OCAD U Poetry Slam

Friday, November 22, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

The OCAD U Poetry Society presents our first poetry slam. This event will determine the team that represents OCAD U at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) at Virginia Commonwealth University (April 15 to 18, 2020).

Interested poets would need 3 poems each under 3 minutes. 

To register and for more information please email ocadupoetrysociety@gmail.com

The OCAD U Poetry Society is a collective of students from all backgrounds and writing levels who gather to discuss, collaborate and experiment with poetic forms. They facilitate workshops, performances and outings. The Society is also responsible for creating and facilitating the OCAD U Poetry Slam Team which will compete at The College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI), an annual Poetry Slam tournament put on by the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) in which teams of four or five college students from different colleges and universities compete against each other in the United States. The society is mentored by Professors Ian Keteku and Lillian Allen.


Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone, 113 McCaul Street (or access via 122 St. Patrick Street), Level 1
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Button Making Party

Floating, glowing hand drawn letters with the text "Button making party"
Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Drop by to draw, collage or bring a printed button design to make into a 1.5" button/pin/badge/fun thing! We'll have drawing and collage supplies available, or you're welcome to bring your own to craft a truly unique accessory. Pins can be a powerful communication tool - express your politics, your aesthetic, your fandoms for the world to see.

This event hopes to create a fun opportunity for students to get together and create while also raising some money for Zine Library and Learning Zone programming, including material and snack costs for the many free workshops and events that we offer. Participation is Pay What You Can (PWYC) and everything contributed will go directly back to our student community! 


Venue & Address: 
Lobby of 100 McCaul Street
Pay what you can (PWYC)

Introduction to Self Publishing

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Join us in the OCAD U Library's Learning Zone for a basic introduction to self publishing!


Whether you’ve never made a zine or if you’re a seasoned self-publisher looking for more options, this workshop will help outline the possibilities of self-publishing, big and small. This introduction to self-publishing will share skills and suggestions in planning your publication, choosing a production method and setting a reasonable price for your work. Open to all current OCAD U students.

Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone, 122 St. Patrick Street, Level 1. Also accessible from 113 McCaul Street.
416-977-6000 ext.2529
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Talking Wellness OCAD U! Exhibition

A speech bubble with text about how wellness at OCAD U could be improved
Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 9:00am to Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 6:00pm

Art and Design Education (ADEL): Community has been investigating various concerns around how we might achieve a healthier art and design education community at OCAD U. We have taken this up through personal observation and in conversation with the staff at the Health and Wellness Centre. Our intention has been not to suggest definitive policy changes nor do a rigourous quantitative research but rather to explore, as artists, through personal discovery and dialogue, what we might envision as an ideal – or even imaginary – healthy community for those who study, teach and work in art and design at OCAD U. This exhibition presents creative voices in declamatory dialogic as they imagine a healthy thriving community for OCAD U.

Please join us to celebrate and feast at the opening reception, November 28th at 2pm. 

Artists/Researchers: Jerad Beauregard, Rhys Castro, Tara Clews, Tania Costa, Hana Elmisry, Zen Huang, Cori Jin, Nataly Kais, Angie Ma, Kaylee Meyer, Kais Padamshi, Cleopatria Peterson, Ariella Polisuk, Sam Young

Project Co-facilitators: Tal Sofia Braniss, Marta Chudolinska, Pam Patterson, and Robyn Shaw.

Thank you to Vladimir Spicanovic, Dean, FoA for providing assistance for mounting this exhibition, Marta Chudolinska and the Learning Zone for encouragement and direction, and Amanda Hotrum and Cathy Cappon, ODESI, for resources and support.

A special thank you to the Health and Wellness Centre (HWC) OCAD U for partnering with ADEL artists/researchers and providing goodies: Robyn Shaw, for taking on the role of one of the project facilitators who, with Courtney Ward, Nathan Klaehn, Alanna Fletcher, Tamara Aleong, Alex McLaren, Sarah Cree, Kaitlyn Young, met in many one-on-one conversations with students, and to the HWC administrator, Gloria Han for co-ordinating all these meetings.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD U Learning Zone, 113 McCaul Street, Level 1 Also accessible from 122 St. Patrick Street

Spider Plant Propagation/ grOCAD meeting!

A photograph of a hydroponic garden system built from horizontal pipes on a wooden triangle frame, growing with lush plants
Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 12:45pm

Come out to learn and get your hands dirty at our next meeting! Open to any and all in the OCAD community (student, faculty, staff, taking a year off), whether you're part of the grOCAD student group or not... yet ;)


To match the spookiest day of the year, we'll be propagating spider plants! Sadly, there's nothing all that scary about these air-purifying plants other than how easy they are to grow and how adaptable they are to various light conditions. We'll be trimming and potting baby plants as well as dividing adult plants that have grown so large their roots are choking our watering system.


We'll also take the opportunity to chat about grOCAD projects we are hoping to accomplish this year. At our last meeting, we talked about adding more greenery to the student lounge on the second floor of 100 McCaul and various workshops we could offer. Bring your ideas of how to move these projects forward and how you may want to be involved, or come simply for the plant love!

Venue & Address: 
OCAD U Learning Zone, 113 McCaul, Level 1 (also accessible from 113 McCaul Street)

Cooking Club - Pizza Edition! Facilitated by the Health & Wellness Centre

Friday, October 5, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Interested in learning how to cook a budget-friendly, simple, and nutritious meal?  Do you like FREE FOOD? Then join us for COOKING CLUB on Friday October 5 from 1-4pm!  Cooking Club will take place in Lambert Lounge (100 McCaul, room 187). All food and equipment will be provided. We encourage students to bring their own reusable bottles/cups to drink from as well as reusable containers, in case there is pizza available to bring home.

