Maria Belén Ordóñez
Maria Belén Ordóñez
Maria Belén Ordonez
Teaching Intensive
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Graduate Studies


Maria Belén Ordóñez is Assistant Professor (Teaching Intensive Stream) of Social Sciences/Humanities in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research broadly explores unofficial channels of public pleasure, desire, affect and corporeal politics in explorations of alternative sexual citizenships, the destabilization of heteronormativity and the formation of media publics. Her ethnographic research has been based in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver where she has engaged with the affective impacts of events in disparate locations such as media headlines, queer identified spaces of pleasure and activism and contested zones of censorship and regulation. Her research has included the investigation and tracking of affect in Canadian legislative challenges dealing with sex, sexuality, censorship, and morality. She uses feminist/queer methodologies and multi-sited ethnography to think and write about the emergence and undoing of public events.

She has been a collaborator in developing and teaching curriculum for FemTechNet (, an internationally distributed network of feminist artists, scholars, and activists, teaching and doing research in feminist science, media, art, and technology. Recent publications include, Doing/Writing Queer Research at the Margins. In eds. Richard J. Gilmour and Robin Ganev. We Were Here: Queers Write about their Mentors. Biblioasis  2016 and Circuits of Power, Labour and Desire: The Case of Dominique Strauss-Khan eds. Pavan Kuman Malreddy and Birte Heidemann In Reworking Post Colonialism: Globalization, Labour and Rights. Palgrave, 2015. M. Belén Ordóñez teaches feminist theory, multi-sited and experimental ethnography, popular culture, and body politics. 



Social Anthropology, Specialized Honours B.A. 1995 York University Toronto, ON

Cultural Anthropology, Master of Arts 1997 University of Western Ontario London, ON             

Social Anthropology, Ph.D. January 2009 York University Toronto, ON