Meet Marissa Neave, curator, writer and designer

Why did you choose to attend OCAD U?

Before I attended OCAD U, I worked in magazine publishing and graphic design. I was interested in returning to school to finish my undergraduate degree, but very few programs and schools were speaking to me. I worked with a friend who was enrolled in Criticism and Curatorial Practice, and when he told me more about the program, I knew I had to apply. So much of what I had done as a creative director was curatorial in nature; CRCP gave me the training I needed to transfer my skills to another field.


Please briefly describe your current job or practice.

I am currently the Programming Coordinator at InterAccess, an art gallery, educational facility and production studio dedicated to the creative use of technology, electronic art and new media culture. I am responsible for developing and executing all of the exhibitions and events that take place in our main gallery space, and sometimes off-site events as well. 

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Admissions Segment: 

Reciprocal Encounter: CRCP Thesis Exhibition

Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 7:00pm to Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 5:00pm

Reciprocal Encounter is an exploration of art that asks for more than to be looked at. The exhibition and companion publication represent a tracing of the curator and artists’ memories, connections to land, and sensory experiences of making and looking. The nine artists involved in the project work in various media including animation, installation, photography, and fibre. Selected works include a public art project that fills Toronto with colour and question relationships to the Indigenous histories of Toronto, light-based photographic installations, and sensory work that draws connections to a small island in Eastern Ontario. 

The exhibition opening will coincide with the launch of a publication that explores a history of the senses in art and features the work of the nine artists involved in the exhibition, acting as a mobile, handheld exhibition of the artist projects and the work of two audio artists on a limited edition mixtape. 


Emma Aurelia

Robert Canali

Kristel Jax

Michael K. Newton

Amanda Roberton-Hébert

Eli Schwanz

Anna Snyder

Carson Teal

Nick Vo

Curated by Tori Maas

Venue & Address: 
Bunker 2 // 450 Dufferin Street, Toronto, M6K 2A5
reciprocal encounter poster


Reflective surface with red paper
Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - 5:00pm to 11:00pm


A curatorial project for CRCP 3B06, Exhibitions: The Work of the Curator

reMove is an experiment in unraveling and redefining designated art spaces. It seeks to resolve issues of inaccessibility of existing exhibition spaces for young or un-established curators and artists by reexamining the physical and temporal boundaries of gallery space, and by reimagining available resources as manipulable frameworks within which these new boundaries can be actualized.

The three artworks chosen, work by Toronto artists and OCAD U students Robert Anthony O'Halloran, Connor Olthius, Katelyn Gallucci, approach art-making through methods similar to the exhibition’s retrofitting of a U-Haul truck into a gallery.

Image: Katelyn Gallucci, 2014

Venue & Address: 
52 McCaul St. South Parking Lot