Photo of Cathy Chen
Photo of Cathy Chen
Cathy Chen
Research Assistant


Cathy Chen is passionate about using design thinking and practice to empower socially and cognitively disadvantaged groups. She is a co-founder of DruMeBa Inc, an interactive media and social purpose business developing systems and software to assist children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) with their communication and cognitive skills. During her Master’s degree program in Digital Futures at OCAD University, Cathy designed a system that utilizes a combination of internet, community radio and SMS technologies to encourage collaborative composition across distances among children in rural India.

Her role in the CBC Newsworld Holodeck and Postcard Memories OCADU research projects is to help research, envision and build prototypes. For Postcard Memories, Cathy and teammates performed horizon scans to look into various existing applications relating to the core idea of the project: to help senior's memory recall abilities through a touch-based collaborative application. After extensive user experience brainstorming, Cathy and her teammates designed and edited the visual look and feel of the project interface and reviewed the projects with members of the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute as well as with Canada Post.

Cathy's second project involves creating a new interface for information retrieval in an archive of CBC news video clips. As a research assistant, she and other teammates helped brainstorm ways of retrieving data through various interaction methods: gesture, text and voice. Cathy then designed user interface prototypes and performed some HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding for the project mockup.

Her current role for both projects include refining the user experience and interactivity for future user testing as well as integrating the initial CBC News prototype with Gesturetek’s technology.