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Footprints of the Rouge depicts the important connections experienced during Margaret Cornell Kirk's time as Photographer-in-Residence at Rouge National Urban Park.
Graduates entering the workforce simply must have the skills necessary to thrive in an economy balancing human needs and technological change
As part of the OCADU and Ontario Tech (UOIT) Digital Human Experience initiatives, please be aware of the upcoming VRTO development workshop on designing VR experiences.
The province’s leading universities focused on technology and design have teamed up to forge a new model for the delivery of post-secondary education in Ontario: together OCAD U and Ontario Tech University will develop dynamic new ways of learning, curriculum, programs and research capacities.
Inclusive Design student exploring VR prototype
The primary aim of this project is to use consumer-level virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies and other existing remote learning tools to include remotely located students in hands-on design prototyping.
Professor Veronika Szkudlarek (OCADU) teaches a materials workshop for participants to explore painting and sculpture before fur
Students from OCAD U and Ontario Tech University had a unique opportunity to collaborate in a virtual reality design workshop at VRTO – The Virtual and Augmented Reality World Conference and Expo (June 1 to 3, 2019). In addition to student attendees at the workshop, the event included joint OCAD U and Ontario Tech teams of students facilitating, and in some cases leading, sessions. Participants were invited to “jump into the digital human experience,” with no prior experience required. All that was needed was a “willingness to learn and an interest in VR.”
ontechu + ocadu partnership
Employers now have a single touchpoint to draw on the talent pools at both OCAD U and Ontario Tech University. OCAD U’s Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers and Ontario Tech’s Career Centre have joined forces to meet the advanced needs of recruiters and collaborators. This uniquely coordinated approach between institutions means they can offer the opportunity to have one conversation about the full scope of employers’ needs, giving them access to the broadest possible range of talent solutions
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