From Industrial Design to Oprah’s kitchen

Jake Rosenberg launched website The Coveteur six months after graduating from OCAD U. Five years later, the site has become one of the world’s top luxury, lifestyle destinations focusing on fashion, beauty and health. Jake is co-founder, creative director and photographer.

“I wanted to be a filmmaker and photographer, but during first year I was drawn to Industrial Design so I reapplied for that program,” says Jake. “What I took to heart was branding and creating experiences. I still apply industrial design principles for every client I work with.” He’s featured the world’s top style-makers including Oprah.

Here are the three biggest lessons Jake’s learned along the way:


You can’t do everything yourself

The Coveteur Website

You have to learn to work with an amazing team and with people who do certain things better than you. I met my Coveteur co-founder on a job the day before we started the site. You have to find people who share your vision and take a risk.


Set your goals really high

Jake Rosenberg in front of the Coveteur logo

We started the Coveteur with ambitious stories in order to set a precedent for quality right from the start. Before we launched the site we put together creative concepts and pitch decks and sent non-stop emails. A lot of people didn’t get back to us and, in some cases, it took people a couple years to get back to us. But, once we photographed one person, they told their friends and word of mouth helped us.


Have fun!

Jake Rosenberg and Oprah Winfrey looking at camera

If you’re not having fun, don’t do it.

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