Building a better Diabetes app

Mudassir Iqbal noticed his Diabetic father was keeping track of his glucose levels on pieces of paper. “We need to find a better solution,” says Iqbal. “We need something on the market that’s as easy to use and efficient as a pen and paper.”

So, Iqbal and two other OCAD U third year Digital Futures students Parth Soni and Sally Luc created an app called Diose. 

Diose is an app to help people better monitor and manage their diabetes. The team looked at other tools and apps and discovered they weren’t easy to use or intuitively designed. 

The team is also working toward creating a Bluetooth glucometer that syncs with the app and adding games to lessen the daily tedium of measuring glucose levels.

The app started as a Digital Futures class project but the team expanded it to develop their app-making skills. The app has finished Beta version and the team hopes to make it available on the App Store by summer, 2016. 

OCAD U Digital Futures students Parth Soni, Sally Luc and Madassir Iqbal
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