Keillor MacLeod

Digital Foliage is an exploration in different ways of interacting with connected technology in the home.

Nicola Birtch is an add on feature for music streaming servies like Spotify.

Using affective sensing technology, like wearables and smart objects, devices can detect our mood from physiological signals. incorporates your emotional experience and response to curate and compose music. 


david mccuaig

Platr questions when we bring our food from home, why do we still out from a box?. Platr is a on the go food container that is designed to envoke feelings of home. Its form ressembles that of a plate so no matter where you are, you have a beautiful surface to enjoy and transport your food.

Geoffrey Chan

The Nikelab Sustainable Apparel project tackles the environmental and ethical problems that come with the apparel industry. 10.5 million tons of clothing go to landfills every year in North America alone. With the increase in waste reduction and sustainable material options, products made of currently existing waste are an untouched opportunity. The project aims to take unwanted apparel items and inject value into them by redesigning and reconstructing them, creating a new life for them.


Daniel Koehler

Steadfast is a motivation ecosystem, that embraces collective motivation methods, and education in an entertaining way. "Players" will have the opportunity to sign up for courses that are designed under the aspect of health and fitness. In another feature, they will internalize those skills, through group activities and group practice sessions. Finally, users will be able to apply the lessons learned and actually benefit from them. Competitions will serve as an opportunity to win cash prizes and signature gear.

Samantha Yin

Traveling alone in the city as a female can be insecure and dangerous. There are many cases of assault and theft specifically targeted towards females. My project aim is to provide emotional security, empowerment and safety to females in the city. The intention of the product is to provide the user the ability to protect themselves emotionally and physically.

Victor Lam

Nowadays smartphones are essential in our daily lives, and within that small device, it packs with lots of great features, such as fingerprint sensor, ultra-high definition display, voice and facial recognition, and with an amazing built quality. It has become a common practice for people to shoot and share on social media with their smartphones wherever they go; despite the high performance of the camera, we still have not fully made use of its full potential.

Richard Revie


Grand Opening of Six Nations Dajoh or Youth and Elders Centre

Thursday, September 29, 2016 - 6:00pm

Designed by Colleen Reid, Architect, Associate Dean, Faculty of Design, the 17,000 sf Six Nations Youth & Elders Centre design has been developed to reinforce the support of youth and elder needs for recreation within the context of the overall Six Nations community culture, the creation of spaces that support the positive interaction of all community members and guests, and the reflection of and respect for the rich history of Six Nations.

The project provides space for community, particularly youth and elder, events and drop in, as well as a full gymnasium, meeting rooms and support offices.

This new centre is part of a thriving community facility which ties into a community centre and arena.

Venue & Address: 
4th Line Road, Ohsweken, Six Nations, Ontario