Connect with our nurse Sarah to RSVP or to ask any questions at scree@ocadu.ca. This event is open to all OCAD U students.

Fall Cooking Club dates: October 5, November 9, December 7

Logo design by  Pauline Aksay

Venue & Address: 
100 McCaul, room 187 (Lambert Lounge)
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On the left, a drawing of a person having an idea represented by a lightbulb. On the right, the same person shares the idea
Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 9:00am to Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 10:00pm

If you KNOW something, TEACH something!

The OCAD U Student body is filled with people with amazing skills and knowledge! We’re looking for current OCAD U students interested in sharing their skills by leading a creative art or design workshop for fellow students.


Apply to facilitate a workshop on: 

  • A studio technique or method
  • A piece of software that you find particularly useful  
  • Another skill essential to your art or design practice


Selected facilitators will earn an honorarium of $100, as well as a budget for materials (up to $40). Workshops should be around 2 hours long and include a hands-on component, so that attendees can get a chance to experience and practice new skills. Workshops will be held in the OCAD U Library’s Learning Zone at 113 McCaul Street between January 28th - February 15th 2019, and will be open to all students at OCAD U. 


Application process: 

Please submit a completed copy of this workshop proposal to Marta Chudolinska, Learning Zone Librarian, at mchudolinska@ocadu.ca by January 6th, 2019. Download the Workshop Proposal template file available on this page.


This workshop series is supported by funding Ontario Postsecondary Access and Inclusion Program (OPAIP).

Venue & Address: 
113 McCaul Street, Level 1 Also accessible from 122 St. Patrick Street
416-977-6000 ext. 2529
A poster which includes the promotional image and the same text as the event description

Call for Applications: OCAD U Artist Alley

Friday, July 6, 2018 - 1:30pm to Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 11:45pm

This student-run event will be held in Butterfield Park on the first day of classes (Wednesday, September 5, 11 AM to 5 PM), as part of O-DAYS! 2018.

We would like to showcase talent from current OCAD U students and alumni across all programs so every art form is welcome!

Free to both apply and table! Deadline to apply is July 31.

If you want to volunteer or have questions about this student-run initiative, please email ocadartistalley@gmail.com

Artist Applications: https://goo.gl/forms/v7eZSr5ZnfP1HYFX2 ✦

✦ FAQs ✦

Q: Who can apply? 
A: Any current OCAD U student or alumni. Please note we are not accepting applications from incoming first years. 

Q: How many artists are you accepting?
A: We currently have space for around 20 artists in Butterfield park. If there is a high volume of applicants, we will look to increasing the venue space. 

Q: What are we allowed to sell? 
A: Anything that you have made! This includes: prints, posters, stickers, paintings, merchandise, sculptures, jewelry, fashion, zines, and more! Fanart and original art both allowed. 

Q: I'm a Sculpture major, but I also make stamps and prints! Can I sell those? 
A: Yes! Please don't feel restricted by what your major is at all; we only ask for your program out of interest. 

Q: What if we have class or other commitments in the middle of the event?
A: Please try to find a friend to watch your table for you while you are away. If you are selected and need help finding someone, get in touch with us right away. Please note that you should be here prior to 11 for set-up and clean-up will start at 5. 

Q: How big are the tables?
They are 29 by 30 by 72 inches (H x W x L).

Q: Will there be food or refreshments?
A: We will have small snacks and water available but it would be a good idea to pack a lunch beforehand, or arrange to have lunch delivered. 

Q: Is this event happening rain or shine? 
A: The short answer is yes, but the event time may be shortened. While this is an outdoors event, the majority of the space is sheltered by the Sharp Center for Design. 

Q: Who is running this event?
A: This event is organized and run by students at OCAD, sponsored by OCAD U Campus Life, as part of O-DAYS! 2018. 

Please note you will be responsible for handling your own cash and transactions. OCAD U is not responsible for any lost or damaged property.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD University Butterfield Park (Wednesday, September 5 / 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.) 100 McCaul Street
OCAD Artist Alley

Congratulations to Hoi Yi (Suki) Lai on winning the 2018 Saul Bell Design Award

Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 11:00am

The award is given to designers under the age of 22 for a piece of finished wearable jewellery adornment fabricated by them. The Saul Bell Design Awards are given to recognize "distinction in jewellery design" internationally and are named for Saul Bell, founder of Rio Grande, one of the largest worldwide suppliers in the jewellery industry.


See Suki's piece "Courage" here: http://www.saulbellaward.com/2018-emerging-artist-22-years-of-age-or-younger

An interview with Suki here: http://www.saulbellaward.com/2018-hoi-yi-lai

A video with the 2018 winners: http://www.saulbellaward.com/2018-saul-bell-design-award-video




VERNACULAR: Weekly Meetings

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Weekly meetings are held Thursdays in the Learning Zone!
3:00 to 4:30 PM

Thursday, October 26
Thursday, November 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Vernacular is a creative writing and publishing collective dedicated to poetry and other experimental approaches to language. We meet to share prompts and new works, and to develop our language-based practices. Curated works will be distributed through periodic publications, podcasts and events. By fostering a community of writers, speakers and signers, Vernacular provides a platform for creative linguistic agency and innovation. See this and other student-run groups at www.ocadu.ca/studentgroups

Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone 113 McCaul Street (Level 1) or enter through 122 St. Patrick Street
Vernacular graphic