Photo of Vladimir Spicanovic
Photo of Vladimir Spicanovic
Vladimir Spicanovic
Faculty of Art, Graduate Studies
416-977-6000, Ext. 331


Vladimir Spicanovic, PhD is an Artist-Educator born in 1967 in Kraljevo, Spicanovic immigrated to Montreal in 1989, shortly before the collapse of the Berlin wall and the civil war in Yugoslavia. He obtained his BFA from Concordia University where he studied under the celebrated Canadian abstract painter and print maker Yves Gaucher. Spicanovic also holds an MA and a PhD from McGill University. In his doctoral work, Spicanovic investigated the ramifications of post-modernism in the studio teaching of painting and the education of artists. Spicanovic’s research spans painting, photography, visual music, critical theory and philosophy of education. Prior to joining OCAD in 2003, Spicanovic taught at McGill and at the University of Windsor. Since 2004, Spicanovic assumed the roles of an Assistant Dean (2004-2007) and Associate Dean (2007-2008) in the Faculty of Art, and taught courses in contemporary collage, photogenic painting, and critical theory. His artwork can be found at Birch-Libralato gallery and in various public and private collections. Spicanovic’s curatorial projects have been presented at the SoundaXis festival, YYZ Artists' Outlet, and the Goethe-Institute, Toronto. He was the inaugural director of the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design at OCAD. Currently, Spicanovic is Dean in the Faculty of Art and he is also a member of the Board of Directors at the Music Gallery.