Messmates: Call for Artists Submissions

Monday, October 7, 2019 - 1:00pm



"Messmates stands as an idea of a multispecies interconnectivity that makes every organism necessary to one another in their surrounding environs. Messmates are companions – in Latin “cum panis” – who share bread and rely on each other for survival. In the spirit of caring for our messmates, this exhibition is interested in empowering climate justice through an ethical, political, communal and spiritual approach to human relationships with the earth, and all forms of organic life. It seeks to qualify climate crises through: story and ceremony, land-based and transgenerational knowledge, and embodied and observational understandings of climate and its effects on natural systems.

How might communities care for each other through the intersections of climate justice? What could a world look like that puts empathy, altruism, and cooperation first, rather than share-holders’ wealth and resulting environmental exploitation? What can humanity learn about the need for alliance and harmony within our environments from listening to histories and experiences of adaptation and survival? How can artists help enact, disrupt and infiltrate policy-making surrounding climate change? How might these interventions work to implement long-term change?

Co-curators Michelle Beck and Dana Snow are seeking submissions from artists focused on climate justice, which can manifest as: imagined futures, stories concerning the earth and the tracks we leave on her, and concepts and strategies that help activate and mobilize communities.

Messmates: Call for Artists Submissions poster with details and a photo of clouds