Nick Cave and Ebony G. Patterson in Conversation

The Sunshine Eaters
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Join esteemed international artists Nick Cave and Ebony G. Patterson for a free public talk to kick off the newest exhibition at Onsite Gallery, The Sunshine Eaters. Moderated by curator Lisa Deanne Smith.


  • Nick Cave and Ebony G. Patterson in Conversation: 6:30 to 8 p.m.
    OCAD University
    100 McCaul St., Auditorium, Room 190

    ASL interpretation provided
    No RSVPs are required, however, we recommend you arrive early as seating will be limited.

  • The Sunshine Eaters Exhibition Opening Reception: 8 to 10 p.m.
    Onsite Gallery
    199 Richmond St. W.

Nick Cave is an artist, educator and foremost a messenger, working between the visual and performing arts through a wide range of mediums including sculpture, installation, video, sound and performance. Cave exhibits internationally and recently presented a massive immersive installation Until at MASS MoCA (MA). His works are in many collections including at the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian. Cave is represented by Jack Shainman Gallery.

Jamaican-born artist Ebony G. Patterson’s works employ opulent surfaces and brightly colored patterns to seduce the viewer into confronting the profound social realities contained at their core. Often addressing the use of feminine gendered adornment in the construct of urban masculinity within popular culture, Patterson embellishes photographic tapestries by hand with beading, sequins, fabric and jewelry. Patterson’s aesthetic pulls the viewer in and forces them to bear witness to problematic social conflicts experienced by her subjects. Her works command the viewer to look past the façade – of their rich formal characteristics, of the fabricated fantasies increasingly traded in our consumer and social media-centric culture – and to acknowledge the realities of those not touched by the glitter and gold. The paradoxical means the artist uses to convey this message only emphasizes its urgency and weight. Patterson has had solo exhibitions and projects at many US institutions including The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY (2016); Atlanta Center for Contemporary Art, GA (2016); Museum of Art and Design, NY (2015); and SCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA (2016). In 2018, Patterson will have a large-scale solo exhibition at Pérez Art Museum, Miami. She is presented by Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago.

The Sunshine Eaters is an original multi-sensory exhibition that highlights how artists and designers look to the land and its plants, flowers and trees as a means to imagine and conjure hope in the face of local and global crises.

Featuring work by: Shary Boyle, Nick Cave, Robert Holmes, Jim Holyoak, Brian Jungen, Jessica Karuhanga, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Nina Leo and Moez Surani, Tony Matelli, Alanis Obomsawin, Ebony G. Patterson and Winnie Truong. Curated by Lisa Deanne Smith.

Exhibition runs January 10 to April 15, 2018.

The Sunshine Eaters is produced with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and Nexus Investments.


About Onsite Gallery –
Onsite Gallery is the flagship professional gallery of OCAD U and an experimental curatorial platform for art, design and new media. Visit our website for upcoming public events.


Images: (left) Nick Cave, Soundsuit, 2015, mixed media including vintage toys and globes, wire, fabric, metal and mannequin, 104" x 50" x 44." © Nick Cave. Photo by James Prinz Photography. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. (right) Ebony G. Patterson, Bad Pickney from the Fambily series, 2013, mixed media on hand-embellished, jacquard woven tapestry with 56 fabric balloons, dimensions variable. © Ebony G. Patterson. Collection of Dr. Paul Marks, Toronto.Image courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $153 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.
Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 153 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.

The Sunshine Eaters is also produced with the support of Nexus Investments.

Onsite Gallery gratefully acknowledges that the new gallery construction project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Canada Cultural Spaces Fund at Canadian Heritage, the City of Toronto through a Section 37 agreement and Aspen Ridge Homes; with gallery furniture by Nienkämper.

Venue & Address: 
OCAD University (100 McCaul St., Auditorium, Rm 190)
416-977-6000 x456
Nick Cave and Ebony G. Patterson

ZINE POWER Exhibition

Photograph of Zine Power Exhibition sign. Metal letters on burgandy paper.
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 2:00pm to Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 6:00pm

Zine Power is the current exhibition at the Learning Zone Gallery.

This exhibition features zine work by 14 creators from OCAD University and Toronto zine community.

On display are completed publications including rough notes, sketches, and other process documents that were generated in the making of a zine to give viewers a deeper insight to the experiences of zine creators.

