Janine Steeper                                                                                  

Ocular: I, II, III


Swoop, bear skull, bird carcass, seaweed, cloud, gum wrapper, moose jaw, snake skin, dragonfly, butterfly, barnacle, rock, partridge wing, fish, crack, feather, moss, tree branch, bark, shell, bird talon, thistle, geometry, fungi, eye, mushroom, string, grasshopper, clear plastic, antenna, bee hive, green, coffee lid, wisdom teeth, flower, light, plant, leaf, mold, spider web, light, blueberry bush, bird leg, muscle cell, hole, skin, spider on paper.                                                                     

            “Ocular” deals outside of the determinable object and is geared towards the experience of looking.  The human eye does not possess the ability to focus on more than one area at a time.  Playing with scale, both the interior and exterior of organisms are referenced as well as the visible, and non-visible.  The constant flux of detail creates rhythmic movement between the positive and negative spaces.  The drawings represent an observational process.  Through looking, touching, and drawing, the individual textures and visuals of the different materials are disseminated into new configurations on the page.  This process sparks fantastical ideas combining real with imagined textures, resulting in hybridized drawings.  The ambiguity of the form plays with an image that is both resolved and unresolved giving opportunity for a new cycle of observation and discovery.  The intricacies of the drawings reference nostalgia of childhood, and the childlike wonder of interacting with nature.  They extend an invitation to spend time being absorbed in the joys of looking.

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Ocular I
Ocular II
Ocular III
Ocular III
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Ocular I, II, III
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