Period Piece

Friday, March 8, 2013 - 5:00am to Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 4:00am

Featuring work by Hanna Antonsson, Sonja Ahlers, Arvida Bystrom, Shary Boyle, Petra Collins, Rebecca Fin, Minna Gilligan, Sandy Kim, Kristie Muller and Allyson Mitchell

Our popular Western notion of femininity is largely determined by the male gaze. Femininity has long been equated with female attractiveness as defined by heterosexual male desire, which requires women to control many natural signs of their post-pubescent, fertile bodies including body hair, menstrual blood and weight fluctuations. This is problematic because it puts women in the subordinate position and suggests that female sexuality is something that should be managed, distrusted and feared. As a consequence of this ideology, women are often relegated to the realm of adolescence. The media celebrates the skinny female body, in part, for example, because of its likeness to an immature, unthreatening, girlish figure. This destructive culture of fear is the gynophobic landscape. This exhibit offers an alternative, the gynolandscape, which celebrates female sexuality and the power of women’s bodies. Period Piece questions the current ideology of femininity and recasts women in positive/dominant roles. The works in this show are produced by international female artists whose practices demonstrate their struggle with female identity and sexuality.

Venue & Address: 
Student Gallery
Period Piece The Gynolandscape poster with event info