & Drama and Art Education, York University, Faculty of Education/Graduate Studies. 2003-2007: Faculty,Toronto School of Art, program co-ordinator/ instructor Youth Studio, & faculty advisor for Independent Studio Program for graduate students. 1999-2010: Faculty/Educator, Art Gallery of Ontario. Instructor (youth and adults), Advanced Studio Visual Arts, Drawing, Mixed Media, Performance Art and Installation, Open Studio-Professional Practice. Studio Visit Program: Designed and instructed curricula (studio/lecture) for school groups. Prepared teacher packages. Other: Designed and instructed workshops for docents and in- & pre-service teachers in various areas including: interpretative practice, art history/theory/practice, and cultural studies. Research: 2007-present: Trans/modern/gressive pedagogy (in process) - OISE/University of Toronto. Performance: The Body grotesque as trans/gressive site/sight, Memorial University (April 2008); Performing Trans/gressive Pedagogy for Lesley University (Spring 2007), UAAC conference (Nov, 2007), gender/TROUBLING for Ontario College of Art and Design (XPACE)(Fall 2008) & Subway II (TDSB)(2009-10) 2006- present: Performance as Pedagogy: Exploring performance as a site/strategy for learning research and curricking. Pause and play: is this the "um" in curriculum? for OISE University of Toronto for the Centre for Arts- Informed Research (winter 2006) & University of Victoria ("Collisions", fall 2006). Dioramas in the "flesh": Performing (as) feminist pedagogy for women and health for the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women's Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa, Performing Pedagogy, OCAD, 2010. 2001-present: The Rhetoric of the Body. Research which addresses the body as site for research and interpretation for study of disability & chronic illness through performance as educational strategy. Chaired panel for UAAC (2003): Women and Performance: Praxis and Pedagogy, Body as Site (Sight) for Goddard College, Vermont (2003) & 7A*11D International Performance Festival, Toronto; Body as Insight/site (2004), Trent University; Bodysight: A Reclamation Project, Goddard (2004) & Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs ?, FADO, Xpace Gallery, Toronto (2008) & Lighthouse (a series), aceartinc, PlugIn ICA (Winnipeg), DeLeon White, Gibralter Point (Toronto).

