Image by Johanna Housholder
Image by Johanna Housholder
April Hickox
Associate Professor
Faculty of Art

Area(s) of Expertise

Contemporary Photography, Sequence and text, Digital Photography and Video


April Hickox is a lens-based artist, teacher and independent curator who lives on the Toronto Islands. Over the course of over 35 years, she has made images that reflect the natural world, through which I hope to transport the viewer to a place they may have been and is perhaps familiar. Through lens-based explorations of site and place, she investigate collective histories embedded in the landscape. Observe tracts of land that have escaped development, or areas that are in the process of natural regeneration. "My work questions what is “wild” and how we are renegotiating our relationship with wilderness and our environment" Hickox observes the pockets of green spaces more specifically focusing on the Carolinian forest areas. Some of these areas include the Toronto Islands, Handcock Woodlands in Mississauga and Point Pelee a national park in southern Ontario. she visited these sites regularly, observed and photographing the changes that have taken place in the park, and documented the overlapping layers of human and natural histories. April has mined the distinctions between personal and public sites through film, video, photography and installation.

Currently her work includes a studio practice using the still lives traditions. Provenance Unknown is rooted in narrative histories that individuals accumulate throughout their lives and the ability of inanimate objects to shape memory. Currently this direction in her work continues in both photographic and video works with Provenance Unknown, and Variations a series of video works exploring the studio still life. 
Her work can be found in numerous public and privet Canadian Collections has been gratefully supported by all levels of funding throughout her career and has exhibited nationally and internationally.


OCA, Toronto, Ontario 1974-78 AOCA diploma and 5th year graduate studies program, Photography and Printmaking Twickerham College of Technology, London, England 1974, Photography and Graphic Design

Professional Experience

On Line

Web site:

Maclaren Art Centre

Lens Culture


Katzman Contemporary

CCCA Artisti Profile


Apriil HickoxContact Feature Exhibition,

Park Workers OCADU,

Spacing Magazine, out Loud, CBC Radio,

Blouin Artinfo,

Hantise, curator Eve De Garie-Lamanque Centre, Gather,

Waterlines, Wetlands and Whirlpools, Canadian Experimental Films that hold water. Struts Gallery,

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre,

Tessera, images for artist book,


Related Community Service

2013                Committee member, Co-Curatorial Chair, Art with Heart, Casey House Fundraising auction

2010–2013      Committee member, Project 31, OCADU Fundraising auction

2010–2011      Curator/facilitator, Gay and Lesbian Youth Line, Auction

2010                Project Source, digital archive of women photographic teachers in Canada

2000                Mentor, Manitoba Mentoring Artist for Women’s Art, Manitoba

2000                External Workshop Leader/Examiner for fourth year thesis students working in Image and Text, Faculty of Photographic Arts, Ryerson Polytechnic University

2001                Artistic Advisor, Wind by Shannon Cooney, Dusk Dances

1999                Committee Member, Gallery 44 Outreach program. 20th anniversary site project

1997–2000      Advisor and Training Coordinator for Arts and Crafts at Silent Voice Camp for the Deaf

1980–1991      Founding Director, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto

1990                Member, Cultural Policies Working Group of Toronto developing arts policy for the city of Toronto

1990                Member, Visual Arts Committee, Toronto Arts Council, advising the board on policy and the awarding of cultural grants to individuals and organizations working in film, video, and photography

1988–90          Founding Board of Directors and member, Toronto Artscape Inc., an association working to develop affordable studio space for artists in Toronto

1988–89          Member, Steering Committee, Artist-Run Centres Toronto



Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions
2017    Variations, Portraits, Notes and From the Blue Period Katzman Contemporary

2016    Variations, 4 chanel video work, Surrey Art Gallery, British Columbia

2016    Provenance Unknown Canceled Paintings Katzman Contemporary

2016    April Hickox, Recent work, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Kitchener Ontario

2014    Invasive Speices, Katsman Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario

2012    Vantage, Main Space, Katsman Kamen Gallery,Toronto, Ontario

2010    Compost, Leo Kamen Gallery, Project Room, Toronto, Ontario

2009    Gather, an installation of five backlit billboards. Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2008    Ritual, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2006    Drift, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2003    Landscape and Memory, Main Space, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Landscape and Memory: Point Pelee, an installation at the Art Gallery Of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

2002    Porcelain, Crystal, Glass, Main Space, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

2001    Glance, Leo Kamen Gallery, Project Room, Toronto, Ontario

2000    Within Dialogue, an installation at Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            Within Dialogue, site specific installation, St. Norbert Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

1999    Untitled, site specific installation, Portland and Richmond Streets, Toronto, Ontario

1998    Tracings, Prime Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

            Song, installation, Portland and Richmond Streets, Toronto, Ontario

1997    Blink, street level photographic installation, Portland and Adelaide Streets, Toronto, Ontario

            Utopia/Dystopia, billboard project, Floating Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

1996    Excerpts Photography Narrative, centre d’exposition l’imagier, Aylmer, Quebec

1995    Dissonance and Voice, installation and outdoor site work, curated by Richard Rhodes, Oakville Galleries, Oakville, Ontario

            When the Mind Hears, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound, Ontario

            New Works, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Ontario

1994    When the Mind Hears, Vu, centre d'animation et de diffusion de la photographie, Québec

            When the Mind Hears, part one, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto

            When the Mind Hears, part two, Garnet Press, Toronto

            When the Mind Hears, The Photographers Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

