Meghan Hunter-Gauthier at GradEx 2014. Photo by Christina Gapic.
Water Log photos collected by Meghan Hunter Gauthier.

Meghan Hunter-Gauthier’s medal award-winning project Water-Log is an online initiative to collect stories about the industrial past and proposed future of the lakes and rivers surrounding Témiscaming and Kipawa in Quebec. Here’s how she describes it:

Water-Log is an online archival initiative to collect audio-recorded stories, memories and sentiments about the lakes and rivers that surround the area of Témiscmaing and Kipawa, Quebec. The project functions as a space for contemplation and reminiscence about history of these territories, by way of personal stories told by their residents.

What inspired you and motivated you to do this project?

The community I am from has held a prominent place in the logging industry for decades. Natural resource consuming industries are blatantly familiar to Témiscaming and Kipawa — they are a fact of modern life and a source of livelihood, whether it be logging or mining. I am not saying that I condone all of the processes involved, but I acknowledge that I benefit from them and thus there is hypocrisy inherent in protesting them.

There is a trade off for everything our species does to the earth. A desire to frame this trade off and question it is what ultimately inspired me to develop Water-Log. The project operates as a space for locals to contemplate the region’s social and ecological history. Stories related to water, a prominent part of the ecological landscape, draw connection between the diverse population and the territory. Most importantly, the project functions as an introduction to a complicated conversation about the rural environment, as well as the role and agency of its human population.

What part of the process of creating this project did you learn the most from?

Probably the field work component. The process of collecting the eleven interviews and stories brought me closer to the project and my objectives. Everything became much clearer after that.

What aspect of this project are you the most proud of?

Probably the presence that it’s been able to hold within the context of my home community. I’m ecstatic that the project has been so well received in Témiscaming and Kipawa — it’s motivation for me to expand it in the future!

How did you react to the news that you won a medal for your work?

I was home alone when I found out, so I just stared at my laptop for a while. Then one of my roommates came home. Once I told her, the reality of it all began to sink in. Right after that I started to phone my family — including the ones living out west. I’m sure the ol’ cellphone company loved me that day.    

What’s your fondest memory from your studies at OCAD U, and what will you miss the most?

I’ll miss those moments of walking into a class on the first day of semester expecting it to be just OK, but then having it blow my mind! OCAD U has been filled with these unexpected gems and I’m so thankful for that. I would hate to have gone though university getting exactly what I expected. The unanticipated is so much better  — it requires one to be creative.

What are you planning to do next?

I will be going to Humber College in the fall for a Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration and Cultural Management. It’s the next step towards my career goal, which is to imagine arts projects and programming that are specific to rural communities. I also plan to expand the Water-Log project  —  hopefully with funding next time around (fingers crossed)!  

Find out more about Meghan Hunter-Gauthier

Water-Log // Registre de l’eau


Alumni, faculty named in ARTINFO Canada's 30 Under 30 list

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 4:15pm

Alumna Sky Goodden (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2010), Executive Editor of ARTINFO Canada, has published the organization’s 2014 30 Under 30 list, which includes four OCAD U alumni and one faculty member.

“This year’s list is the product of long thought and good council,” said Goodden. “I’ve had input from 77 curators, artists, academics, collectors, gallerists, and writers nationwide, on the matter to hand.”

Included among this year’s selections are alumni Stefan Hancherow (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2013), Meryl McMaster (BFA, Photography 2010), Mary MacDonald, (MFA, Criticism & Curatorial Practice, 2012) and Caoimhe Morgan-Feir (MA, Contemporary Art History, 2012) as well as Faculty of Art Instructor Francisco-Fernando Granados.

See the full slideshow of ARTINFO Canada’s 30 Under 30 subjects.

Fever Dreams: New Photographic Works by Laura-Lynn Petrick

Fever Dreams: New Photographic Works by Laura-Lynn Petrick
Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 4:00am to Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 4:00am

Opening Reception:
August 22, 8 p.m. to midnight

Curated by Shauna Jean Doherty

Fever Dreams is an exhibition of new works by photographer Laura-Lynn Petrick. A collection of unedited 35mm photographs that document this summer; a kaleidoscope of sun-soaked crystal visions, abstract landscapes and intimate portraits.

Wrought with deceptive light sources, Laura-Lynn's images are as mystical as they are sublime. This artists work seems to occupy a space between photography and painting, creating optical impossibilities through the developing process. This collection captures coincidental moments of transcendence, expressed through a blurred spectrum of colour. Its vibrant hues and washed out yellows seem to imply the possibility of another world.

Fever Dreams is an intimate investigation into the personal and chance encounters of this young photographer, seen through the lens of an analogue camera.

Curated by Criticism & Curatorial Practice graduate student Shauna Jean Doherty.




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November 28:
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