“frego” is food packaging that educates students about the proper nutrient intake needed. Each food package has a food theme, such as  iron deficiency, detox, and vitamin or calcium supplements, giving students the option to choose what best suits their needs. The inspiration came from the building blocks of Lego. Because cooking is often looked upon as work, and “frego” will convert the thought of work to play and motivate students so that students can be excited to cook and eat healthier. Students can choose their preferred food topics and toppings, each of which come in boxes that can be stacked like Lego pieces and can be creatively oriented and personalized. The design concept is a concept that can be more intimate and have a fun approach by characterizing each food theme. Different colours and character shapes distinguish the food theme. These packaging line will be display in vending machine at each campus and give an opportunity to students to eat healthier meals.  It is a convenient, fast, and simple way to get food so it strongly appeals to consumers. 

Furthermore, users also have access to the frego mobile app. They can easily download it from the app store and explore more about frego. This app allows users to check the menu, location of kiosks, check their account and points and change settings. Students can easily make an account and be able to see their profile, rewards and menus. Users can also register their frego card and reload it through the app. Users can simply pay the items by scanning the bar code in the app at the kiosk. The Frego card is a contactless smart card payment system used at the kiosks. When Users register with frego and order the smart card, they can simply receive a smart card at home and able to reloadl it through the kiosk or app. Then you scan the card, grab the food and go.

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