Photograph of Julian Jason Haladyn.
Photograph of Julian Jason Haladyn.
Julian Jason Haladyn
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Graduate Studies

Area(s) of Expertise

modern and contemporary art, Cultural and Critical Theory, Dada and Surrealism


Lecturer, Art History Julian Jason Haladyn is a Canadian writer and independent curator. He is the author of Boredom and Art: Passions of the Will To Boredom (Zero 2014) and Marcel Duchamp: –tant donn's (Afterall 2010 as well as numerous journal articles and book chapters on art and critical theory. With Miriam Jordan-Haladyn he co-authored The Films and Videos of Jamelie Hassan (Blue Medium Press 2010), a publication that accompanied their curated video program of Hassan's moving image works that toured Canada. In 2014 he curated two exhibitions for the McIntosh Gallery, Ron Benner: Three Questions and Janice Gurney: All The Spaces. Haladyn is also the founding Co-Editor of Blue Medium Press, a small press publishing books that promote Canadian art and cultural scholarship.


SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Art, University of Toronto, 2012-2014 PhD, Theory and Criticism, Western University, 2007-2012 MA, Theory, Culture and Politics, Trent University, 2004-2007 MFA, Interdisciplinary Art, Goddard College, 2003-2006 BFA, Honors Studio Arts, Western University, 1998-2002

Professional Experience

Founding Co-editor, Blue Medium Press, 2007-present Curator, "Janice Gurney: All the Spaces," McIntosh Gallery, 2015 Curator, "Ron Benner: Three Questions," McIntosh Gallery, 2015 Co-curator [with M. Jordan], "The Films and Videos of Jamelie Hassan" [screening], Art Gallery of Windsor; The Glenbow Museum/Truck Contemporary Art; Platform: Centre for Photographic and Digital Arts; Department of Film Studies, Western University; Museum London, 2009-2012 Visual Arts Coordinator and Board of Directors, Forest City Gallery, 2002-2003

Awards \ Grants

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2012-2014 SSHRC Doctoral Award, 2010-2011 Ontario Graduate Scholarship, 2009-2010; 2011-2012 The University of Western Ontario Gold Medal for Honors Studio Arts, 2002

Selected Publications

BOOKS Boredom and Art: Passions of the Will to Boredom (Zero Books, 2015). Co-authored with Miriam Jordan, The Films and Videos of Jamelie Hassan [catalogue] (Blue Medium Press [with Art Gallery of Windsor and Platform], 2010). Marcel Duchamp: Etant donn's (London: Afterall Books, 2010). EDITED BOOKS Co-edited with Michael E. Gardiner, Boredom Studies Reader: Frameworks and Perspectives (under contract with Routledge, anticipated 2016). Janice Gurney: All the Spaces [catalogue] (McIntosh Gallery, 2016). Ron Benner: Three Questions [catalogue] (McIntosh Gallery, 2016). Co-edited with Jamelie Hassan, Nur: Jamelie Hassan (Blue Medium Press, 2015). SELECTED PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLES (2011-2015) –On 'The Creative Act',"Tout-Fait: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal (2015): . –A Contribution to the Study of the Fantasies of Sexual Perversion in Marcel Duchamp's –tant Donn's,"International Journal of _i_ek Studies 7.2 (2013): . –Empire of Boring: The Unbearable Duration of Andy Warhol's Films,"Kinema: A Journal of Film and Audiovisual Media 35 (Spring 2011): 105-113. SELECTED BOOK CHAPTERS (2012-2015) –The Changing Subject of Galileo's Telescope: A Dialogue Concerning Three Artistic Visions of the Cosmos,"in Galileo: Science, Faith and the Arts [conference proceedings] (Legas Publishing, 2015), 9-18. –Exhibiting the Museum-Function: Marcel Broodthaers and the Mus–e d–Art Moderne, D–partement des Aigles,"in Exhibiting Outside the Academy, Salon and Biennial, 1775-1999, ed. Andrew Graciano (Ashgate, 2015), 223-234. –Everyday Boredoms or Breton's Dadaist Excursion to Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre,"in The Everyday: Experiences, Concepts and Narratives, eds. Justin Derry and Martin Parrot (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2013), 20-33. Co-authored with M. Jordan, –Formations of –Indian"Fantasies: European Museums and the Decontextualization of Native American Art and Artifacts,"in Visual Representations of Native Americans: Transnational Contexts and Perspectives, ed. Karsten Fitz (Universit–tsverlag Winter, 2012), 179-193. SELECTED ESSAYS (2013-2016) –Nur: Jamelie Hassan's History of the Present,"Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 15.1 (2016), 50-55. –The Ethics and Politics of Ron Benner's Transend: Meeting Room,"On Site Review 30 (Ethics and Publics, 2013): 48-51. –The Profane Illuminations of Kim Adams,"Kim Adams: One for the Road [exhibition catalogue] (London: Museum London, 2013), 13-21.