Imago Mundi — Great and North

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 7:00pm to Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 5:00pm

Imago Mundi — Great and North
October 24 to December 16, 2018


Public opening reception

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
7 to 9 p.m.


This comprehensive exhibition features works by 760 artists from across Canada, including Inuit and Indigenous artists from Turtle Island. The exhibition brochure is available online here.

Imago Mundi — Great and North


Installation designed by architect Tobia Scarpa
Documentary video by Laurie Kwasnik

Francesca Valente, Lead Curator of the exhibition, has selected artists from Central and Eastern Canada working in several disciplines: painting, sculpture, architecture, design, cinema, music and literature. Among the featured artists are: Rebecca Belmore, Edward Burtynsky, Douglas Cardinal, Jack Diamond, Robert Houle, Moshe Safdie, Andrew Jones, Mary Pratt, Michael Snow, Margaret Atwood.

Jennifer Karch Verzè curated contemporary Western Canadian, Inuit, and Indigenous artists from Canada and the United States.


It is a simple and powerful idea: to concentrate an enormous scope of vision – the work of almost 800 artists of various disciplines from across the vast territory of North America, including Canada’s far north – into a space one can hold in the palm of a hand. Painters, sculptors, photographers, architects and writers, each with their own vision and intent, working in mediums as varied and intimate as rose petals and sealskin, each creating a work on a canvas of 10 x 12 cm: that is the exhibition Imago Mundi Great and North, illuminating how such a diversity of landscape and practitioner can create an intriguing and inventive whole. It is affecting to witness the scope of the exhibit – the sheer number of works – and the intimacy of each canvas. Here almost 800 people have left their mark, a statement in their own hand, the size of a hand. It is a reminder of how various and vulnerable we are, a reminder in this agitated world of what it means to concentrate one’s full attention on the smallest detail. Great and North is part of an ongoing project that has been collecting these small works – all identical in size – from across the globe. It is a remarkable venture, and it is the grandeur of its ambition coupled with the humbleness of the size of each work that so slyly demonstrates the dual truth of human scale – both our reach and our mortality. Art imagines beyond the self, to something undeniably universal. It also says, poignantly, like these small canvases, “here I am”.

- Anne Michaels


Imago Mundi is about Art and the World without borders — a democratic, collective and global map-in-the-making of human culutres at the start of the third millenium — as envisioned by Luciano Benetton, art patron and creator of United Colors of Benetton. With a single format, 10 x 12 cm, the entire international Imago Mundi collection brings together artists from every continent: to date, more than 25,000 from over 150 countries.


Onsite Gallery is the flagship professional gallery of OCAD U and an experimental curatorial platform for art, design and new media. Visit our website for upcoming public events. The gallery is located at 199 Richmond St. W, Toronto, ON, M5V 0H4. Telephone: 416-977-6000, ext. 265. Opening hours are: Wednesdays from noon to 8 p.m.; Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 7 p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Free admission.


Onsite Gallery gratefully acknowledges that the new gallery construction project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Canada Cultural Spaces Fund at Canadian Heritage, the City of Toronto through a Section 37 agreement and Aspen Ridge Homes; with gallery furniture by Nienkämper. Onsite Gallery logo by Dean Martin Design.


Image: Meryl McMaster, Wayfinding, 2015, mixed media, 10 x 12 cm. Courtesy of the Luciano Benetton Collection.

Venue & Address: 
Onsite Gallery (199 Richmond St. W.)
416-977-6000 x456
Imago Mundi


Grine Kuzine
Friday, December 2, 2016

Using recycled cardboard and faded memories; Evan Tapper recreates his grandmother’s 1930s kitchen in Winnipeg to reflect on past and present hardships of starting life anew as an immigrant.



abstract figurative work, predominantly blue
Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 4:00am to Saturday, October 29, 2016 - 4:00am



OCTOBER 7TH - 29TH, 2016



“At what precise moment...

...does an individual stop being who he thinks he is?

You know, I don't like complications.

Cut off my arm. I say, "Me and my arm."

You cut off my other arm. I say, "Me and my two arms."

You...take out...

...take out my stomach, my kidneys,

assuming that were possible...

And I say, "Me and my intestines."

Follow me?

And now, if you cut off my head...

...would I say, "Me and my head" or "Me and my body"?

What right has my head to call itself me?

What right?”

Excerpt from the film “The Tenant”, 1976, by Roman Polanski.


