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Francis Le Bouthillier
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Art
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Francis LeBouthillier is a multi-disciplinary Sculpture and Installation Artist and the Chair of the Sculpture/Installation program at OCAD. He was awarded his AOCA from the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) and his MFA from York University. In his art practice, LeBouthillier creates interactive installations involving technology and performance. He uses a variety of mediums to address gender and power hierarchies and issues related to the environment. In his practice, he draws upon his background in traditional approaches in sculpture to build biological models for Research Hospitals. In addition, LeBouthillier has made many contributions to the design and development of prototypes for  interactive gaming and telecommunications companies.

LeBouthillier has participated in numerous research projects with Mount Sinai Hospital and The University of Toronto Surgical Skills Centre. His key contributions have involved the design, engineering and fabrication of training devices for teaching invasive prenatal surgical procedures. Some of the surgical simulators that the team have successfully developed include: Ultrasound guided amniocentesis, in-utero surgical procedure to abate Diaphragmic hernia, Neural tube defects (spin bifida) and Twin to Twin Syndrome. These projects have gained much recognition within the medical community.  

LeBouthillier’s projects have been presented nationally and internationally. He has also been the recipient of numerous artist grants and awards. He is a dedicated instructor who teaches a variety of approaches to art and design. In addition to teaching at OCAD for over 20 years, he has taught at the University of Toronto, York University, The Royal Ontario Museum and Sheridan College.




1993   M.F.A., York University, Toronto, Canada (Video Performance and Sculpture Installation)

1986     A.O.C.A. (Experimental Arts), Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada

1985 - 1986  Study Abroad (Experimental Art), Ontario College of Art, New York, U.S.A.

1983      The Art Centre, Central Technical School, Toronto, Canada Post Secondary Diploma in Sculpture, Drawing, Painting and  Ceramics


Professional Experience


2008- Present  Mt. Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto 

Currently developing a simulator to teach laprascopic surgical techniques on fetuses with neural tube defects (spina bifida). Will employ digital modeling and rapid prototyping manufacturing techniques.

2008- Present  Mt. Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto 

Currently working collaboratively on an early fetal development diagnostic simulator. Digital modeling and rapid prototyping will be used to design and fabricate the simulator.

2003-Present  Mt. Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto 

Amniocentesis Simulator Designed, fabricated and engineered womb with 24-week fetus to be used in the teaching of invasive perinatal surgery in conjunction with Amniocentesis


Selected Exhibitions