Angel Ho's Tactilight featured on Daily Planet

Daily Planet host Dan Riskin with Angel Ho, OCAD U alumna
Friday, February 10, 2017

MAAD alumna Angel Ho brought her fascinating Tactilight to the set of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show on February 8th. The unique and mesmerizing lamp started out as Ho’s thesis project: LED lights embedded into handmade paper that reacts to the user’s manipulations. The latest iteration is made of durable Tyvek which is used in construction as a building envelope.  

Ho has been chosen to represent OCAD University at the upcoming One of a Kind Show's Craft Community of Canada. This section celebrates the educational institutions and organizations in the art and craft community that teach, foster talent, grant opportunities and increase exposure of uniquely talented artists and artisans.




Ball made of pleated paper that expands and contracts, with lights inside