April Hickox: Artist Talk

Thursday, October 3, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Through lens-based explorations of site and place, she investigates collective histories embedded in the landscape. Her work observes tracts of land that have escaped development or areas that are in the process of natural regeneration, primarily in the Carolinian forest areas of Ontario. "My work questions what is 'wild' and how we are renegotiating our relationship with wilderness and our environment".

April's current studio practice borrows from traditions of still life painting to explore ideas of personal narrative and memory. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has work in numerous public and private collections in Canada.

MacLaren Benefactors and contributing artists are invited to join us on October 3 for the annual Benefactor Artist Talk, an exclusive event for those involved with the programme. Our speakers this year are Barrie artist Jonathan Sadowski and Toronto artist April Hickox. A wine and cheese reception will precede short presentations by the artists and a Q&A session will follow.

Please RSVP to Sheila Delaney at 705-720-1044 ext. 226 or sheila@maclarenart.com

Venue & Address: 
MacLaren Art Centre 37 Mulcaster Street Barrie, ON
705-720-1044 ext. 226
photo of the artist and her camera looking out over water

Opening Reception: April Hickox: Plein Air

Invitation to Plein Air by April Hickox
Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 4:00pm

This public artwork replaces Park Workers, installed at the Centre Island pier in 2013 after a city workers labour disruption.  "In this earlier body of work, I wanted to draw attention to the people in the environment who make positive change, improving life for everyone by nurturing the very limited green spaces in our city," said Associate Professor April Hickox of Park Workers. 

Plein Air is the next phase of this ongoing photographic project, using images of people who visit the park as respite from the city of steel and glass. "At a time when many people sit in front of a computer for entertainment, I am interested in the people who come to the Island to be in a natural environment.  Some come for an hour to photograph the skyline, while others return on a regular basis."

Today, the Toronto Islands include a car-free alternative community of 750 residents amidst the largest green space in the city, located less than one mile from downtown Toronto. Like most urban parks, the parkland on the Islands was constructed as a stylized wilderness environment for public use. These images explore notions of the wild and our human interaction with a idealized wilderness.  As the city grows, and the potential of green space shrinks, the Islands and the people who care about the land become even more important.

These portraits have been taken over many years in all seasons. On view in time for Canada Day, installed at the Centre Island Pier, and the exhibition will be launched with a celebratory communal picnic on Thursday July 5th from 4 PM to 7 PM.  All are welcome to attend!

Hickox is a lens-based artist, educator and independent curator ... and a life-long Islander. 

Venue & Address: 
Centre Island Pier, Toronto Islands

April Hickox, Simone Jones & Claire Brunet: Sabbatical Presentations

Photo of blue objects with black background
Photo of Simone Jones with a rig
photo of Claire Brunet with sculptural image in the background
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Faculty of Art 2016-17 Sabbatical Presentations by April Hickox, Simone Jones & Claire Brunet

Tuesday, February 28th, 12:00-2:00

April Hickox

PROVIDENCE UNKNOWN: is a series of photographic stills and videos that question issues of value, providence, authorship and the structures in place for the teaching of art. This work includes seven chapters or series of works produced during Professor April Hickox’s sabbatical.

April Hickox a lens based artist, teacher and independent curator. April's work is based in narratives, with a broad range of approaches to subject, encompassing history, memory, and site. She has produced work in various media including photography, film, video and installation. Supported by all levels of funding throughout her career she is an active community leader, the founding director of Gallery 44 and a member of the Art with Heart committee. Notable exhibitions include the, Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Maclaren Art Centre, The Oakville Galleries, Tom Thompson Memorial Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Most recently her video work Primaries was shown at the Surrey Gallery in B.C.

Simone Jones

DURATIONAL LANDSCAPES: Professor Simone Jones will present her recent experiments with robotics, video and photography. She will also discuss her in-progress studio/research projects that were initiated during her half-sabbatical.

Simone Jones is a multidisciplinary artist who works with film, video, sculpture and electronics. Jones graduated from the Ontario College of Art (OCA) with a concentration in Experimental Art and received her MFA in Sculpture Instal-lation from York University in Toronto. Jones has exhibited her work at national and international venues.

Claire Brunet

INDENTITY; fromREAL toVIRTUAL :  Professor Claire Brunet’s sabbatical presentation focuses on research projects that explore figuration at a time when tech-nological developments influence our relationship with the self and provoke a questioning of the notion of identity.

During an artist residency in Duntara Newfoundland Professor Brunet explored the concept of identity through cultural referent; the objective was to appropriate objects of meaning that convey a deep sense of cultural identity. Her research approach questioned how could we extend creative exploration through technological developments that enhance our perception and our interaction with spatial environments.

