Image of Richard Hunt
Image of Richard Hunt
Richard Hunt
Associate Professor
Faculty of Design, Graduate Studies

Area(s) of Expertise

History of Typography, Architectural typography, Typeface design, Information Design


Richard Hunt has worked in the design field for over 30 years, specializing in typographical practice and acting as a consultant to and collaborator of many designers, publishers and other institutions across North America, including Bruce Mau Design, Zone Books, Rizzoli and the Getty Institute. His interests include information design and typeface design for print and screen, book and magazine typography, the history, state, and future of communication technologies. He has taught in the York/Sheridan joint degree program in Design, Humber College, and OCAD University.


BA, University of Victoria; MDes, York University


Awards \ Grants

Lawrence Heisey Graduate Award for Excellence in Fine Arts, 2006

Selected Publications

Advanced Typography, Richard Hunt, London: Bloomsbury (2020).

“View of typographic diversity in early-year typography studios.” In: The 34th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student, (NCBDS), 1–3 Mar 2018, Cincinnati, USA.

“Facing change: online teaching in a design context,” R. Hunt, Transformation: the changing nature of design education in the 21st century, 2015 Design Educators Proceedings. Association of Registered Graphic Designers, Toronto, 2016.

"Optimizing the design of preprinted orders for ambulatory chemotherapy: combining oncology, human factors, and graphic design," J. Jeon, R White, R. Hunt, A. Cassano-Piché, Easty, T. Journal of Oncology Practice (2011).

"Dancing with Words: Using Animated Text for Captioning," R. Rashid, QV. Vy, R. Hunt, D. I. Fels: . Int. J. Hum. Comput. Interaction 24(5) (2008).

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