Research Rendezvous with Johanna Householder

Image from project poster featuring a bird-headed figure standing beside a sign which reads "environment 1"
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Holocene Days: the debate around how to name the present epoch, whether from a scientific or science fictional perspective compels us humans to reconsider critically the necessary repositioning of ourselves as agents in the world: Anthropocene, Plantationocene, or Chthulucene as Donna Haraway would have it. As we collectively rethink our positions in relation to colonization and its discontents, artistic practice has a key role to play in conceiving of alternatives to representationalist regimes that split “semiotic” from “material” reality. This talk will describe some recent research creation projects partly enabled by the Distinguished Researcher Award.

Johanna Householder has been making performances and other artwork in Canada since the late 70s. She was a member of the notorious satirical feminist performance ensemble The Clichettes, who performed across Canada and the US under variable circumstances throughout the 1980s. While The Clichettes practiced their own brand of pop culture detournment, Householder has maintained a unique performance practice, often collaborating with other artists. As one of the founders of the 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, held biannually in Toronto, she has brought many international artists to the festival. She is keenly interested in the histories of performance, reperformance, and the effect that performance has had in contemporary art and new media.

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205 Richmond St. West, Room 115
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Professor Isabel Meirelles receives OCAD University Award

Friday, January 27, 2017

Professor Isabel Meirelles receives OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

Professor Isabel Meirelles, Faculty of Design, has been presented with the OCAD University Award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity. The award recognizes faculty members for their outstanding portfolio of research, scholarship and creative activity, and the impact that activity has had on the broad spectrum of art and design research and practice internationally. The award also recognizes contributions toward undergraduate and graduate research and scholarly training. 

Professor Meirelles holds many prominent positions in the field of Data Visualization. She is an Editorial Advisor for the prestigious Leonardo Journal, which is regarded as the highest standard of publication for this area of research. In addition to editorial duties, she has co-organized major international symposia for Leonardo for the past five years.

Professor Meirelles has published numerous articles in the field of data visualization covering technical problems as well as the role of data visualization in society, culture, and education. Her book, Design for information, an introduction to the histories, theories, and best practices behind effective information visualizations has received outstanding reviews, including a comparison to the venerable Edward Tufte in the review by Choice, a comparison of the highest nature in the field.

Since joining OCAD University Professor Meirelles has continued her own research program, but also started new initiatives both on her own and with her new colleagues.

StudentMoveTO is an initiative by the four universities in Toronto to understand the nature of issues of student transportation and how it effects their studies. Professor Meirelles has volunteered her time and expertise to be a Faculty representative for OCAD University on this important project. 

Photo of Professor Isabel Meirelles