Photo of Archie Graham
Photo of Archie Graham
Archie Graham
Professor Emeritus
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
416-977-6000, Ext. 1751

Area(s) of Expertise

Asian philosophy and culture, Modern and postmodern continental European philosophy and culture, Environmental Ethics, Cultural Ethics, Health & Wellness Ethics


Archie Graham is currently Associate Professor Emeritus in Liberal Arts and Sciences and was the first Chair of the OCAD university Senate. He has taught at the university for many years, and in the interdisciplinary Arts One program at the University of British Columbia. His philosophical writing can be found in international academic journals and anthologies. Graham's poetry has appeared in a variety of national magazines as well as in his own book, Inside Out, 1980. His art criticism has been published in Canadian magazines and in national and local newspapers. He was recently a guest researcher at the Soren Kierkegaard Research Centre in the University of Copenhagen where he was working on a post-phenomenological study of Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Derrida. He collaborated with Andrew Glascoe in the production of a work of narrative life-writing called Nobody Knew She Was There, 2014. His current philosophical work deals with the theme of radical doubt, sublime ignorance and the enigma of silence.


B.A. Honors, M.A. (Guelph), Ph.D. (Ottawa)

Professional Experience

University teaching, university administration, journalism and other writing.

Selected Publications

Essays in The Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Asian Culture Quarterly, Process Studies, Ethics & Technology, Rethinking the Future, and Kierkegaard & Japanese Thought. Poetry in Inside Out, Event, Origins, Poetry Toronto, and Cross-Canada Writer's Quarterly. Art criticism in Parachute, C Magazine, Canadian Dimension, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, and the North Shore News.

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

Currently Associate Professor Emeritus at OCADU, formerly the first Chair of OCAD university Senate, Member of the Board of Governers, Chair of Academic Council, Acting Academic Dean, Chair of President's Advisory Committee, Acting Chair of Liberal Arts, and President of the Faculty Association.