By Design - OCAD University/Report on Business series continues

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Monday, August 22, 2016 - 4:00am

Sara Diamond, Patricio Davila and Steve Szigeti have collaborated on an op-ed titled There's no Big Data without intelligent interface . The piece is part of the OCAD U/Globe and Mail summer series “By Design" highlighting design thinking, issues and innovation.

DEEP 2015: Designing Enabling Economies and Policies

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - 1:00pm to Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 8:45pm

Big data, little data, thick data, thin data. What does the Internet of Things mean for self-knowledge, privacy and inclusion?

The Internet of Things will cast a pervasive net to capture all the data associated with our daily lives. As a society we are in the process of determining how to add meaning to this vast new glut of information. This offers a disruptive moment in history to move beyond mass thinking and privileging the norm or majority. As individuals it offers on opportunity for self-knowledge and self-guidance, an opportunity to value our variability. As researchers we need to rethink our tools so we can navigate complexity and understand diversity rather than reducing it. As a society we have a momentous choice to either apply conventional mass tools and assumptions or seize this chance to acknowledge and respect diversity and thereby find true commonality. The choices we make have as yet unfathomable consequences for anyone at the margins or not part of the mass.

At DEEP accessibility and inclusion are not options to be argued or fought for, they are assumed and manifest so that the community gathered can focus on the challenge of how, not why. The diverse participants at DEEP are all valuable and respected contributors to the challenge. Everyone must be at the table.

This year we will explore what this disruption can mean for each of us as individuals, for research, for government, for learning, for health and for communities. We will tackle the new vulnerabilities to privacy and security this exposes. Most importantly, for communities currently excluded, we will foster informed choices and active participation in this critical inflection point.
Join us at DEEP 2015 to participate in the discussions and explore the Internet of Things and inclusion.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD University 100 McCaul St, Room 190 (Auditorium)
416 977 6000 x 3967

OCAD University Data Centre expanded by 300%

Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 4:00am

Project supports institution's growing research portfolio

(Toronto—September 1, 2011) In a ribbon-cutting ceremony today, OCAD University (OCAD U) opened the doors to its newly expanded and upgraded data centre, a major initiative at the university aimed at supporting the institution's growing research portfolio. The project provided significantly increased capacity for academic and administrative computing, storage and networking capabilities.

The data centre expansion increases the facility's physical footprint by 300%, and includes fully upgraded and state-of-the-art energy efficient and redundant mechanical, cooling and electrical systems and server cabinets.

"Completion of this project represents a major milestone in the advancement of the technological infrastructure that will help OCAD University realize many of its strategic objectives over the coming years," said OCAD U President, Dr. Sara Diamond.

The project provides the technological requirements for research projects in the university's specialized graduate and undergraduate programs such as the Graduate Program in Digital Futures, which has just admitted its first cohort, while providing support for a broad range of services to all students and faculty. Major collaborative research initiatives such as the Inclusive Design Research Centre and the Centre for Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design require significant compute capacity and data storage, and by completing the data centre project OCAD U can now house the essential infrastructure to enable this leading edge research.

Working with Computer Room Services Corporation ( OCAD University now has a data centre designed and optimized for reliability, security and N+1 redundancy for all critical mechanical and electrical components providing capability for 99.749% availability (Tier 2) for all services and over 460 U of cabinet space for compute and storage.

The OCAD University Data Center Expansion Project was made possible through the support of the Digital Media Research and Innovation Institute (DMRII) capital project, generously funded by the Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation, and matched by OCAD University through support to OCAD U's Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Ontario Research Fund (MRI/ORF) and industry partners.

OCAD University (OCAD U): 135 Years of Imagination
OCAD University ( is Canada’s “University of the Imagination.” The University, founded in 1876, is dedicated to art and design education, practice and research and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines. OCAD University is building on its traditional, studio-based strengths, adding new approaches to learning that champion cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and the integration of emerging technologies. In the Age of Imagination, OCAD University community members will be uniquely qualified to act as catalysts for the next advances in culture, technology and quality of life for all Canadians.

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Sarah Mulholland, Media & Communications Officer
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Data Marketing Conference 2013

Data Marketing Conference 2013
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 4:00am to Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 5:00am

Presentation by President Dr. Sara Diamond

Mobile Data: a reliable data?
by Dr Sara Diamond, President and Vice Chancellor of OCAD University

In today’s data driven marketplace, marketing leaders need to harness massive amounts of data that customers generate. The desire to be data driven requires constant effort from marketers to collect data necessary to make appropriate decisions.

Technology and data enable marketers to deliver communications that are much more relevant through effective micro-segmentation, sentiment analysis, behavior prediction and personalization. However, given the excessive volume and extremely diverse nature of the content, companies are sometimes unsure about how to proceed with their data in order to turn it into actionable insight.

DATA MARKETING 2013 will address these challenges with a unique approach.

Registration required

Venue & Address: 
Hyatt Regency Hotel 370 King St West Toronto, Ontario