Michael Antkowiak (Warsaw, 1977) is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, and completed his MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2003. He has since exhibited in public and commercial galleries in Canada and abroad, including the Queens Museum of Art, in New York City, and Carrie Secrist Gallery, in Chicago, Il. Michael is a recipient of several artist’s grants and residencies, including the Toronto Arts Council Grant, and the Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship. Michael lives and works in Toronto, and in addition to his studio practice, teaches as a drawing and painting instructor at OCAD University.



Blue, oil on canvas 12”x16” 2016

Venue & Address: 

Black Future Month art exhibition returns to OCAD University

Black History month art call banner
Black History month art call banner
group of people, some holding hands
Friday, January 8, 2016 - 5:00am

We are excited to inform you that the Black Future Month art exhibition will be returning to OCAD University for 2016 as part of the Black History Month Program at OCADU.

The 4th Annual BLACK FUTURE MONTH 3016 Art Exhibition will be spread across campus between the Ada Slaight Gallery Space (Transit Space) in 100 McCaul, the Open Gallery Space in 49 McCaul St. and the Graduate Gallery at 205 Richmond st. The Exhibit will consist of OCAD U students, alumni, staff and Faculty along with select artists from the Black Community.

The 4th Annual BLACK FUTURE MONTH 3016 Art Exhibition is a professional curated platform that was created in 2012 by OCADU alumna Danilo McCallum. Now in its 4th edition of the exhibit, it is dedicated to showing work of artists who identify as being of African decent to explore the infinite expressions of Afrofuturism, Black speculative fiction, Afro-Surrealism and other expansive themes like Black identity, culture and existence in the future, real or imagined.

Submission Deadline: January 8th, 2016

Submission guidelines are the following:
• Contact Info and area of study
• Brief reason of interest (300 words or less)
• Brief Artist statement or Short proposal (150 words or less) including specification on work dimensions and any installation specification
• Digital Images – Jpeg Format less than 5mb, Audio – Mp3, Video – Still image + online link
All mediums will be accepted
But space is limited.

Send Submissions to
Installation begins February 1st and exhibit will run to March.
Selected artists will be notified within a weeks of the application

For more information visit:

We are excited to inform you that the Black Future Month art exhibition will be returning to OCAD University for 2016 a part of the Black History Month Program at OCADU.
poster for the call for submissions

How to Breathe Forever Family Kit

Onsite Gallery Family Kit
Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 10:15am

Onsite Gallery, OCAD University is happy to offer a free interactive guide for families and young visitors to creatively engage with our current contemporary art exhibition, How to Breathe Forever.

What is the family kit?

The family kit is a self-guided tour designed for families or younger visitors. It contains questions and activities to help younger audiences engage with the artwork within the exhibition.

The family kit has:

  1. A printed guide that includes questions and activities organized by artwork. It has three parts:
    1. Something to think about…
      This section has questions that makes the viewer have a closer look at the artwork in order to help them engage with the main ideas proposed by it. Great for any age from 3 up.
    2. Activity (each has its own name)
      These are didactic activities thought to stimulate the use of diverse senses as well as the imagination of the young visitors and their companions.
    3. Let’s continue the discussion!
      Questions with a higher level of complexity. They are meant for a teen audience and are critical-thinking oriented.
  2. Activity cards that have the same information in the guide, but that are easy to handle and carry along in the gallery.
  3. Family kit (the box) with diverse materials that should be provided for the activities.


Intended audiences

  • Children from 3 years old up, but toddlers may also join the fun.
  • Teenagers
  • Their companions and/or caregivers

How to access the family kit
Simply visit Onsite Gallery (199 Richmond St. West) and ask for the family kit at the front desk.


The family kit was created by Karina Roman Justo and designed by Setayesh Babaei.

How to Breathe Forever underlines the importance and interconnectedness of air, animals, land, plants and water. The belief that everything in the universe has a place and deserves equal respect is the core of this exhibition and positions our relations with others  ̶  including the ‘natural’ world  ̶  as active and reciprocal. The exhibition invites you to consider an expanded personhood that attentively collaborates and exchanges with living things. The exhibition brochure is available online here.

How to Breathe Forever is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and Nexus Investments.

Onsite Gallery is the flagship professional gallery of OCAD U and an experimental curatorial platform for art, design and new media. Visit our website for upcoming public events. The gallery is located at 199 Richmond St. W, Toronto, ON, M5V 0H4. Telephone: 416-977-6000, ext. 265. Opening hours are: Wednesdays from noon to 8 p.m.; Thursdays and Fridays from noon to 7 p.m.; Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Free admission

See The Forest Through The Trees

Monday, October 15, 2018 - 7:15pm to Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 9:00pm

This exhibition showcases illustrations and zines which spans Cleopatria Peterson's creative career.

