Peter Jones photo
Peter Jones photo
Peter Jones
Associate Professor
Faculty of Design, Graduate Studies

Area(s) of Expertise

Social and Design Research, Services / Systems Design for Healthcare, Social Systems Design


Peter teaches in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program and is also a course leader in the MDes Design for Health program. Peter leads systemic design approaches to research and design science in healthcare, media, governance, social and policy design through the Strategic Innovation Lab. He’s a founder of the Flourishing Business Model practice (Strongly Sustainable Business Model) group and is developing the FBC for civic and policy engagement.

As a founder and chair of the Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) symposium, Peter collaborates with an international core group, the Systemic Design Research Network, to develop the “interdiscipline” of systemic design, an evolving area of practice defined at the intersection of systems and design thinking with applications in contemporary socio-economic and societal problems. He is interested in developing the potential of graduate students to address system-level problems, services and policy through SFI approaches such as synthesis mapping and participatory and dialogic design.

Peter has over 20 years of experience in designing complex systems and information products, and has worked in the forefront of interaction design and user experience across commercial, government, and academic sectors.  Peter manages The Redesign Network, an innovation research firm originally based in the US, coordinating ethnographic and design research and service/system design for complex challenges.  Peter has designed leading informatics resources in scientific, legal, and medical practices, from concept research to market launch. He conducts ethnographic, foresight and experience design research to help people understand the impact of innovations that will impact these fields and change practice.  He publishes peer-reviewed studies on project-based research to establish grounding between the practice and research communities.

Peter received his doctorate from the Union Institute in 2000, with an interdisciplinary study of design and innovation management and research on embedded values in organizational innovation process.  He holds an M.A. in human factors psychology from the University of Dayton.  He has published over 20 journal and management articles, including client studies, available from ResearchGate. Peter speaks at (too many) conferences after his book, Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience was published in 2013. He has published two other books, and has several articles in press in 2016. Peter’s books, papers and online work are at


Peter's research interests include:

  • Development of theory and practice in systemic design (social systems design), 
  • Soft services design, a systemic approach to designing for community and social health
  • Clinical informatics and information design for knowledge practices (health, science).
  • Methodological design of modes of inquiry and analysis, based on social, cognitive and design sciences
  • Dialogic design and collaborative foresight for complex stakeholder challenges
  • Flourishing business models and societies
  • Organizational and institutional innovation (e.g. institutions of learning, education, social policy, foreign policy)
  • Human information behavior and sensemaking: Scientific and clinical knowledge media design for work practices and decision making


BA Wright State University, Dayton

MA University of Dayton, Human Factors Psychology

PhD Union institute, Cincinnati, Design and innovation Management

Professional Affiliations / Boards / Juries

Peter is a co-founder of the Systemic Design Research Network (SDRN), a scholalry society shared between OCADU and Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO). Peter is a board member of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras, and maintains an active presence and practice in the international Dialogic Design community. He founded (2008) and facilitates the Toronto-based educational and consultative community of practice known as Design with Dialogue to educate and socialize community-based learning of facilitative and co-creative developmental practices. He is active in ACM SIG-CHI, the International Society for System Sciences (, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (, and maintains continuing relationships with many other organizations.