TALKxTALK Presents Lawrence Alverez

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Thursday, November 26, 2015 - 4:00pm

Lawrence Alvarez is the co-founder of the Toronto Tool Library, a membership based service that give Torontonians access to hundreds of tools in locations across the city ranging from band saws to laser cutters. He is also the president of the Institute for a Resource-Based Economy, an organization founded on challenging people’s perceptions of ownership and our relationship to the Earth’s resources.

Through his experience with the Toronto Tool Library, a community tool sharing program, Lawrence will speak from experience on the logic of collaboration and access over ownership. With 3 locations opened in just over 2 years, and having completed over 20,000 successful tool loans, the tool library is an example of a project that maximizes the potential of the invested energy and resources within our single-use items, while releasing members from the burden of ownership.

On a planet with finite resources it makes sense to wisely use our irreplaceable ground-gifts while keeping the longevity of our collective human family in mind.

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100 McCaul, room 656