Cleopatria enjoys storytelling using detailed ink and pen illustrations in her artwork and zines, exploring the complexities of experiencing trauma, and of healing through nature, from a perspective of a marginalized person.

Each meticulously inked piece touches back to nature; and how it can heal you. Pages are stand-alone illustrative works or taken from narratives

Cleopatria is a Toronto based illustrator and comic artist, studying Publications at OCAD University.

On at the Learning Zone Gallery until November 20

Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone Gallery, 113 McCaul Street, Level 1. Also accessible from 122 St. Patrick Street
416-977-6000, ext. 2529
See The Forest Through The Trees, illustrations and zines by Cleopatria Peterson

Diagrams of Power

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 7:00pm to Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 7:00am

Diagrams of Power
July 11 to September 29, 2018

Group exhibition featuring work by Joshua Akers, The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project, Josh Begley, Joseph Beuys, Vincent Brown, Bureau d'études, Department of Unusual Certainties, W. E. B. Du Bois, Estudio Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman, Forensic Architecture, Iconoclasistas, Julie Mehretu, Lize Mogel, Ogimaa Mikana, Margaret Pearce, Laura Poitras, Philippe Rekacewicz and Visualizing Impact

Curated by Patricio Dávila

Diagrams of Power showcases art and design works using data, diagrams, maps and visualizations as ways of challenging dominant narratives and supporting the resilience of marginalized communities. The exhibition brochure is available online here.

Diagrams of Power


Joshua Akers
Joshua Akers is an Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban and Regional Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He is the founder and director of the Urban Praxis Workshop and member of the Property Praxis Research Collective. Akers’ research and writing examines the intersection of markets and policy and their material impacts on everyday life. This work has appeared in Environment and Planning A, Geoforum, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Urban Geography, Derive and Guernica.

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
Erin McElroy is the cofounder of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and the activist-based peer-reviewed Radical Housing Journal. She is a doctoral candidate in Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, focusing on techno imaginaries and postsocialist Romania and Silicon Valley. The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project is a data visualization, data analysis, and digital storytelling collective documenting dispossession and resistance upon gentrifying US landscapes.

Josh Begley
Josh Begley is a data artist and app developer based in Brooklyn, New York. Begley is the director of two short films, Best of Luck with the Wall (2016) and Concussion Protocol (2018). His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York Magazine, the Whitney, the Met Breuer, the Museum of Modern Art, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Joseph Beuys
Joseph Beuys (12 May 1921 – 23 January 1986) was a German Fluxus, happening, and performance artist as well as a sculptor, installation artist, graphic artist, art theorist, and pedagogue. His extensive work is grounded in concepts of humanism, social philosophy and anthroposophy; it culminates in his "extended definition of art" and the idea of social sculpture as a gesamtkunstwerk, for which he claimed a creative, participatory role in shaping society and politics. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of the second half of the 20th century.

Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown is the Charles Warren Professor of History and Professor of African and African American Studies and Director of the History Design Studio at Harvard University. He is a multi-media historian with a keen interest in the political implications of cultural practice. Brown is the author of The Reaper's Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery (Harvard University Press, 2008) and producer of an audiovisual documentary about the anthropologist Melville J. Herskovits broadcast on the PBS series Independent Lens. He is currently writing a book about African diasporic warfare in the Americas.

Bureau d’études
Bureau d’études is an artist collective that lives and works in Saint Menoux, France. For 15 years, the group has developed research on the structures of power and capitalism. The group is currently working on a collective project on agriculture, commons and resymbolizing research:

Department of Unusual Certainties
The Department of Unusual Certainties' objective is to use thoughtful, research-driven design to inspire engagement and dialogue. They practice the tradition of pragmatism, strategically applying design in the physical world to affect the social good. In 2010, Department of Unusual Certainties started as a result of a shared need to ask questions about our everyday existence. This curiosity continues to grow and has manifested over the years through projects that traverse urban design, public art, education, cartography and social engagement.

W. E. B. Du Bois
Scholar and activist W.E.B. Du Bois was born on February 23, 1868, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. In 1895, he became the first African American to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Du Bois wrote extensively and was the best-known spokesperson for African-American rights during the first half of the 20th century. He co-founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (N.A.A.C.P.) in 1909. Du Bois died in Ghana in 1963.

