Writing Across the Curriculum Roundtable

Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 12:00pm

Title: Scaffolding Undergraduate Creative Experiential Learning: Effective Practices and Lessons Learned from a First-year Design Studio.

Presenters: Saskia van Kampen, FoD


This presentation will examine how the use of scaffolded assignments helped students adapt to new ways of learning and making. These assignments incorporate writing across the curriculum theory (WAC) and strategies for student learning. An important issue that this research raises is that creative processes are not chronological—they vary depending on the assignment and the individual student. This creates a variety of challenges that need to be addressed in advance of or during an assignment that is scaffolded. The central question focusing this research is: Can creative design processes, so unique to individuals, be scaffolded and if so how?

Venue & Address: 
Writing & Learning Centre Room 512 113 McCaul
WAC Roundtable March 22