Photo of Job Rutgers
Photo of Job Rutgers
Job Rutgers
Faculty of Design, Graduate Studies

Area(s) of Expertise

Experience Design, Strategic Design, Ambient Experience Design


Job is currently a full professor in Design at OCAD University in Toronto. At OCADU, he has co-designed the Industrial Design Curriculum (BA) and the Design for Health curriculum (MA). At OCADU's digital futures initiative, job is the principal investigator of the Ambient Experience Lab. MaRS helps create successful global businesses from Canada's science, technology and social innovation. At MaRS, Job is steering the Leading Systems Change stream. Job brings deep skill in designing–educational–environments and cares deeply about dwelling in spaces of not-knowing, and listening and leading from a place of presence.


1988-92: Academy of fine Arts Arnhem NL (BA), Fine Arts 1993-95: Jan van Eyk Academy in Maastricht NL (MA), Design

Professional Experience

In addition to his role at OCADU, Job was a fellow at Rotman's Integrative Thinking Institute and a design strategy consultant at Rotman's–Designworks. He worked extensively with Singapore Polytechnic, training faculty in creating innovative learning spaces. He is currently a design strategist at VUKA Innovation, working on systemic healthcare challenges. Prior to receiving tenure at OCADU, Job has long been associated with Philips Design in the Netherlands as a Strategic Design Consultant. At Philips Design, he was the creative director for several multi-disciplinary research projects funded by the European Union. He co-developed the award-winning Ambient Experience Design service and has implemented ambient experience concepts in hospitals, the hospitality industry and public spaces around the world.

Selected Exhibitions

He has lectured and presented many of these projects in Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Selected Publications

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