Estudio Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman
Teddy Cruz is a professor of Public Culture and Urbanization in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of California, San Diego, and Director of Urban Research in the UCSD Center on Global Justice. Fonna Forman is a professor of Political Theory and Founding Director of the Center on Global Justice at the University of California, San Diego.  

Cruz + Forman are principals in Estudio Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman, a research-based political and architectural practice in San Diego. Blurring conventional boundaries between theory and practice, and transgressing the fields of architecture and urbanism, political theory and urban policy, visual arts and public culture, Cruz + Forman lead a variety of urban research agendas and civic/public interventions in the San Diego-Tijuana border region and beyond. They will represent the United States in the 2018 Venice Architectural Biennale.

Forensic Architecture
Forensic Architecture is a research agency based at Goldsmiths, University of London, consisting of architects, artists, filmmakers, journalists, software developers, scientists, lawyers, and an extended network of collaborators from a wide variety of fields and disciplines. Founded in 2010 by Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture is committed to the development and dissemination of new evidentiary techniques. It undertakes advanced architectural and media investigations on behalf of international prosecutors, human rights and civil society groups, as well as political and environmental justice organisations, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B’tselem, Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and the UN, among others.

Formed in 2006, Iconoclasistas is Pablo Ares and Julia Risler. Their projects combine graphic art, creative workshops and community-based research. Their works are offered online through Creative Commons licenses allowing free distribution and encouraging the creation of derivative works. Through the use of graphic devices and the design of several tools, Iconoclasistas fosters critical reflection that supports resistance and transformation.

Julie Mehretu
In the age of globalization, Julie Mehretu has created a new form of history painting whose themes include identity, cultural history, geography, and personal narrative. Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, raised in East Lansing, Michigan, educated in Rhode Island and Senegal, and she resides in New York City and Berlin. Her life experience is reflected in her visual vocabulary, which is drawn from maps, urban-planning grids, and architectural forms. These are combined to make dynamic, delicate paintings, drawings, and prints that blur the line between abstraction and figuration. Mehretu’s art embodies the interconnected and complex character of the world.

Lize Mogel
Lize Mogel is an interdisciplinary artist and counter-cartographer. Her work intersects the fields of popular education, cultural production, public policy, and mapping. She creates maps and mappings that produce new understandings of social and political issues. She has mapped public parks in Los Angeles; future territorial disputes in the Arctic; and wastewater economies in New York City. She is co-editor of the book/map collection "An Atlas of Radical Cartography,” a project that significantly influenced the conversation and production around mapping and activism.

Ogimaa Mikana
Ogimaa Mikana is an artist collective founded by Susan Blight (Anishinaabe, Couchiching) and Hayden King (Anishinaabe, Gchi’mnissing) in January 2013. Through public art, site-specific intervention, and social practice, Ogimaa Mikana asserts Anishinaabe self-determination on the land and in the public sphere.

Margaret Pearce
Margaret Pearce is a cartographer and writer based in Rockland, Maine. Since 2006, she has dedicated herself to exploring and developing the expressive capacities of cartographic language to represent human experience and dialogues across cultures to decolonize narratives and empower silenced voices. Pearce has eighteen years of experience teaching cartographic design, map history and Indigenous geographies at the university level, most recently as Associate Professor of Geography at University of Kansas. She is enrolled Citizen Potawatomi Nation, and former president of the North American Cartographic Information Society.

Laura Poitras
Laura Poitras is a filmmaker, journalist and artist. CITIZENFOUR, the third installment of her post-9/11 Trilogy, won an Academy Award for Best Documentary, along with awards from the British Film Academy, Independent Spirit Awards, Director’s Guild of America and others. She recently presented a series of immersive installations and new work for her solo exhibition, ASTRO NOISE (2016), at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Her reporting on NSA mass surveillance based on Edward Snowden’s disclosures won the George Polk Award for national security journalism, and shared in the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. She is on the board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and is co-creator of the visual journalism project Field of Vision.

Philippe Rekacewicz
Philippe Rekacewicz is a French geographer, cartographer and information designer and associate researcher at the University of Helsinki. With Philippe Rivière, he developed, a research website dedicated to “radical and experimental cartography and geography.” Rekacewicz follows issues such as demography, refugees and displaced persons, and migration and statelessness persons. He has worked on a number of projects bringing together cartography, art and politics, especially studying how communities and political or economic powers produce the cartographic vision of the territories on which they operate, and how they can manipulate those maps.