Selected Exhibitions

2018: See Jane Run w/ slit Carbon Art & Design. Shankill Revisited, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Ireland. A Battered Ship Undiminish'd, Gallery 1313. 2014: Emily Speaks Art Gallery of Ontario Brick, Visualeyze, Latitude 53, Edmonton, Alberta Discourse at Sea, New Dark Times Cabaret ARTIFACTS with Sara Sheard, Toronto Island. Provoking Collaboration, ARTIFACTS, Hart House, University of Toronto. Emigrante Desplazado"Independence DOM, Dominican Republic. 2013: –Walking"Home, Global Performance Art Walk 2013. Curated by Ignacio P–r–z. Transitional Interfaces, (a theoretical performance) for Canadian Society for Education through Art, Montreal. Entertaining without a Maid, ARTIFACTS, Hart House, University of Toronto. A Time to Fall (WIAprojects performance event). In collaboration with Amy Sharrocks (Sculpture Shock resident at the Royal British Society of Sculptors, London UK), Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto. RED Square, Political Performance III, Serbia. Distended Topographies ARTIFACTS, EdgeZones, Miami International Performance Art Festival. Curator: Charo Oquette. Headaches II, ARTIFACTS, performance for Feminist Art Conference, Toronto, ON. ROCK WALK, ARTIFACTS, Global Performance Walks 2013 curated by Ignacio P–r–z. 2012: Storm day, night jazz, ARTIFACTS, DPNCHC, WIAprojects, Toronto. Individual Points of Fiction, ARTIFACTS, A Space Gallery, Toronto. 60-60-60: A Performance Action, ARTIFACTS, CWSE Gallery. 2011: Palimpsest, ARTIFACTS, Toronto Free Gallery. 2010: Late 24hr Butoh–this is not Butoh (choreography: Don Himes), Cinecycle, Toronto.– Glenora Crossing, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto.–– 2009: To the Lighthouse: A Momento Mori, DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto. Lighthousekeeping, aceartinc., Winnipeg. 2008: Canto, Fleishman Gallery, Toronto. Cellu(h)er Resistance: The Body with/out Organs?, FADO Idea Series, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto. Travelling Body Worlds:UK & Newfoundland. 2007-8: Emily Speaks York University, University of Waterloo & Centennial College. 2006: Canc(H)er, in Pacing the Cage with ARTIFACTS for Collisions 2006, University of Victoria. Body as site/sight/cite, CASWE, Women and Health, York University. 2005: Body: Reclaimed in Community, "Being Uncomfortable", Brown University, Rhode Island. Body in Extremis, Towards Tomorrow, Centre for Performance Research, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. 2004: Body as Sight/Site,7A 11D International Performance Festival, A Space, Toronto. Bodysight: A Reclamation Project, Interdisciplinary Landscape, Goddard College, Vermont. Emily Speaks,Trent University. Demolishing da...... site, 4 Cardinals Project, Chile, Curator: Alexandre del Re. 2003: Body as Sight (Site) Committing Voice, Goddard College, Vermont. 2002: Hands On Environs Breathworks, Waterfront Trail Artists, Toronto. 1999: Conversations In Context, Union Gallery, Queen's University. Emily Speaks, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Selected 2-Person & Group Exhibitions: 2011: Palimpsest, ARTIFACTS, Toronto Free Gallery. 2010: Homage to Margaret: Cleaning and Loving it, ARTIFACTS, CWSE Gallery. International Women's Day.–– 2009: Autopathographies,Innsbruck, Austria. Curator: Tamar Tembeck. Headaches 2,with Leena Raudvee, CWSE, OISE/UT. 2006: In/valid, (installation) with Leena Raudvee for the CWSE, OISE/UT. 2004: Baghdad Museum, Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, Propeller Gallery (Toronto), The Latcham Gallery (Stouffville). 2002: Performance Art Today Project, International Multimedia Art Festival, Odzaci, Yugoslavia. (curator, Nenad Bogdanovic).

Awards \ Grants

Gaiskell Award for outstanding achievement in teaching and research in art education (2018). Toronto Arts Council Project Grant for WIAprojects (2013, 2012) Inspired Teaching Award, OCAD University (2014) Jackman Humanities Arts Fellowship (2011). Cultural Pluralism and the Arts (2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13) Ontario Arts Council, Exhibition Assistance Grants: (2015, 2014, 2013 - 2010, 2008, 2006, 2004, 1993, 1990, 1989) Canada Council Travel Grant (2008, 2005) Ontario Arts Council, Visual & Media Arts Project Grant (2002) OISE Graduate Bursary for PhD, University of Toronto (1999-2000) Scholarship for PhD, University of Toronto (1993-95). Writer's Recommender Grant, OAC, Second Story Feminist Press (1993). Creative Artist in the Schools, OAC (Feb. 1984, Dec. 1984, Oct. 1986). Playwrights Recommender Grants, OAC, Factory Theatre Lab, Nightwood Theatre (1984). –

