Guest Speaker -Pedro Biz (Rio): Studying collaborative and sustainable prac

You're Invited: Guest Speaker -Pedro Biz (Rio): Studying collaborative and sustainable practices through design
Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Pedro Biz is a design researcher from Rio and PhD student at School of Design Esdi / UERJ, researching Community Waste Management in Favelas. His research is part of Arranjo Local Penha, a network of institutions and residents in favela of Penha, Rio de Janeiro, that work towards food sovereignty through urban farming. Pedro is also working on a project on biodesign, researching kombucha's bacterial cellulose.


Organic waste management in favelas of Rio de Janeiro: collaborative and sustainable practices through design

The research investigates how collaborative and sustainable practices can contribute to the development of an organic waste management articulated by the community itself, by processing the organic waste inside favela, avoiding accumulation and irregular displacement; also, with potential for improvement in urban garden cultivation and income generation from the commercialization of organic fertilizer.  From  mapping initiatives that already manage waste in favelas and through the experience of implementing a composting unit a favela, I intend to establish a theoretical and practical approach based on codesign and design for sustainability, so that designers can engage with communities specifically in the management of organic waste in Rio de Janeiro's favelas. And finally, verify the implementation of a composting unit in the favela of Penha, as part of a bigger project already in progress that deals with food sovereignty in favelas through urban garden and agroecology called Arranjo Local Penha.

When: Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 from 6PM-8PM

Where: Room 410 (sLab) 205 Richmond St. W.

Free! All welcome! Presented by the SFI Program

Venue & Address: 
RM 410 (sLab) 205 Richmond St. W.

Mark Tholen


Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Design

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