Drawing experienced artists and designers from around the world, encouraging them to investigate and produce works.

"title:______________" (to be defined by you)

Friday, June 21, 2019 - 5:00pm


Venue & Address: 
OCAD U Graduate Gallery 205 Richmond St. W.

Toronto City Centre

Womanifesto Toronto City Centre Logo
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:15pm

Part of a two-year research project out of OCAD University that is looking at how we as citizens can make change happen to build community and turn forgotten places into vibrant spaces in Toronto. How can design and art support community-based placemaking? This workshop will focus on Toronto City Centre and is proudly supported by Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam from Ward 13.

Confirmed guest story tellers:
Sean Lee, Director of Programming of Tangled Art + Disability.
Jay Wall. Principal & Creative Director of Rally Rally.

Venue & Address: 
Committee Room 1 2nd floor of Toronto City Hall A Street Reception
FREE and open to the public. snacks and refreshments will be provided.
Womanifesto information flyer

Sha Hwang, in conversation

Sha Hwang
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Sha is the COO and a co-founder of Nava, a public benefit corporation formed during efforts to help fix HealthCare.gov. Nava partners with government agencies to improve critical public services, and now works across several projects in the US on programs including Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, and SNAP. Pairing a strong service design and user research centered approach with rigorous experience in building scalable and resilient public infrastructure, Nava has helped tens of millions of people enroll in and manage their benefits, streamlined processes to save decades of labour years, and saved government agencies hundreds of millions of dollars.

An architect by training and an entrepreneur by accident, previous to co-founding Nava Sha worked for clients including the New York Times, Harvard's Library Lab, CNN, Flickr, and Adobe. A frequent speaker, Sha has spoken at events and institutions around the world including the Eyeo Festival, Webstock, The Conference, Visualized, and the White House Datapalooza.

The event is co-presented by the Digital Futures Graduate Program at OCADU and Civic Hall Toronto

Please contact Josh Paglione (jpaglione@ocadu.ca) if you require any accomodations.

Thanks to our community partners:



Venue & Address: 
100 McCaul St. Room 190

someoneEditions-launch-The Birth of Venus

the birth of venus poster
Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Through a masterful subversion of the sources, David R. Carlson recreates the birth of Venus. He does this by referring himself to the original depiction by Hesiod of Venus as born from the dismembered male gods. Carlson takes the original Greek spelling of the Venus’ name, “penis loving” and in the process restores her power. Centuries of misspelling, or misreading of the original spelling as “laughter-loving” gave Venus a "kinder" sort of beauty, obfuscating her power as creator and created. Carlson also brings into the narration of Venus’ birth, elements of the story as told by Ovid and his close contemporaries.

For his part Rei Misiri brings the renewed goddess to life through his own expert marrying of traditional calligraphic techniques, dance movement and street art. His mastery of calligraphic expression at different scales has proven instrumental in the shape and form of the chapbook.

Designed by Deborah Barnett, this exquisitely produced imprint, puts to use traditional letterpress techniques, alongside the latest iterations of digital technology. The type, Mason Sans, designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, is employed for the titling. The text is set in the Absara family of fonts, designed by Xavier Dupré in 2005. The paper is Canaletto Bianco felt for the pages, and vintage Fabriano for the cover. The chapbook is hand sewn in an edition of 52 signed and numbered copies. 

The Birth of Venus, Cock-Swallower comprises the entirety of someone:elements, the defining umbrella for the four elements that make up Someone Editions’ adventure in print making, celebrating water, air, earth, and fire.
The series Editor is Beatriz Hausner.

David R. Carlson is the author of many outstanding publications, including English Humanist Books 1475-1525, Chaucer’s Jobs, scholarly books on John Gower and Thomas Elyot, and a vast and astonishingly diverse body of work in the areas of Book-History and Renaissance printing, including Wyatt, Skelton Barclay, Erasmus and More. Important also in Carlson’s bibliography are his works on Middle English romance and historiography, Anglo-Saxon literature and Late Antique poetry. 

