Illustration students are selected for publication in 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 16

by Christian Piasentin
by Camilia Teodoro
by Mathieu Larone
by Lily Snowden-Fine
by Amanda Arlotta
Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 6:15am


Christian Piasentin “Empty Head"



Amanda Arlotta “Fame” (SERIES MERIT)

Amanda Arlotta “Beyoncé”

Amanda Arlotta “Lady Gaga”

Camilla Teodoro “Toy Soldiers”

Camilla Teodoro “Sale Day”

Lily Snowden-Fine “Ship in a Bottle”

Lily Snowden-Fine “E.Y. Endicott”

Lily Snowden-Fine “By the Fire”

Mathieu Larone “The Gulp Sessions”

Xulin Wang “Uprooted”

Deloris Chen “Zebra”

Salwa Majoka “Inner Turmoil”

Xinyu Ding

Christian Piasentin

Julia Pereira

Chris Tu



Nathan Devlin “And So He Lies Awake”

Adam de Souza “Limited Adult Supervision”

Varvara Nedilska “Family Pet”

Varvara Nedilska “Creeper”

Reginald Balanga "Summer of 1976: The Heatwave that Gave Birth to British Punk”

Reginald Balanga "H.H. Holmes & His Murder Castl

Dongzhu Yang "The White Ribbon”

Melanie Yan “Utopia"

Deloris Chen “The Portrait”

Hyunsun Park “Girls Do Everything”

Salwa Majoka “Clichés”

Camille Dumaine

Skylar Dunk

Lixiyue Yan


3x3 is the first publication devoted entirely to the art of contemporary illustration, published in the United States and distributed worldwide.


Congratulations to everyone!




Illustrations by:

Christian Piasentin “Empty Head”; Camilla Teodoro “Sale Day”; Mathieu Larone “The Gulp Sessions”; Lily Snowden-Fine “E.Y. Endicott"


New York's Society of Illustration Exhibition -- OCAD U Illustration Winners!

Mary Kirkpatrick
Varvara Nedilska
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 12:00pm to Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 5:00pm

OCAD U Illustration students have won two of the top cash-prize scholarships!


The winning images were selected from 8,700 entries submitted by American and Canadian universities by a jury of renowned art directors and illustrators.

Congratulations to Mary Kirkpatrick (illustration showing), Varvara Nedilska (illustration showing), Salwa Majoka, Eryn Lougheed, Camila Teodoro, and Hannah Frandsen! And congratulations, faculty!


The exhibit runs May 7 - June 8 at the Museum of American Illustration. Awards Ceremony and
Reception: May 10, 2019.


Title: A Vision of Yellow Foxgloves

Student: Mary Kirkpatrick

Medium: gouache, acrylic and pencil on panel

Instructor: Jon Todd

$4000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award


Title: Family Pet

Student: Varvara Nedilska

Medium: Watercolor, ink, digital

Instructor: Jody Hewgill

$3000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award


Title: Clouded Leopard

Student: Salwa Majoka

Medium: Digital

Instructor: Jody Hewgill


Title: Spider Pox Takes the Island

Student: Eryn Lougheed

Medium: Acrylic and gouache on wood panel

Instructor: Jon Todd


Title: Sale Day

Student: Camila Teodoro

Medium: Gouache

Instructor: Jody Hewgill


Title: Toy Soldiers

Student: Camila Teodoro

Medium: Gouache

Instructor: Chris Kuzma


Title: Nostalgia

Student: Hannah Frandsen

Medium: Acrylic on gesso board

Instructor: Adrian Forrow



Venue & Address: 
The Museum of American Illustration
Digital Screen: 

3x3 Magazine has awarded GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE all to OCAD U Illustration students!

illustration by Toko Hosoya (2nd year)
Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 7:15am

Great news!


3x3 Magazine has awarded GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE all to OCAD University Illustration students! 


Additionally, 6 other OCADU pieces were awarded HONORABLE MENTION or MERIT. All will be published in 3x3’s No. 15 Annual.


Also, 4 illustrations from OCADU students were selected for Creative Quarterly 52.


This brings our current tally of 2017/18 student awards to a record 57!


Congratulations to our 3x3 winners!


Lily Snowden-Fine (3rd yr)

GOLD Couple in a Hotel Lobby 

BRONZE Race to the Train 



Mia November (2nd yr)

SILVER Summer 1959 


Toko Hosoya (2nd yr)

HONORABLE MENTION Honne (image above)


Lisa Kim (2nd yr)

MERIT Pisces

MERIT Shoe Laces


Jisu Lee (4th yr)

MERIT Relativity


Adam de Souza (4th yr)

MERIT  Black Friday Super Sale


And congratulations to our Creative Quarterly winners, Hannah Kim (3rd yr), Jinke Wang (4th yr), Amanda Arlotta (4th yr) and Olivia Di Gregorio (4th yr).


3x3 is the first publication devoted entirely to the art of contemporary illustration. Published in the United States and distributed worldwide, its sole interest is in sharing what’s shaping international illustration. Creative Quarterly is an international journal focussing on promoting the work of the creative community.





OCAD U Students in Creative Quarterly 50

house guests
Monday, December 4, 2017 - 7:15am

Illustration: Student

Sarah Mason


Illustration: Student Runner Up

Sarah Mason, currently in her 3rd year in the Illustration program

Cameron Miller


Fine Art: Student

Olivia Di Gregorio, now in her 4th year, but her work was from 3rd year. Congrats!


Creative Quarterly's journals represent current work in graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art.

Their year-end juried competition selects the top 100 entries from the year. Winners are exhibited in a New York gallery.


For a full list of winners