Photo of Nick Goso
Photo of Nick Goso
Nick Goso
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Design

Area(s) of Expertise

Digital Media, Media LIteracy, Creative Direction


Goso is a hybrid creative practitioner concentrating on meaningful communication through creative innovation, storytelling and design.

As one of Canada's early adopters of interactive executions in cinema and through continued research and development of properties for emergent media, he remains experimental with narrative forms and applications of interactive media. Having spent over a decade working at a senior capacity at several leading advertising agencies and commercial production studios, in both Canada and Western Europe "Goso bridges his expertise as a design practitioner with scholarship in digital media through research projects that explore the potential of graphic narratives through blended physical/digital materials.

In stark contrast to this "he is actually a very fun guy who loves being a daddy, skateboarding, scary heavy metal music and is almost always accompanied by a sweet, little pitbull named Laika.


Bachelor of Science - Biology. University of Western Ontario.

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Film Production. Concordia University.

Master of Design - Digital Media. Ryerson University.

Professional Experience

Nick has spent the last 15 years developing, designing and producing digital media for a multitude of commercial and artistic projects. He is currently the Creative Director of The Juggernaut; a leading design and animation studio that services the vast majority of advertising agencies operating in Canada; media broadcasters; both domestic and international brands.