Professor Brunet explored different platforms in which the 3D digitized content can interact with the viewer inside an im-mersive context such as dome 320•-360• or Virtual Reality. The research outcome was the creation of a Virtual Reality experience using the VIVE technology.

Her research aims to stimulate students to explore multiple ways of interacting with objects in space, and to create instal-lation involving the real and the virtual, the material and the immaterial.

Claire Brunet is a sculptor and Associate Professor in Media and installation art: Sculpture/Installation program and Fabri-cation Studio Bronze Casting and Digital Processes at OCAD University. In June 2014 Brunet completed a PhD degree in Fine Arts, in the Special Individualized Program (SIP)/ Interdisciplinary Program (INDI) at Concordia University in Montreal. Her research work explores expanded spatial boundaries and the influence of a 3D digital and technological context on the artist’s creative process in sculpture practice. Brunet’s sculpture project proposes temporal forces that stress the opposing values at work in a hypermodern society (Lipovetsky 2005).


Venue & Address: 
OCAD University MCA Room 284


April Hickox
Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 4:00am to Sunday, May 25, 2008 - 4:00am

This summer the MacLaren is featuring three consecutive exhibitions of artwork from its Permanent Collection. The first in this series highlights the work of senior Canadian photographer and OCAD Photography program Chair April Hickox, followed by artist David Bolduc, May 29 to June 22, and abstract painter William Ronald, June 26 through July 27.

April Hickox has lived much of her life on one of the Toronto Islands. She has moved off the island several times but continually returns. This series, Passing, documents the change of seasons on the islands, as well as a time when Hickox was returning to the islands after a period away. The photographs express new beginnings, yet reminisce about the comforts of home. The artist develops these visual stories from her own experiences and invites the viewer into a domestic space that is clearly lived in: an unmade bed; a tea cup left on the kitchen table; a house plant with a string of lights, perhaps acting as a Christmas tree. Hickox has carefully chosen which moments to portray and the sequence of these moments.

The blurred focus in some images expresses a sense of movement between moments, aiding the audience in a journey determined by Hickox. However, by picking and choosing these images, the artist reinvents this series of photographs as fiction, allowing the viewer to transport him or herself into these familiar scenes.

April Hickox lives and works in Toronto and is the Chair of Photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She continues an active schedule of solo and group exhibitions of photography, installation and film work. Her work is included in the collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, MacLarenArtCentre, Royal Bank of Canada, Winnipeg Art Gallery and others. Hickox is represented by Leo Kamen Gallery in Toronto.

The second artist in this series features a selection of paintings by Canadian artist David Bolduc (1945–) on view in the Molson Gallery May 29 through June 22. These vibrant watercolours contrast with Bolduc’s recent abstract and playful, collage-based work. The paintings appear, at first, to be documenting scenes from the artist’s extensive travels but a sense of seriousness and mystery unfolds as the viewer realizes these streets and landscapes are void of people. The opening reception takes place Thursday, June 12, 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the MacLaren.

The final exhibition in this series features the work of one of Canada’s most well-known abstract painters, William Ronald (1926–1998). On view in the Molson Gallery, June 26 to July 27. The small, energetic oil on canvas sketches made shortly before the artist’s death, are juxtaposed with earlier, large-scale abstract work. Ronald had a strong connection to Barrie, having spent his final years living and working in the old Bell building on Dunlop Street. The opening reception takes place Friday, June 27, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the MacLaren.

Venue & Address: 
MacLaren Art Centre 37 Mulcaster Street, Barrie, Ontario


Ritual, by April Hickox
Saturday, January 12, 2008 - 5:00am to Saturday, February 9, 2008 - 5:00am

Ritual is an exhibition of works by April Hickox, Associate Professor/Chair of Photography, OCAD.
Hickox is also the founding director of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. She has been presenting her thought-provoking and often intimate images for over twenty years, focusing on issues of memory, communication and lived experience.

Venue & Address: 
Leo Kamen Gallery 80 Spadina AvenueSuite 406, Toronto, Ontario

April Hickox is participating in a group show with James Gardner opening at Katzman Contemporary

Abstract black  shape on portrait background
Abstract black square shape on colored background
Friday, February 5, 2016 - 5:00am to Saturday, March 5, 2016 - 5:00am

April Hickox will present new works from Providence Unknown, part of seven interlocking bodies of work that explore providence, authorship, and the structures in place for the teaching of art.

This series begins to question how we determine what is “art” ... the final product that artists present to the world ... what has value in the cultural market ... and what remains unseen within the artistic process. Provenance Unknown will be paired with new works by James Gardner.

Opening reception: Friday, February 12, 6:00 PM
April Hickox be in attendance on the following afternoon, Saturday February 13, from 2:00 PM to 5:00

Venue & Address: 
86 Miller Street Toronto ON M6N 2Z9
416 654 9515