On until December 2


Sahar Abdallah

Pauline Aksay

Tal Sofia Braniss

Carrying Root Collective

Donny Nie

Eunice Lai & Friends

Lindsay Gibb

Tara Krebs

Kai Lumbang

Natalie Mark

Yahn Nemirovsky

Donny Nie

Tami Poliwoda

Lina Wu


Venue & Address: 
Learning Zone, Level 1, 113 McCaul Street. Also accessible from 122 St. Patrick Street
416-977-6000, ext. 2529

Exhibition Opportunity and Job Opportunity

Exhibition and Job Opportunity
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 11:15am to Monday, November 20, 2017 - 11:45pm

This year OCAD University is hosting the 2017 Manning Innovation Symposium on November 30 in the Great Hall. We'd like to display 2D student artwork in the space during the event, already existing artwork is welcome.

Please send your online submissions to Karen Kwon at

Submission deadline is November 20 at 11:59pm.

Job opportunities for student monitors during the event on November 30, please contact if you have any questions.

Venue & Address: 
100 McCaul, The Great Hall, Room 270
(416)977-6000 ext. 4782

Yorkville Village Arts Festival

Yorkville VIllage Arts Festival logo
Friday, November 3, 2017 - 10:00am to Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 6:00pm

In the best spirit of artistic collaboration, the Yorkville Village Arts Festival is a joint initiative between First Capital Realty and Faculty of Art at OCAD University. Held annually at Yorkville Village, this cultural event showcases contemporary art works and events to promote the arts and cultural exchange in the heart of Toronto’s historic Yorkville district.

The Festival is a “one of a kind” project developed between FCR and OCAD U that features a juried exhibition of art by OCAD U students and recent graduates and a set of dynamic events that are programmed exclusively for the festival during the six-day event.



Kaiatanoron Bush

Jasmine Cardenas

Tia Cavanagh

Chief Lady Bird

Hudson Christie

Michelle Cieloszczyk

Nicholas Crombach

Nicole Del Medico

Fiona Evans

Simon Falk

Jana Ghalayini

Mike Goldby

Brian Harvey

John Holland

Lindsay Kerrigan Holton

Kenny Lam

Vanessa Maltese

Pablo Oh

Pasi Paltanen

Rajni Perera

Wei Qi

David Constantino Salazar

Michael Seleski

Virginia Gail Smith

Louis-Philippe Tremblay-Chapdelaine

Quentin VerCetty

Alex Wood

Alex Yardley


Venue & Address: 
Yorkville Village, 55 Avenue Rd, Toronto
Yorkville Village Arts Festival flyer

David R. Harper

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, new paintings by Nick Ostoff, Faculty of Art

painting_circular frame-like image on background
Friday, December 2, 2016 - 5:00am to Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 5:00am

Christie Contemporary is pleased to present And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Nick Ostoff, opening Friday, December 2 from 6-8pm. 

This body of work continues Ostoff’s exploration of objects and spaces within the interior domestic sphere—cast shadows, reflected light, random surface marks, and fragments of commonplace objects, the type of overlooked elements one might find half-concealed in the background of a generic family snapshot—with the aim of addressing both memory, and the unheimlich (Freud’s term for the ‘estranged familiar’). Despite the intimacy of this context, Ostoff is not interested in autobiography, self-portraiture, or sentimentalizing the familial. Rather, he is attracted to these objects and spaces for their very banality and ordinariness. Through his particular working process, they are agents ripe for perceptual reshaping, not unlike scenes viewed through a cinematic filter.

Looking to the way in which quotidian space is naturally transformed through a condition of absence into a reflexive index in memory, Nick Ostoff further amplifies this quality of the imperfect echo with the mechanics of representation and the painterly process. In re-framing overlooked but familiar visual phenomena, Ostoff seeks to heighten their perceptual ambiguity, to suggest suppressed elements of the uncanny, and in so doing, activate a kind of phenomenological intensity. There is a palpable sense of the ‘not seen,’ in part achieved with a working methodology that involves reduction and restraint, where seemingly straightforward imagery is all but ushered away from the conventions of representation, reconfigured as ostensible abstraction, to create an elliptical viewing experience in which fixed perspectives are destabilized. 

