Picture of Erman
Erman Akyol
Grad Student
Faculty of Design


I am a graduate student in the Inclusive Design program at OCADU, Toronto. I received my Bachelors from the Industrial Design Department at Anadolu University in Turkey.  I worked as a research assistant at Anadolu University after graduation and was a full-time lecturer and teaching at the department of industrial design before coming to Canada. During my studies, I got the European Union and Japan’s Mombukagusho Scholarships for my international studies.  I was an exchange student at the industrial design department at HAWK in Germany; a researcher at Korea Design Research Institute, Seoul National University, and Chiba University in Japan. I have participated in workshops, conferences, projects in various international platforms. Since a while, I have been a volunteer in Design Exchange as well. My previous research was on ergonomics, assistive technologies, and universal design. My current research interests are HCI, inclusive design and design for health. I can be contacted at 3174249@student.ocadu.ca