Rei Misiri is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist. Originally from Tirana, Albania he finds in urban art and dance an outlet to embrace his identity. He combines visual art, dance, and film to bridge the gap between street culture and high art. Misiri’s dynamic juxtapositions of traditional calligraphy and contemporary street art have been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Sony Centre For The Performing Arts, the Scope Art Show and the Versace Mansion during Art Basel Miami (2018), and many other institutions. 

Deborah Barnett brings to limited edition chapbook publishing her roots in visual art, her background in professional graphic design and deep expertise in limited edition publishing, where her focus is the exploration of innovative connections: traditional letterpress meets new media. As one of the founders of Dreadnaught, the legendary Canadian letterpress printing collective, Barnett is ideally positioned to make Someone Editions a leader in the field.  Deborah Barnet is a Master’s candidate at OCAD University and College Printer at the John M. Kelly Library.


I hope to see you at the launch! It's free of course, but let us know you're coming!



Venue & Address: 
Graduate Gallery

Congratulations to the GradEx 104 Medal Winners!

GradEx MEda Winners
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - 2:15pm

The creative works of over 800 emerging artists were showcased at the 104th annual GradEx. During opening night festivities, OCAD U Medal Winners were honoured by all attendees, including their families and friends. Congratulations goes out to all exhibitors on a successful show and to the winners of the OCAD U Medal and President's Awards:


Graduate Medal Winners: 

Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design – Philip Sparks

Digital Futures – Kylie Caraway

Strategic Foresight and Innovation – Rachelle Bugeaud

Inclusive Design – Uttara Ghodke

Criticism & Curatorial Practice – Panya Clark Espinal

Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories – Katherine Walker

Design for Health – Molly McGovern

Asia-Global-Cultural-Studies-Forum (AGCSF)  Inaugural Event

Friday, May 17, 2019 - 1:00pm to 6:00pm

The inaugural event

Date: Friday, May 17, 2019

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Venue: 205 Richmond St. West, Room 115

Facilitated by professor Soyang Park (Liberal Studies)

3 tiers of presenters: Students, professors, and professionals

Participatory forum: Presenters, discussants, and the audience

Ongoing forum: regularly from September 2019: open for public submission of ideas: email to: spark@faculty.ocadu.ca.


List of Presentations

Dr. Soyang Park (OCAD U), A Cosmopolitan Remapping of East Asia and the Asia-Global: Notes Towards Asia-Global-Cultural Studies Forum(AGCSF)

Leon Hsu (OCAD U), Reinventing Tradition Beyond Cultural Paradigm: A Brief Discussion of Cai Guo-Qiang’s Pyrotechnic Ephemera Works

Christine Carriere (OCAD U), Returning the Gaze: Contemporary Asian Female Artists Responding to (Techno) Orientalism

Richard Luong (OCAD U), Directing Orientalism: The Scent of Green Papaya (1993)

Jessica Liu (OCAD U), Painting My Own Being in the World, Falling in and out of Past and Contemporary

Christine Li (OCAD U), Manuel Ocampo and Colonial Legacy: Trauma, Multidirectional Memory, and Redemption

Ema Dan (OCAD U),  Idol, Not Celebrity: K-Pop, K-Pop Fans, and their Symbiosis

Yilong Liu (OCADU), Confronting Ambiguity: The Intersection of Racial and Sexual Repression and Marginalisation in Rex vs Singh and Seeking Single White Male

Florence Yee (OCADU), Bad Forgeries Make for Good Originals: A Studio-Research Project into Cantonese-Canadian Issues of Authenticity, Belonging and Diaspora Subjectivities Working with Text-based Art

Yujia Shi (University of Toronto), From One-Child to Two-Child: Understanding Birth Planning Policies in China’s Population Governance

Hannia Cheng(TeaBase), Tea Base: Against the Displacement and Gentrification of Chinatowns


What is Culture

Culture is the shared value system and code of conducts that exist in interconnected and contingent differences across communities, cultures, and nations.

