Photo of Emma Westecott
Photo of Emma Westecott
Emma Westecott


Emma Westecott, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Design, has worked as a game designer, programmer and producer in a range of commercial, independent and applied research game projects. She is a DFI hire at OCAD U working on new digital media curricula and labs. Westecott has published in the emergent field of game studies and game design research. Emma has worked in and around the game industry for nearly twenty years. She originally achieved recognition for working closely with Douglas Adams as programmer then producer for the best-selling Starship Titanic (1998, Simon & Schuster). Emma directed zerogame studio for The Interactive Institute, an applied games research lab based in Sweden and organised Women in Games 2007 ( She was a core member of the Synergy games research group at The University of Wales, Newport.

Her research interests include the celebration of digital games as an expressive art form and the potential for practice-based research to extend, enhance and conceive of game form in new and creative ways. Her research focus is centred on the ongoing creative evolution of game form, both in terms of new experience and new human possibilities. This, and the impressive body of work created under her leadership of the zerogame studio in Sweden, brought her to the DFI at OCAD to teach games and develop their games research initiative.