Working from anecdotal photographs, each painting is deliberately built up through multiple layers of translucent pigment, a crucial aspect to the recontextualization of these images, a process which effectively dissolves the spatial/temporal specificity of the photographic source, while retaining its pictorial trace. Thus, each painting is situated in an ambiguous realm that is proximate to, yet utterly removed from our quotidian experience. 

Venue & Address: 
Christie Contemporary 64 Miller Street Toronto, Ontario
416 551-2005

here alone together, new paintings by Stella Cade

colourful abstract image of two figures
Saturday, November 26, 2016 - 5:00am

November 5, 12, 19 and 26 2016

2 -­ 6

here alone together

new paintings by Stella Cade

Join us Saturdays in November. The Artist will be present. Essay by Michael Davidson

"Picture this.

You and I, sitting on the couch. I'm at one end, you're at the other. We haven’t spoken a

word in a while. The room feels silent, but it’s not really. The sounds of the building are

around us. The clock is ticking, the whir of the lights is faint. We are hearing all of this on our

own but also know it is shared experience. We are both in this air, this light, this space

around us.

Picture this.

You and I engaged in thought. Completely and comfortably lost in our own moment in time.

Picture this.

Here we are. Alone, together."

Stella Cade 2016

About the Artist:

Stella Cade (1988, Toronto) has studied at the Art Students League, Concordia University and

received her BFA from OCADU in 2013. Her expressive figures create a dialogue regarding the

complications of intimacy and identity. Cade was awarded the People's Choice Award at the

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition in 2011 and The Donna Maclean Award for portraiture and

representational painting from OCADU in 2013. Cade is the Co-­Founder of Nest


26 is a domestic viewing space for contemporary art in the Beaconsfield neighborhood of Toronto, Canada.

A curatorial collaboration between artists Nicole Collins and Michael Davidson, 26 features an open program

of diverse local and international artists and seeks to engage the viewer in a critical and relaxed experience

with art.

26 Mackenzie Crescent, Toronto, ON, M6J 1T1

Saturdays, 2-­6 or by appointment

416 346 3246



Venue & Address: 
26 Mackenzie Crescent, Toronto, ON, Saturdays, 2-­6 or by appointment
416 346 3246

Escape to Camp CMYK

Woman wearing art cape
Dark image of fire
Dark image of illuminated art
Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 11:45pm to Friday, November 11, 2016 - 11:00pm

Escape to Camp CMYK is an augmented campground, an experiential landscape that expels the stresses of everyday life, through the interplay of both the virtual and the physical. Entering through the campground’s trails, reveals an immersive space filled with hypnotic campfire, celestial light play, and an alien canopy. Exploring the campground divulges a performance that embodies the search for physical and mental serenity. Escape to Camp CMYK creates an experimental environment that is submerged in tranquility, by the use of everyday objects, light, and technology. 

With a performance by Sooyeong Lee and Carson Teal

Gallery Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6pm
52 McCaul Street
OCAD U Student Gallery

Exhibiting Artists Websites:

Katie Kotler:

Sooyeong Lee:

Eli Schwanz:

Carson Teal:

Bonnie Tung:

Venue & Address: 
OCAD U Student Gallery 52 McCaul St
Person in a sleeping bag

Awenda Inspired 2016 Exhibition, Opening : Thursday October 27, 5 - 7PM

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 4:00am to Friday, October 28, 2016 - 4:00am

AWENDA INSPIRED EXHIBITION  Opening : Thursday October 27, 5 - 7PM

A group exhibition by DRPT + INVC students, of works made on-site or subsequently created based on experiences at Awenda Provincial Park located on Georgian Bay northwest of Penetanguishene.

Elora Borges, Rocio Tupac Yupanqui Cardoso, Declan David, Kinzi Dempsey, Megan Feheley, Melissa Fice, Hope Flynn, Matthew Morgan Garby, Amanda Robertson-Hebert, Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez, Christine Hirtescu, Jackie Justein, Zahra Lakdawala, Amy Lee, Samantha Leggett, Donny Nie, Arruniya Mohendran, Emma Moore, Lauren Porter, Debora Puricelli, Áine O'Neill, Jade Reyes, Fernando Diaz de Leon Rendon, Connie Santos, Christine Sawa, Hillary Snyder, Peter Tran, Angela Lea Tupper, Colin Zhao, Emily Zou

This event is sponsored by OCAD University DRPT Faculty of Art, in partnership with the generous support of Friends of Awenda and First Student Canada (North York).