Culture in all its manifestations – conventional, popular, emergent, marginal, and resistant – are constantly shaped by and are (re-)shaping our status quo, ways of thinking, and visions.

Culture is not fixed but constantly shifts through the intersecting influences of politics, economy, populations, migrations, and even environment.

The study of culture is empirical as well as theoretical, and most importantly, it is an interdisciplinary endeavor. The set of questions, analyses, and evaluations it involves itself in interacts with other fields of study such as the study of economy and politics; social studies, ethnic studies; cultural anthropology and media studies; identity, gender, sexuality, class, and ideology studies.


What is a Forum

A gathering place for exchanges of ideas and views. It is also the agora (Greek), a proto-site of democracy.

The ethos of AGCSF:

  • A syncretic forum of all levels of researchers (students, professors, and professionals)
  • Merit- and contents-based (not rank or prestige).
  • No ethnocentric/regional chauvinism or hegemonic nationalism.
  • Cosmopolitanism and exploration of difference and alternative epistemologies.
  • Non-hierarchical organizational model for the promotion of a culture of open discussion.
  • Participatory forum: The participants will consist of the presenters, the discussants, and the audience whose participation is to be equally valued to bring about diverse and multidirectional discussions.
  • The Discussants are an important category of this forum. They are the generators of discussion as well as latent presenters. Those who are interested in presenting are recommended to participate as the discussants first. The discussants – along with the audience – who have previously participated in the forum and substantially contributed to the discussions will be considered with priority as the presenters for the following event.
  • Embodied participation is implied in its growth model based on merit and contribution (rather than on rank or prestige). AGCSF hopes to make this forum truly an intellectually viable place for lively exchange and discussion of ideas and visions, a lively intellectual fora filled with genuine curiosity and openness to different perspectives.
  • Embodied and experiential knowledge: AGCSF values embodied and experiential knowledge, research, and ideas rather than the overly academicized outcomes short of the conductive power to generate grounded and real conversations.
  • ESL students are the most welcome. You are the holders of up-to-date global knowledge. If you have any ideas to share but the only thing that makes you hesitate is your English, please bring a translator or discuss the ideas with us.

*Everyone is welcome to participate in this forum/become a presenter in future events.

*AGCSF does not support any form of ethnocentric or regional chauvinism or hegemonic nationalism unfit for our vision for the future. It solely focuses on promoting cosmopolitan learning and exploration of cultures and multi-directional decolonization.

*AGCSF supports the emergence of other cosmopolitan research groups and fora at OCAD U - based a non-hierarchical and non-exclusionary notion of regional, national, ethnic, and cultural identities.

*For further information: find the “Asia-Global Cultural Studies Forum” (AGCSF) event page  on Facebook.

Or visit our website: https://asiaglobalculturalstudiesforum.wordpress.com

Venue & Address: 
OCAD University, 205 Richmond St. W., Room 115
"AGCSF" in black text on a flat pink background

Artist Talk: Anouk Wipprecht, FASHIONTECH: Rethinking Fashion in the Age of Digitalisation

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 1:00pm

Dutch FashionTech designer Anouk Wipprecht creates designs ahead of her time; combining the latest in science and technology to make fashion an experience that transcends mere appearances. She wants her garments to facilitate and augment the interactions we have with ourselves and our surroundings. Her Spider Dress is a perfect example of this aesthetic, where sensors and moveable arms on the dress help to create a more defined boundary of personal space while employing a fierce style. Partnering up with companies such as Intel, AutoDesk, Google, Arduino, Microsoft, Samsung, Adobe, Adidas, Cirque Du Soleil, Audi, Disney, Swarovski, and 3D printing company Shapeways she researches how our future would look as we continue to embed technology into what we wear, and more importantly – how this will change our perspective on how we will interface with technology.

