Industrial Design Students win awards at the Toronto Design Festival

The Naloxone Storage Unit
Instructors Stool
Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 12:00pm

Design for Health 3rd Year undergraduate course:

2 Design line awards and 2 Herman Miller Jurors choice awards:


Third-year undergraduate industrial design students at OCAD University at Toronto Design Offsite exhibit, Designing For Health, Wellness, Action And Destigmatization


1. Designlines Award & Herman Miller Juror’s Choice Award & covered in Now Magazine:

"The Naloxone Storage Unit":  A first aid response kit for Naloxone storage that helps restaurants and bars to assist trained and untrained bystanders such as bar staff and guests with providing first aid for Opioid overdose emergencies.

3rd Year ID Studio 4: Design for Health & Wellness (core studio)

ID Students: Madeleine Bailey, Winnie Chen and Yifei Li

Instructor: Wesley Chau (Sessional)

Subject Matter Expert: Ruby Sniderman

Curriculum development & course lead: Lecturer Wesley Chau, Associate Professor & Program chair Angelika Seeschaaf-Veres, Associate Professor Dr. Kate Sellen

Exhibition curation: Assistant Professor Beverly Dywan (CLTA)

NOW magazine article by Samatha Edwards (January 21st 2018): What if life-saving naloxone kits were accessible in public spaces?

OCAD University design students have created a series of prototypes that would allow untrained bystanders to respond to an overdose & Graduate Design for Health student work for a “ how-to–guide” for a Pop-up safe injection site using Toronto’s Moss Park as case study.


2. Title: Instructors stool

A stool for instructors in a school with mental and physical challenges, to support diverse tasks and postures and provide storage. It allows them to move freely and smoothly without tipping and has a feature to rest their iPad behind the backrest to ease communication. The sides of the stool also serve as a drum to promote play and rhythm.

ID Students: Raymond Fong, Ramon Ruiz and Guillaume Roy

Instructor: Assistant Professor Ranee Lee

Principal investigator, Curriculum development & course lead: Associate Professor & Program chair Angelika Seeschaaf-Veres

Exhibition curation: Assistant Professor Beverly Dywan (CLTA)


3. Designlines award:

OCAD U x YSM (Regent Park): Elevation through creative collaboration

2rd Year ID Studio 2: Identity materialized –Design for Social change (core studio)

Title: Reversible Canadian winter shawl

ID Students: Aylin Ezurumluoglu

Instructor:  Assistant Professor Beverley Dywan (CLTA)

Subject Matter experts: Regent Park Creative Woman Collective & Young Street Mission

Curriculum development & course lead & exhibition curation: Assistant Professor Ranee Lee


4. OFF COURSE – work in progress by OCAD U Industrial Design and graphic design 4th year Bachelor of Design students


Students from the Industrial Design and Graphic Design programs at OCAD University are featuring their self-authored work in progress through print, prototypes, and full scale models. The projects raise questions and respond to global issues through visual, physical, and interactive outcomes.

Herman Miller juror’s choice award for

4h Year ID Studio 6: Major design Project (core studio)

Title: “Don’t tell me to smile “ Creating collective responsibility through design for harassment in public places

ID Student: Liz Durden

Instructors & Curators: Assitant Professor Koby Barhad (CLTA) & Associate Professor Angelika Seeschaaf Veres


4 Designlines awards for Tables, chairs and other unrelated objects 7:

Exhibition was curated by ID 4th year student Ellie Oram-O’donnell


5. At Daniels Spectrum

Title: TBT: Still Life 

Student: Thomas Kim (ID 3rd year)

Design Furniture 1 - Fall 2017 

Instructors: Professor Gord Peteran & Furniture construction: Professor Ted Hunter


6. Title: “Hamaca”

Pablo Muños  (ID 4th year)

Design Furniture 1 - Spring 2017 

Instructors: Professor Gord Peteran & Furniture construction: Professor Ted Hunter


7. at Ignite Gallery 

Title: The London Coat Stand 

Payvar Sazesh (ID 4th year)

Furniture 2 class spring 2017 with project client as Umbra. 

Instructor: Kirsten White (Sessional)