Photo of Patricio Dávila
Photo of Patricio Dávila
Patricio Davila
Associate Professor
Faculty of Design, Graduate Studies
416-977-6000, Ext. 4360

Area(s) of Expertise

Interactive and Locative Media, Data Visualization, Public & Site-Specific Art, Information Design & Visualization, Communication Design


Patricio Dávila is a designer, artist and educator. He is currently Associate Professor in Design at OCAD University, Director of Public Visualization Lab and member of the OCADU Mobile Media Lab and Visual Analytics Lab. His research focusses on developing a theoretical framework for examining data visualization as assemblages of subjectivation and power. In his creative practice he has created mobile applications, locative media projects, essay videos, new media installations, and participatory community projects including: Powers of Kin, Chthuluscene, Tent City Projections, The Line, and In The Air Tonight. His curatorial projects, including Multiplex and Diagrams of Power, investigate the essay film, data, and critical media practices. His research and practice focuses on the politics and aesthetics of participation in the visualization of spatial issues with a specific focus on urban experiences, mobile technologies and large-scale interactive public installations.


PhD, Communication & Culture, York/Ryerson University

MA, Communication & Culture, Ryerson/York University

BDes, Graphic Design, Ontario College of Art & Design 

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Diagrams of Power, international exhibition of design, art, research in mapping and visualization at Onsite Gallery, OCAD University, Toronto

2017 Shadow!, interactive digital light display at The Bentway Conservancy, Toronto

2017 Happiness by Design, interactive visualization for Vice Canada/Toyota Canada

2016 Multiplex, Essay Film Festival at Nuit Blanche at OCAD University, Toronto (with Maiko Tanaka, Maggie Chan, Preethi Jagadeesh, Onyeka Igwe)

2016 Powers of Kin, video at In/Future, Toronto (with Immony Men)

2015 In The Air, Tonight, architectural LED façade installation at Ryerson University Image Centre, Toronto (with Dave Colangelo, David Schnitman, Maggie Chan, Robert Tu)

2015 Chthuluscene, large multi-user mobile interactive visualization installation, Nuit Blanche 2015, Toronto (with Immony Men, Symon Oliver, Bohdan Anderson, Maggie Chan, David Czarnowski)

2015 The Fauna of the Mirror, outdoor public video project, Celebration Square, Mississauga (Dave Colangelo, Preethi Jagadeesh, Maggie Chan)

2014 In The Air, Tonight, interactive documentary of installation, Subtle Technologies (with Dave Colangelo), Toronto

2014 In The Air, Tonight, architectural LED façade installation at Ryerson University Image Centre (with Dave Colangelo), Toronto

2014 Tent City Projection, architectural projection installation (audio & video) at Art Spin 2014 at Cherry St. (with Dave Colangelo)

2014 Workers That Live in the Mirrors, architectural projection (video), at Digifest 2014 at Steelworkers Union Building in Toronto. (with Dave Colangelo)

2013 The Line, video documenting the installation, Land|Slide: Possible Futures at Markham Heritage Museum (with Dave Colangelo) at Shenzhen Architecture Biennial, Hong Kong / Shenzhen, China

2013 The Line, architectural projection (audio/video) & sculpture installation, Land|Slide: Possible Futures at Markham Heritage Museum (with Dave Colangelo)

2013 Workers That Live in the Mirror, architectural projection (video), The Fourth Annual Art Spin Exhibition at the Historic Tower Automotive Building in Toronto. (with Dave Colangelo)

2013 30 Moons Many Hands, architectural projection, audio/video public installation, Hastac 2013 Digital Humanities Conference at York University (with Dave Colangelo)

2011 Everything, multi-channel video installation, Digifest Toronto 2011 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (with Justin Stephenson)

2011 Parkdale Versions / Public Design Unit, community design and visualization project, ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2011 (part of the Leitmotif curated exhibition), Toronto (with Dan McCafferty)

2010 E-Tower, interactive installation (mobile phone & CN Tower Lighting System), ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2010, Toronto (with Dave Colangelo)

2009 System for Forgetting and Remembering, location-specific interactive video installation, The Leona Drive Project, York University, Toronto

Awards \ Grants

Award for Excellence in Early Stage Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity

Toronto Friends of the Arts Award

Price Award for Excellence in Teaching, OCAD University

Ontario Arts Council Grant

Toronto Arts Council Grant 

Selected Publications

Dávila, P., (2017). Visualization as assemblage: Exploring critical visualization practice. Information Design Journal 23(1).

Dávila, P., Colangelo, D., Chan, M., Tu, R. (2016). Expressive Cartography and the Aesthetics of Public Visualization. Leonardo Journal. 

Dávila, P., Jackson, J., Grant, R. (2015). eds. Urban Ecologies 2013 Conference Proceedings. OCAD University. Toronto, Canada.

Dávila, P., Colangelo. (2015). The Line. Land|Slide Exhibition Catalogue. Public. Toronto.

Dávila, P., Colangelo, D. (2014). Expressing and Embodying Transversality Through Public Projection. Leonardo Electronic Almanac. 18 (3). 

Dávila, P., Colangelo, D. (2013). Public Interface Effects: Re-embodiment and Transversality in Public Projection. (Leonardo Transactions)

Dávila, P. (2013). Criticality and Design: The Pursuit of Authenticity. Menlo Park. (2013 launch issue –

Dávila, P. (2013). The Aesthetics of Public Visualization. Data is Beautiful (proceedings). Kitchen Budapest.

Dávila, P., Colangelo, D. (2012). Light, Data, and Public Participation. Leonardo Electronic Almanac. 18 (2).

Dávila, P., Gardner, P., Shea, G. (2010). Locative Urban Mobile Art Interventions: Methods for Facilitating Politicized Social Interactions. Aether: The Journal of Media Geography (5B).