Selected Publications

2015: Food=Need: Community Beets and Beats, Canadian Theatre Review (May). 2014: Inclusive Teaching: Going Online for Art Education, Canadian Art Teacher (Dec.). 2013: (& C. Johnston) (2013) Innovation, Access and Inclusion in ADEL 2012. Woven: Disability, Inclusion & Community 2013, 1, pp. 51-55 2012: Rethinking a Transabled Aesthetic Paradigm for Art and Design Education, Canadian Art Teacher, 11, (1), pp. 6-19. Border Crossings: An Erotic Affair? (Editor & writer with: D. Georgis, S. Injejikian, E. Kakouris, P. Pandya) Toronto: WIAprojects & Cultural Pluralism the Arts. 2011: A Flash of the Real: Situating a Performative Practice in Action. In Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change (Eds.) Cheryl McLean & Robert Kelly, pp. 145-172. Calgary: Detselig/Temeron Press. (book chapter) (En)gendering Difference: A For(u)m for Possibilities, In Inquiry: Perspectives, Processes and Possibilities for Learning Landscapes, McGill University, Spring 4, (2) , pp. 233-257. ( Performing Pedagogy: Communitas in Context (monograph), Toronto: WIAProjects. (Dis)Regarding Pain? Resituating a Feminist –Cyborg"Praxis, Canadian Women's Studies, York University (pending). 2010: Enacting Learning: An Arts-Informed Inquiry with the Bay Area Artists for Women's Art (BAAWA).Saarbr–cken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing. Travelling: Performing in Virtual Space, Square2, Picton, ON: Sparkbox Studio/Scout Design, Issue 1, June.– 2009: The Motherlode/load: A Performative Praxis inMothering Canada: Interdisciplinary Voices(ed.) Leesa Streifler, Toronto: Demeter. Travelling:A Flash of the Real: Re-situating Pain in a Cyber-Practice Educational Insights (on line - Summer 2009). 2008: Feminist performance: The Body grotesque as transgressive site/sight (article) in International Feminist Journal of Politics, London: Routledge. (10/3, Sept 2008, pp. 388-401). The Parallelogramme years (with John Oughton) in From Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars, (ed) Paul Couillard. Toronto: FADO Press. (May) 2007: "Walking the table": Dramatic teaching (editor/monograph), Toronto: York University & CWSE/OISE/UT. Performance art research in Arts-informed, Vol. 5, April. 19-21. 2006: In/Valid(with Leena Raudvee). Toronto: 6th Floor Press & CWSE/OISE/UT (monograph). 2005: Empowerment in action: Creative strategies for living with cancer in In Stride magazine, fall, pp.10-11. 2004: Berenicci Hershorn: Manifesting ideas -- resistance is futile, in Caught in the act: An Anthology of performance art by Canadian women, (eds.) Johanna Householder & Tanya Mars, Toronto: YYZ Books (Dec.). The Breast cancer bomb in Take out: Performance recipes for public space, (ed) Christine Redfern, Montreal: La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, (Oct.) 2002: The Body as (yet to be) re-made (monograph), Propeller Gallery, Toronto, June. The Self that enacts learning: A Research for/with the Bay Artists for Women's Art, (BAAWA) (PhD thesis). Toronto: OISE/University of Toronto. 1996: Learning in relation as an art (chapter in book). In V. Griffin, J. Robinson, S. Saberton (Eds.) Learning partnerships: Interdependent learning in adult education. Toronto: OISE Department of Adult Education. Articles (professional), conference presentations, public lectures: 2009: Travelling: Performing a pedagogy in virtual space CSEA, Vancouver.. gender/TROUBLING and social justice: Innovative arts curricula in secondary and post-secondary education, OSEA, Toronto, 2009. Travelling: Performing a pedagogy in virtual space, CSEA, Vancouver. Leaky categories: Creative research in "Walking the Table": Dramatic teaching & gender/TROUBLING, CWSE OISE, UT.. Slip, Slide and Play: Disability, Conformity and Normalcy (a response to David Serlin) Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, 2009. 2008: Feminist performance: The Body grotesque as transgressive site/sight, Memorial University, Newfoundland (April). 2007: The Body as in/sight/site in Arts-informed, Vol. 5, April. 15-18. 2006: The Motherlode/load: A Performative practice, ARM, York University, Toronto A Performance: The Body grotesque as political site/sight, UAAC, NSCAD, Halifax. Pause and play: is this the "um" in curriculum? for OISE University of Toronto for the Centre for Arts- Informed Research. Pause and play: is this the "um" in curriculum? A performance artist acts out in the academy (keynote) for Collisions 2006, University of Victoria. Dioramas in the "flesh": Performing (as) feminist pedagogy for women and health (keynote) for the Pauline Jewett Institute for Women's Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa for International Women's Day. ––

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

Current Affiliations: Canadian Society for Education through Art, Ontario Art Education Association, Canadian Society for the Study of Education, Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education, Association for Canada Radio and Television Artists (ACTRA), CARFAC, Past BOD: FADO Performance, A Space Gallery, MATRIARTS, WARC Gallery and  Coordinating Committee: CWSE, OISE/UT