Visualizing Impact
Visualizing Impact is a laboratory for innovation at the intersection of data science, technology, and design. Visualizing Impact creates impactful tools highlighting critical social issues around the world.


Diagrams of Power is produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, OCAD University's Office of the Faculty of Design, Public Visualization Lab, Nexus Investments, Multi Touch Digital and Microsoft.

Diagram of Power's public workshops and research engagement events is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Onsite Gallery gratefully acknowledges that the new gallery construction project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Canada Cultural Spaces Fund at Canadian Heritage, the City of Toronto through a Section 37 agreement and Aspen Ridge Homes; with gallery furniture by Nienkämper. Onsite Gallery logo by Dean Martin Design.


Image: Forensic Architecture, The Ayotzinapa Case: A Cartography of Violence (still), 2017. Video, 18 min. 24 sec.

Venue & Address: 
Onsite Gallery (199 Richmond St. W., Ground Floor)
416-977-6000 x456
 Image: Forensic Architecture, The Ayotzinapa Case: A Cartography of Violence (still), 2017. Video, 18 min. 24 sec.
Diagrams of Power Supporters

Notes From The Wind

Images of the flower Chrysanthemums painted on wood.
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 6:00pm to Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 6:00pm

This month starts with a new exhibition at the Learning Zone Gallery called Notes From the Wind.  

Drawing and Painting: Digital Painting and Expanded Animation student, Kenny Tran and Drawing & Painting student, Emily Zhou curated this exhibition, highlighting artworks of 19 OCAD U students from the Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Futures, and Environmental Design programs. 

This exhibition aims to provide students with an opportunity to explore the interpretation and portrayal of ‘nature’ in a new lens—through black and white/greyscale artworks (including artworks with minimal colour). The de-emphasis of colour as the primary artistic medium promotes an examination of the subject matter based on the emphasis of form, design, and values seen in nature, while interpreting the perpetuity of black and white imagery in relation to current developments of the world within a collective context. 

Image credit: Woman in Chrysanthemum Forest Under Full Moon: Part 1 by Sohae Jeong

On until February 24


Samaa Ahmed

Alyssa Mae Bernardo

Shelby Doerfler

Sara Dube

Melissa Eaton

Dave Foster

Sohae Jeong

Reyhane Khonsari

Shannon Leigh

Karen Joyce Li

Vincy Lim

Donny Nie

Cleopatria Peterson

Michelle Rosen

Mikhail Shchupak-Katsman

Ron Siu

Prateek Verma

Xulin Wang

Yina Wang

Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone, 113 McCaul Street, Level 1. Also accessible from 122 St. Patrick Street
416-977-6000 ext. 2529

The Sunshine Eaters Exhibition Opening Reception

The Sunshine Eaters
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Join us for a free party to celebrate the opening of the newest exhibition at Onsite Gallery, The Sunshine Eaters!


  • The Sunshine Eaters Exhibition Opening Reception: 8 to 10 p.m.
    Onsite Gallery
    199 Richmond St. W.
  • Come early and hear:
    Nick Cave and Ebony G. Patterson in Conversation: 6:30 to 8 p.m.
    OCAD University
    100 McCaul St., Auditorium, Rm 190
    ASL interpretation provided

The Sunshine Eaters is an original multi-sensory exhibition that highlights how artists and designers look to the land and its plants, flowers and trees as a means to imagine and conjure hope in the face of local and global crises.

Featuring work by: Shary Boyle, Nick Cave, Robert Holmes, Jim Holyoak, Brian Jungen, Jessica Karuhanga, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Nina Leo and Moez Surani, Tony Matelli, Alanis Obomsawin, Ebony G. Patterson and Winnie Truong. Curated by Lisa Deanne Smith.

Exhibition runs January 10 to April 15, 2018.


About Onsite Gallery –
Onsite Gallery is the flagship professional gallery of OCAD U and an experimental curatorial platform for art, design and new media. Visit our website for upcoming public events.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.
Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 153 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.

The Sunshine Eaters is also produced with the support of Nexus Investments.

Onsite Gallery gratefully acknowledges that the new gallery construction project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Canada Cultural Spaces Fund at Canadian Heritage, the City of Toronto through a Section 37 agreement and Aspen Ridge Homes; with gallery furniture by Nienkämper. Onsite Gallery logo by Dean Martin Design.

Venue & Address: 
Onsite Gallery (199 Richmond St. W., Ground Floor)
416-977-6000 x456
The Sunshine Eaters