Lecture will be followed by a short Question and Answer.




Presented by the Digital Futures Graduate Program and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Venue & Address: 
Room 322 (3rd Floor) at 230 Richmond St. W. Toronto, M5V 1V3
The 3D printed Spider Dress by Anouk Wipprecht [Source: Anouk Wipprecht]

Hidden Order

HO thumbnail
HO Heather
Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 5:00pm to 8:00pm

The participating artworks respond to, tackle, or pursue the structural approaches and components of Artificial Nature: a form of computational generative art creating artificial life ecosystems as immersive environments. The exhibition serves as a journal of how each artist brings their own stories in a new journey where they confront, tame, or react to their understanding of computation, natural systems, or immersive finesse.

Venue & Address: 
Graduate Gallery
HO Poster

Inviting the Outside In: Kirstie McCallum, Graduate Exhibition, April 23-30, 2019

Digital poster KM
Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 9:00am to Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 9:00am

The opening reception for  "Inviting the Outside In" takes place on April 25 at the OCAD Graduate Gallery, from 6-9pm. The exhibition itself runs from April 23-30, 2019. 


Kirstie McCallum is an interdisciplinary artist. Her work is process-based, exploring the behavior and expressive qualities of materials that she works with over long periods of time. "Inviting the Outside In" is an installation composed of precarious structures and ephemeral sculptures made from plant-based pigments, wood, plaster, and found objects. By conceptually dislocating elements from "the outdoors" and framing them in the human-centric space the gallery, the exhibition explores the the boundaries of our thinking about the power of human and non-human actions.

Venue & Address: 
Graduate Gallery
KM poster

Agreeable Silence

Agreeable Silence
Monday, April 8, 2019 - 3:00pm to Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 3:00pm




One of the most challenging processes that migrants go through is adapting to the sociocultural values of the destination country. Fear of not integrating into the new society causes many migrants to conceal important aspects of their selves. This form of self-censorship paradoxically enables the individuals to integrate or to remain integrated into the adopted society. I believe silence is one of the most common practices of self-censorship among migrant women; they remain silent in order to protect themselves from any risk of social harm and to avoid being misunderstood by others. In many cases, the natives of the adopted country interpret migrant women’s silence as a sign of agreement, and they choose to accept it as such in order to avoid tension. While self-censorship seems a harmless means of adaptation, this suppression can cause lingering psychological effects.

Agreeable Silence is a reflection of my personal experience, as well as my theoretical and visual investigation. The goal is to express the multilayered intrapsychological issues that migrant women face when they practice self-censorship, and to emphasize that while the moments of self-censorship may seem mundane at the time, the mental and emotional effects, such as depression, never part from its practitioners.



Lida Shanehchiyan is an Iranian-Canadian interdisciplinary artist and designer who started her formal artistic practice at the age of fifteen by attending a renowned art school Azadegan in Tehran. Later, she achieved Bachelor degree in graphic design from Azad University of Tehran and worked as a graphic designer and art director for well-known design agencies a few years before her migration to Canada. In 2006, Lida moved to Toronto and studied Master of Design (MDes) at York University. Since then, she has worked as a visual artist/designer and researcher with institutions such as OISI University of Toronto, Learning Technologies at Ryerson University, BMO and CIBC. Lida has received media recognition by BBC Persian and Now Magazine, etc. for her outstanding artworks.


Lida’s interests lie in such areas as thinking toward complex human problems such as gender issues related to socio-psychological matters which is reflected in her artistic practice including her MDes thesis “Contradiction and Paradoxes: Political Censorship and Visual Representation of Images of Women in Contemporary Iran” (2009), Her collaborative work with Political Prisoner Project with Dr. Shahrzad Mojab at OISI (2009 – present), and her current MFA thesis “Depression Behind the Agreeable Silence: Women, Migration and Self-Censorship”(2019).


Venue & Address: 
Graduate Gallery