For more information: Linda Martinello 



Venue & Address: 
Ada Slaight Student Gallery OCAD University, 100 McCaul St., 2nd Floor
Awenda Inspired poster, text on landscape background

Other Worlds

Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell with artists and Dr. Robert Luke, OCAD U’s VP Research & Innovation.
Visitors admiring the artwork on display
Chief Lady Bird standing with her artwork on display at Other Worlds
Graphic red/orange background, red wrapped package on red patterned table structure
mask like sculpure made of polyurethane tubing
image of the back of a woman in traditional first nations clothing with stylized landscape background
Photo of woman's back with teacups on her shoulders
Thursday, October 6, 2016 - 4:00am to Saturday, December 31, 2016 - 5:00am

Other Worlds An exhibition of works by OCAD University faculty and recent graduates opened at Queen’s Park on September 20th.  The show includes media from photographs and paintings to sculpture and fibre art. It features the work of 19 artists:  Omar Badrin, Kotama Bouabane, Jessica Bromley Bartram, Trudy Erin Elmore, Michelle Forsyth, Mara Gajic, Chung-Im Kim, Nancy King (Chief Lady Bird), Jean-Luc Lindsay, Dorie Millerson, Yasemin Oncu, Luke Painter, Doug Panton, Alejandro A. Rebollar Heres, Andrew Rucklidge, Farihah Aliyah Shah, Amy Swartz, Laura Thipphawong, Janine Wheeler.  Members of the public are able to view the exhibition in person on selected days (Monday to Friday) during tours of the Legislative Building at Queen’s Park. To enquire about visiting, please call the Parliamentary Protocol and Public Relations Branch at 416-325-0061 or visit the website of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Other Worlds. The title conjures up imaginary places, new psychological spaces, and supernatural beings.

Graciously hosted by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Other Worlds is an intentional bringing together of the formal with an idiosyncratic and diverse representation of our OCAD University creative community. In this exhibition, you will encounter highly experimental artistic practices set within the ceremonial and historical context of the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite.

OCAD University embraces imagination in all its forms. Like the Lieutenant Governor’s Office, we observe and honour tradition. A vibrant part of the university’s history, in fact, is preserved at Queen’s Park, where paintings by George Reid, a former principal of the Ontario School of Art (as OCAD University was known a century ago), proliferate across the hallowed walls of the provincial legislature. Additionally, OCAD University’s special remit is to push boundaries, challenge culture, and critically question society’s modes of production. For 140 years, our institution has nurtured unbridled—and sometimes radical—creativity, which has helped shape culture and create prosperity in Ontario, Canada, and far beyond.

Other Worlds is hard evidence of the innovation, intelligence, and skill for which OCAD University stands. A conscious and spirited engagement with the present state of the world is the ethos running throughout all the pieces. Among the varied strategies the artists employ are humour, visual and perceptual play, and the unexpected use of materials.

Thematic cohesion, meanwhile, can be found through the artists’ individual interpretations of landscape and personal space, and by subtle commentary on personal identity. Expressions of culture, politics, and sustainability are deftly handled, while the sensual and even strange use of materials generates engagement, causing the viewer to take a second glance and question each artwork’s intention. In addition, a critical gaze is slyly present, displacing preconceived notions and easy interpretations. By the time you leave this exhibition, we are confident you will have been nudged to look a little deeper and to place yourself in the “other worlds” of these artists have invented.

Despite our outward differences, both OCAD University and the Lieutenant Governor, as important Canadian institutions, stand for many convergent values, most notably those of diversity, democracy, and the sustainable protection of our environment. We play different roles in society, but our work impacts one another in that we both encourage education and the active participation—especially of young people—in democratic decision-making and governance.

As a group exhibition, Other Worlds is a wonderful learning experience for OCAD University graduates and their teachers. We are grateful to Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor for hosting Other Worlds, and we know that all the participants will be thrilled by seeing their work in these marvellous rooms.

Anda Kubis, Associate Dean, Outreach and Innovation, Faculty of Art, OCAD University

Jana Macalik, Associate Dean, Faculty of Design, OCAD University

Venue & Address: 
Lieutenant Governors Suite Queen's Park Toronto, ON
Other Worlds poster with assorted images from the presentations