OCAD U Advertising recent graduates to be featured in Applied Arts Magazine

Give a Care Campaign
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 9:15am

Canada’s most recognized design and advertising publication, recent winners from our Advertising Program from the past 3 years will be featured in the Student Award winners:


Graduates from 2017: Mariam Alqasim, Veronika Radeva, Ardit Hashimi and Maria Jose Arias won 'Entire Advertising Campaign – Series' for their work on ‘In-Betwiener’ for Schneiders. (all grads now employed at Toronto based shops, Havas, Zulu, Leo Burnett and Pigeon Brands)


Graduates from 2016: Grad Janet Wen winning for Hohner Harmonica. (working at Grey Canada)


Graduates from 2015: Grad Ariel Riske (Lg2), Zach Bautista (Lg2, ReThink)

Most recently, just picking up the coveted Silver and Bronze Cannes awards in France for ‘Give-A Care’ – Rethink Breast Cancer.

Ariel has been awarded an unheard of 53 National and International advertising awards and honours for her creative achievements in the short two years since her 2015 graduation. To put this in perspective, most creatives do not receive this kind of recognition in a lifetime.


All work will be featured in upcoming Applied Arts issue for November/December issue.


Congrats to our ever amazing Advertising grads!

give a care handcream
Harmonica C
Schneiders In-betwiener

Hip to be square

Monday, August 22, 2016 - 3:30pm

Assistant professor David Thorne has published a new article with Applied Arts called "Hip To Be Square". This piece discusses how the noble square plays an essential role in graphic design, from various symbols to its use in modern social media.
This is his sixth collaboration for Canada's premier magazine of visual communications.  

Alumni and students featured in Applied Arts Student Awards Annual

Applied Arts Student Awards Annual
Bambino Pasta package design by Hoda Gharai
Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 5:00am

Students and recent grads from Photography, Advertising, Illustration, Industrial Design and Graphic Design were selected for this year’s prestigious Applied Arts Student Awards Annual, on newsstands now.

2014 Advertising graduate student Bonnie Cheung’s HomeSewn campaign was selected for the Complete Advertising Campaign category. Designed for the Canadian Apparel Federation, her campaign is designed to re-ignite the desire for Canadian-made clothing with the introduction of the HomeSewn sub-brand.

2014 Illustration graduate student Cornelia Li’s series of works called This Gold is Tarnished were chosen for the Complete Illustration category. “By inserting disturbing elements into social incidents otherwise considered ordinary, the series questions the booming country propagated by Chinese authority by exposing the living conditions of the average Chinese.”

Also selected for the Complete Illustration category was Broken Telephacts by 2014 Illustration graduate student Sophia Feesh. “Just like stories and rumours, when statistics are told time after time, they take on a new form and message. In combination with numbers, statistics hold an aura of truth. By illustrating misleading statistics, Broken Telephacts underline the absurd nature of these claims.”

Second-year Illustration student Hong (Ivan) Chen’s Fear of Public Speaking was selected for the Illustration Single category.

Fourth-year Photo student Emma Blackshaw’s series Emerging Existence was selected for the Photography Series category. Her series investigates the relationship between familiar Canadian landscapes and the surreal element of lighting. “In this series I wanted to explore the idea of staging scenes that exist somewhere between reality and imagination. The landscapes allow the viewer familiarity, but the lighting transforms the familiar place into a mysterious, spooky, and dream-like environment.”

In the Packaging Design Series category, fourth-year Graphic Design student Hoda Gharai’s Bambino pasta and spaghetti for children was featured. “Bambino means kid in Italian and is designed for children. As target users, they are attracted to the package, because it is small, colourful, communicative and also comes in three different favourable flavours. Although Bambino's brand block is different in imagery, it communicates as a unity.”

In the Packaging Design Single category, fourth-year Industrial Design student Sarah Eldershaw’s Shoe String Assemblies was selected. “This is my packaging and branding concept for Shoe String Assemblies, a flat-packing DIY shoe kit. Everything needed to construct the pair of shoes is included inside the kit. Much like the construction of shoe, the packaging does not use glue; the shoelace is what tethers the package together.”

Applied Arts Student Awards announced

Package Design by Hoda Gharaie
Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 3:30pm

Applied Arts announced its annual Student Award winners earlier this month. Submissions were received from students in 18 countries this year, more than doubling the competition’s submissions over last year. Students from several programs at OCAD U are among the winners:

Emma Blackshaw (fourth-year Photography)
Hong Chen (second-year Illustration)
Bonnie Cheung (BDes, Advertising, 2014)
Sarah Eldershaw (BDes, Industrial Design, 2014)
Hoda Gharaie (fourth-year Graphic Design)
Sang Hee Lee (BDes, Illustration, 2014)
Cornelia Li (BDes, Illustration, 2014)

Their work will appear in the November/December 2014 issue of Applied Arts, as well as be included in the Winners' Gallery and Archives on the website and at the Applied Arts Creative Excellence (AACE) party on October 29 in Toronto, where the AACE award will be announced for the Student Award winner with highest score from the jury.