IT Services: Single Sign-On Coming Soon to OCAD U

Monday, May 13, 2019 - 10:45am

Beginning in June 2019 all OCAD U students, faculty and staff will enjoy the ease of Single-Sign On (SSO) for many applications supported by IT Services. Updated communications will be sent out to specify the exact date, once finalized, that these changes will be enacted.

What does it mean to have SSO for applications at OCAD U?

It means that for the following applications you will only be required to log in once with your OCAD U credentials while you are actively working on your computer:

  • myOCADU
  • Canvas
  • OCAD U 365
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Student Email
  • Payable
  • Format
  • And many more…

Will there be one unified log in page?

Yes! And it will look like this:

log in page

Why is IT Services doing this?

To enable students, faculty and staff to enjoy enhanced productivity as a result of single sign on. IT Services is consolidating authentication systems to realize these improvements and in doing so will also   increase the stability of IT systems at OCAD U.

A Note on Security

Phishing attacks are on the rise and with this unified login page, it will be easier for students, faculty and staff to recognize quickly if something is “phishy” or not. Many scams bring users to a fake login page and ask that they enter their username and password. We ask all members of the OCAD U community to be vigilant and to take care to accurately recognize the OCAD U login page.  Falling prey to phishing exploits or malware can have serious consequences personally as well as for the institution if information is given away to cyber-criminals.

IT Services will NEVER send unsolicited requests for passwords or personal information via email. 

To learn more about how to stay safe online, check out our tips and tricks at and report any suspicious emails to



Keeping our information safe: IT security at OCAD U

Every institution faces cyber security threats 24/7 and it's important to keep in mind that OCAD U's IT department has an abundance of helpful information about computer security. If you haven't visited IT's security tips section on our website lately, you may want a quick refresher, not to mention, catch another glimpse of those funky animal posters designed by IT's very own Stephanie Bailey. 

Security Considerations for International Travel with Mobile Devices

OCAD University employees should understand that special considerations may apply when encrypted devices are taken outside of Canada. Staff and faculty must be aware of restrictions to avoid the confiscation of their device, or other penalties and should contact the countries that they are planning to visit to determine what the requirements are in those jurisdictions.Computers and laptops managed by OCAD U IT Services have encryption enabled on them. We recommend employees set up encryption on personally-owned devices if they are using them for OCAD U related work. 

1D3NT1TY CR1515: Digital Security Student Competition

logo for Identity Crisis contest
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - 5:00am

OCAD U has launched the first-ever student competition to raise awareness of digital security in an increasingly digital world. Students were challenged to create a campaign centered on any form of cybersecurity, ranging from hacking and malware prevention to data back-up and privacy. 

Students’ submissions will be on display for two weeks beginning March 6 at 4 p.m., in the North end of the sixth floor hallway at 100 McCaul. OCAD U students will be given the opportunity to vote for the Students’ Choice Award by joining the 1D3NT1TY CR1515 Canvas course.  Students wishing to vote will need to submit their ballot by March 9 at 1:00 p.m.

The Awards:

  • First Place: $2000
  • Second Place: $1000
  • Student Choice: $100

The Jury:

  • Nora Young, host of CBC’s radio show Spark, which reflects life steeped in technology and culture
  • Brian Lesser, the Director of Computing and Communications Services at Ryerson University 
  • Jim Babbage, Solutions Consultant for Adobe Systems and professional photographer, web designer and teacher
  • Richard Hunt, Assistant Professor of Design at OCAD U, with an expertise in typography, information design and research methods.
  • Simone Jones, a multidisciplinary artist working in film, video, sculpture and electronics as well as a faculty member at OCAD U.

Winners will be announced at 4 p.m. Monday, March 9 at 49 McCaul St. at an event hosted by Andrew McAllister, Manager, Academic Computing. Submissions will be displayed on digital screens. All are invited to attend, refreshments provided. This event is sponsored by OCAD U Copy & Print Services.

For more information please contact:

Alea Drain, Assistant, IT Services

OCAD University, 416-977-6000 ext. 212

OCAD U Digital Security Competition Awards Ceremony

Black and pink text
Monday, March 9, 2015 - 8:00pm to 9:30pm

OCAD University has launched its first ever student competition to raise awareness about digital security in an increasingly digital world. Students were challenged to create a campaign centered on any form of Cybersecurity, ranging from hacking and malware prevention, to data back up and privacy. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony hosted by Andrew McAllister, Manager, Academic Computing at OCAD U. All are invited to attend. Refreshments to be provided. Digital displays will present all competition submissions.


Venue & Address: 
OCAD University 49 McCaul St.