1993    When the Mind Hears, le mois de la photo, Complexe de la Cité, Montréal

1992    Roses, Wind and Other Stories, Floating Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

            Roses, Wind and Other Stories, Garnet Press, Toronto

            Roses, Wind and Other Stories, Galerie Séquence, Chicoutimi

Roses, Wind and Other Stories, Vu, centre d’animation et de diffusion de la photographie, Québec

1991    Speak, Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

1990    So to Speak, La Centrale (Galerie Powerhouse), Montréal, Quebec


Film Screenings

2012    The Queen’s Garden, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2010    When The Mind Hears, Waterlines Film Festival, Struts Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick 

2009    Consonance, Frame to Frame, Images Festival, Toronto

2001    When the Mind Hears Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, BC  

2000    When the Mind Hears  Our Voices, Loop Collective, Toronto

1996    When the Mind Hears, Ann Arbour Film Festival, Michigan, USA

            Cinematheque Ontario, A tribute to Marian McMahon

1995    When the Mind Hears Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

            Toronto International Film Festival, Film Makers Workshop, Helsinki, Finland

Awards \ Grants

2014    Ontario Arts Council Senior Artist’s Grant

2014    Toronoto Arts Council Visiual Arts Senior Grant

2009    Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Professional Development Grant

2008    Toronto Arts Council Visual Arts Senior Grant

2006    Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance

2004    Ontario Arts Council Senior Artist’s Grant

2003    Canada Council B Grant

2001    Canada Council B Grant

2000    Member Emeritus, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography

1999    Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance

1998    Ontario Arts Council Senior Artist's Grant (Visual Arts)

            Canada Council B Grant

1997    Canada Council B Grant



Collections (selected)

Art Gallery of Peterborough, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery, Bennett Jones, Burroughs Memorex, Canada Council Art Bank, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography,

Central Guarantee Trust, Clarkson Gordon, CN Hotels, Canadian Government, Dept. of External Affairs

Government of Ontario, Glenhurst Art Gallery, Ministry of Social Services, MacLaren Art Centre,

British Airways, Maclean-Hunters, Norcen Energy, Oakville Galleries, Price Waterhouse Inc.,

Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Trust Co. Ltd. Ryerson Polytechnic Photography Collection, Toronto Board of Education, Toronto Dominion Bank, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Burnaby Art Gallery, Fidelity Investments, Aimia.

Selected Publications


The Lake, Artist book by Maggie Groat, Published by Art Metropole release November 2013

Hantise, curator Eve De Garie-Lamanque, Art Muir, Catoluge, 2010

Prefix Photo #22, Portholes Portfolio, 2012

Made In Canada, Carte Blanche, published by The Magenta Foundation, 2006

“Landscape and Memory: Point Pelee,” Art Gallery of Windsor, catalogue and interpretive DVD

“Revealing the Subject,” Oakville Galleries, curated by Shannon Anderson, catalogue,

Prefix photo #5, “Within Dialogue,” Portfolio 2002

“Babs’ Tea Cups,” Art by Numbers, Peter Goddard, Toronto Star, Febuary, 2002

“Cinescope,” Betty Anne Jordan, Toronto Life, September, 2001

“Within Dialogue,” Gary Michael Dault, The Globe and Mail, January, 2000

“Letter from Toronto/New York, No. 86”, A.D. Coleman, Contact’s Photograph Lesson,

“The Little Black Box,” John Bentley Mays, The Globe and Mail, May, 1998

“La carte de l'être,” Katy McCormick, Next Arte Cultura Roma, Italy #27, 1997

“Dissonance and Voice,” catalogue text by Richard Rhodes, September, 1995

“Scents and Sensibility,” Elisabeth Kimball, The Globe and Mail, September, 1994

“When the Mind Hears,” Deirdre Hanna, Now Magazine, February, 1994

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“In the Seam = En couture,” Renee Baert, catalogue, December, 1994

“Photography in Contemporary Art,” Christine Bernier, catalogue, Embodied Spaces, 1993

“When the Mind Hears,” Denis Lessard / Katy McCormick, CV photo, September, 1993

“Stillness and Motion in Concertos of Imagery,” Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail, March, 1992

“Adjustments in Focus,” Rachel Rafelman, The Globe and Mail. April, 1992

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

2013    Jury Member, Varley Art Gallery

2012    Jury Member, Art Gallery of Mississauga 

2000    Jury Member, John B. Aird Gallery

2003    Jury Member, Ontario Arts Council Artist in Education Program.

2001    Jury Member, Open Studio’s 100 prints exhibition

2002    Jury member, Ontario Arts Council, Chalmbers Award

2001    Printmaking Juror, Toronto Outdoor Exhibition

2001    Jury Member, Toronto Arts Council, Visual Arts Grants to Individuals

2001    Jury Member, Art Council of Manitoba, Arts Organizations and Artist Run Centres

1999    Juror, Collingwood Photographic Exhibition

1995    Photography Juror, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

2000    External Assessor, le mois de la photo, Canada Council

1999    Jury Member, Artists In Education, Ontario Arts Council

1998    Jury Member, Artists In the Schools, Ontario Arts Council

1997    Jury Member, Art Council of Manitoba for grants to Visual Artist

1995    Jury Member, The Ontario Arts Council Photography and Holography Projects

1994    Jury Member, The Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance

1992    Jury Member, The Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance