Picture of Mandeep Mangat
Mandeep Mangat
Faculty of Design


As an emerging interdisciplinary designer, Mandy Mangat is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at OCAD University.  Mandy’s diverse background pre-dates her time in industrial design and includes past studies and work experience in fashion design, and wearable technology, which provides her with a unique perspective that she leverages throughout her current work.
Her thesis focuses on the evolving dynamic between technology and society.  Through this investigation, she forecasts the need for ethical consideration within the design process in order to future-proof the impact of emerging technologies.  By strategically applying an ethical framework on the future of social robotics, her thesis contrasts desirable and dystopic futures. 
In the lab, Mandy’s work seeks to anticipate the affective potential of non-verbal communication within human-robotic interactions through building and assessing speculative scenarios.