Photo of Anda Kubis
Photo of Anda Kubis
Anda Kubis
Associate Dean
Faculty of Art, Graduate Studies


Digital technologies have fundamentally changed every aspect of how we work today. As a contemporary artist and educator it is incumbent upon me to challenge my artistic practice by employing the newest tools available. This is an experimental process yet not an original nor isolated one. I am collaborating with a global artistic community that is pushing forward and adapting to the changes that these new technologies present. I approach all of my work as an abstract painter. I do not draw but I push and pull the visual space of the painted picture plane around to find its composition with colour and brushwork. This I do with oil paint on canvas, or now, within the virtual space of a computer. As a painter, I am an experienced colourist and very committed to material practice. Yet due to recent advances in digital imaging software, that rather seamlessly mimic the process of painting, I also use a variety of digital brushstrokes, layers, and opacities to achieve the rich glazed colour relations found in my oil paintings. With digital painting I feel that I have achieved new compositional possibilities. My work is more exuberant and complex due to the speed and control I have within the digital process. This in turn has challenged my oil painting. My practice has become more fluid. For example, in one day, I can work in oil on canvas, in the computer on a digital painting, paint with acrylic into my digital paintings on canvas, or work with an industrial manufacturer to plan a digital painting printed on glass. The mind, the hand and the eye must be adaptable these days. It's the aesthetic and conceptual approach that remains constant. Through these seemingly divergent processes I am attempting to reconcile the dualistic world in which we live "that of the material and the virtual. There is, of course, no definitive conclusion but a vibrant practice that engages new creative possibilities to push the imagination beyond established boundaries.


BFA Nova Scotia College of Art and Design MFA York University

Professional Experience

Anda Kubis was born in Toronto, Canada where she first studied art at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She completed a BFA at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax in 1986 and returned to Toronto for an MFA, graduating from York University in 1992. She has taught at York University and at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta. Currently, at OCAD University, Anda is Associate Dean of Innovation and Outreach in the Faculty of Art. In her teaching, Anda specializes in studio courses that emphasize the painting process with a contemporary critical perspective. Her own research interests are devoted to expanding her painting process technologically and materially while considering the implications of aesthetics upon positive human flourishing. Anda Kubis is represented in Canada by p|m Gallery in Toronto, Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art in Calgary, Elissa Cristall Gallery in Vancouver and in Sweden by Galleri Tapper-Popermajer. Numerous public and private collections have acquired her work including, RBC: Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal, Cenovus Energy and Aimia.