OCAD University
George Boileau
Associate Professor
Faculty of Art


Boileau is a Sculpture/Installation Artist.  He has been teaching at the Ontario College of Art and Design since 1987.


Bachelor of Engineering, Carleton University, Ottawa

Associate of the Ontario College of Art, Ontario College of Art, Toronto

Professional Experience

(Engineering Experience)

ADGA Consulting Engineers: Field Engineer on the Bell Canada microwave tower system across northern Ontario.

Energy Mines and Resources, Canada: Research Engineer in the construction materials section.

Factory Mutual Engineering: Field Engineer and Loss Prevention Consultant for a large industrial insurance company. Structural and fire prevention analysis at a variety of industrial locations (Mines, Paper Mills, Manufacturing industries)

Resource Integration Systems: Manager of Canada’s first large scale recycling project (East York).  Designed a multi material collection vehicle.

Renegar Strategic Planning: Strategic planning for technical based companies.



Selected Exhibitions

2002 to 2008  Toronto International Art Fair  (Lonsdale Gallery) Toronto

2003  “Falling From Grace”, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto (Solo)

2000  “Fragments of Preservation”, Lonsdale, Toronto  (Solo)

1999  “Israel at Fifty, An Exhibition of Art”,  Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto

1997  “Artefact Sanctuary” (Solo), Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto

“Midway”, Solo Installation, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto

“Arteast”, A One Year Outdoor Exhibition, Arbour Gallery, Hawkesbury

1992     “Observation and Response”, (Glen Priestly collaborating), Mira Godard, Toronto

1988  “The Canadian Contemporary Figure” McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario

The Chicago International Art Exhibition (Gallery Moos) Chicago

1987    “George Boileau”, Justina Barnicke Gallery, University of Toronto (Solo)

“George Boileau”, Gallery Moos, Toronto (Solo)

1987   The Los Angeles International Art Exhibition (Gallery Moos), Los Angeles



2010    (In Progress).George “Buzz” Beurling”, Memorial Sculpture, Heritage Warplane   Museum, Hamilton

1997  “Rampart”, Ontario Securities Commission, Toronto.

1997  “The Bow” Bank of Montreal (For Barclays’ Bank, London, England).

1987  “Lineal Order”, Symphony Place, Simcoe St., Toronto