Dr. Peter Jones, chapter publications

Monday, November 13, 2017 - 11:15am


Jones, P.H. (2017). Social Ecologies of Flourishing: Designing Conditions that Sustain Culture. In A. Skjerven & J.B. Reitan, (Eds.) Design for a Sustainable Culture: Perspectives, Practices and Education. London: Routledge.


Jones, P.H. (2017). Soft Service Design outside the Envelope of Healthcare. In E. Tsekleves & R. Cooper, (Eds.), Design for Health. London: Routledge.


An  important fact: it is rare that a design-only artilce is in a medical journal. Peter Jones with co-authors S. Shakdher & P. Singh (OCAD U students).

Jones, P.H., Shakdher, S. & Singh, P. (2017). Synthesis maps: visual knowledge translation for the CanIMPACT clinical system and patient cancer journeys. Current Oncology, 24 (2).