Artist Statement

Design has the power to improve lives, change the world, and make it a more equitable place. Caring about the details from the micro to the macro coupled with aspects of analytical observation are the hallmarks to my education, and current practice.

As a designer, the value in my current practice is in deconstructing, utilizing processes and developing strategies to evolve my work as well as others in the most sustainable way. For me, Design is not just appealing to the aesthetics; but more about the thought process leading to a desired solution.

Currently, my work has taken a focus on user experience, and the potential it has for bridging engagement. It represents a powerful tool in presenting concepts for the present and future that are as equitable as they are sustainable. It is my belief that by creating better experiences, refining process, and being open to feedback creates solutions to problems that we currently face.

My personal experience is the most valuable tool as a designer. I always found joy in pursuing all things design related, especially opportunities that challenges my mind to solve greater concepts for greater causes.



Letter of Intent

Food like language, and art are hallmarks of culture. Its processes differ from culture to culture, yet it is a method of consumption that has not adequately morphed to reflect the societies we currently inhabit. Foodo is an investigation into the experience and future of food and its processes that begins with a simple question, that we often ask ourselves, “what to eat?” As simple as the answer may be, it surfaced questions regarding nutrition, palettes, food equity and its derivative tangents. Producing strategies that matches the taste pallets and current culture of users to satisfy this experience is a fundamental aspect of this investigation. The project is developing to a personalized analysis into what is needed in nutrition to attract active consumption by the current millennial generation.



About Foodo

Foodo is about transforming the concept of food in a way to attract the milennials to gain personal health supplements for a progressive healthy future. 


The technology behind the project is using bioelectrical impedance analysis to scan for instant personal nutrition to find necessities. Then 3D printing square meals with personalized freeze-dried food product filaments using personal nutrition data. By printing the shapes of food, Foodo starts by presenting three visually attracting forms. They are designed to show the capability of 3D printer in size, form, and texture. In addition allowing combination of different foods to feast your senses.

The general shape involves two shapes, the outer shell with another form inside. Having three geometric shapes; sphere, pyramid and cube, the outer shell and inner form can be individually selected allowing a total of nine shapes to enjoy. Then looking at taste, smell, texture and even colour will expand the opportunities of ways of experiencing food. At this stage, Foodo is providing three variations as a start to quickly experience the food without having to think and spend time on what to print. Then allowing users to expand on personal interest, moods, or even events.  With imagination, the capability of Foodo becomes endless.

To experience the interaction quick applications are provided to quicken the process. The users are given two options of either printing the food with the access of printer or ordering foods from a central factory as a delivery. The application then provides feedback with personal data regarding health benefits suggestions and ingredient within the foods.

To locate Foodo, there are three locations to encounter. First is regarding showcase spaces as a promotion. Second is from festivals. Lastly from pop-up restaurants located in busy malls. The advantage of Foodo product is that kitchen space can be eliminated, as the entire product requires is space for a 3D printer and filaments.

The business aspect of foodo is significantly affected by the size and scale of the central factory. The main technology for the brand to function is the dry freezer. The cost ranges from 2500 to 5000 and beyond. But the amount of time to process the machine is the same with difference of volume of space to freeze the food products. Resulting in cheaper final cost of products with larger size machine. The wholesale cost of goods will also allow reduction of cost for larger size factory. The distribution in transportation is also affected with the size and scope.

Looking at existing models of dry freeze products like astronaut foods, the price range of one foodo shape will be four dollars or less. Interacting with nylon 3D printer will make it seven dollars. This includes company value, distribution, branding, resource, and tax.


Your future health can be unlocked with personalized nutrition




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